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Obama FINALLY GETS His “Well-funded Security Force”

Nobody Cares

Now that the FBI has officially become the KGB to take out the BIG fishes standing in the way of China’s great takeover, with the help of the Clinton’s and Obama’s, who weaponized our government to take out Trump, and America, something WAS missing:

No matter HOW many little kids are killed at schools, those pesky Americans just won’t give up their guns. And the BLM race riots just got a lot of police killed, but not enough white people.

It’s a problem, those white people.

Nobody remembers back…when the great RESET was being put into place with the ‘election’ of the first BLACK President (Who was half white, but nobody said THAT.)

The agenda was already set: And Obama knew it, and oops! He couldn’t help himself, he had to tell everybody about it…you know…he felt so important that night…

When Obama ran for President, he said this in a speech, and nobody at the time could believe it. What the Sam Hill was he talking about?

A President’s own personal ARMY.

Well, here we are, and Obama’s IRS army of civilians to take up arms against the people of America will now be “Just as powerfull, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Wow. Brilliant.

It’s against the Constitution of course, but it seems Obama has decided he will once again USE the IRS to come after his political enemies: He did it once before with Lois Lerner..but that was just attacking the conservatives organizations that were running against HIM as President.

He didn’t give them guns.

But now, he has. It’s not just Ukraine which will get guns, or the Taliban, it’s the IRS!

And it will be BIGGER than our military, and stronger, and as he said: More well-funded: AND…one more thing: I bet NONE of the IRS agents will have to be vaccinated.


IRS Hiring Spree Is Biggest Police State Expansion In U.S. History (

The Democrats’ new reconciliation bill isn’t just going to be the largest-ever expansion of a government agency, it’s going to be the largest expansion of the domestic police state in American history. Only a statist could believe that a federal government, which already collects $4.1 trillion every year—or $12,300 for every citizen—needs 80 new battalions of new IRS cops. In 2021, those making $25,000 or less (often the young and elderly) were audited at a rate five times higher than everyone else.

The bill, for instance, strengthens the federal public-sector union monopoly that funds Democrats’ political aspirations. IRS and Treasury Department employees spent 353,820 hours engaged in union activism—their PAC gives every cent to the Democrats—in 2019. One can imagine what another 87,000 employees would do for that effort. In the real world, laundering taxpayer funds through unions and using them on political campaigns is called racketeering.


Why train teachers to protect the children when you can nuter your police force AND your military, and THEN build your own personal army to protect you so you never have to worry about the Constitution ever again.?

Oh, and don’t forget…according to everyone, the IRS will be the least of your problems because…you WILL be too hungry to resist.

Insane? Yep. But it’s coming.

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Obama CONCERNED about Border NOW? Ha!

Nobody Wins

I love it. Watch the news on any day and you can almost predict what ‘disaster’ the politicians and their state propaganda machines are trying to control: After the train wreak in Afghanistan, they needed to redirect the public. So…Give the public a release valve: The usual dog and pony Congress show drilling and slobbering over Biden’s general. Asking WHO made the mess in Afghanistan? Obama’s fingerprints are all OVER that. So…Obama decides to come out and address the problem of open borders…as if HE is not running the country. Oh, no. He’s not. He’s just finding out that his black voters might just be a little pissed off about all the illegals coming for their money.


“We have borders,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News host Robin Roberts. “The idea that we can just have open borders is something that … as a practical matter, is unsustainable.”

Of the over 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants who gathered in a makeshift camp under the border bridge of Del Rio, Texas, thousands were allowed into the United States under Biden’s administration.


It’s bad enough that those Generals are trying to rewrite their own horrible mistakes, Liz Cheney came out and made a case for January the 6th. I felt like I was looking through clear water and seeing a bedrock of dirty water covering the mud for miles. The murky swamp is murky on purpose.

So, once again, the Congressmen and women are allowed to express their anger or their thankfulness, and no one is put in jail. It’s always a ‘re-elect ME’ photo opp. It seems Biden was being blamed which means, will Michelle run for office? Will Michael finally come out of the closet and run as the first transvestite? No ‘she’ll run as a woman, IF she runs. I still think Hillary is going to try again. I could be wrong.

Or maybe they will somehow put Obama back in. Or maybe Trump will get in. It’s getting to the point we are ALL so tired of politics.

Which is probably how they like it.

Nobody Wins when your country is so corrupt nobody knows WHAT or who to trust anymore. You just know, you can’t trust the United States government.

Remember, it was Obama who put the immigrants in cages. And it was Obama who opened the borders, by letting them in and putting them all over the country. He gave them DACA.

He is still running things, but he wants you now to blame Joe. Obama is following his old mentor Alinsky: overflood the situation, and render in the chaos.

MEANTIME: Hundreds of really old trees were cut down for his library. I guess trees can now fart. I bet he puts up a few windmills just to look good, and kill some more birds. Personally, I think they should outlaw all these Presidential museums. Have one in D.C. and let that be it. They are just fronts to make the X Presidents money forever in their foundations without having to work or pay taxes.

Nobody Wins when you have the despicable running your country. Yes, the despicable VS the deplorables. Whose going to win this one?

One thing we do know, Nobody Wins if this corruption keeps going.

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Obama Give Up His Party? Don’t Make Me Laugh

Nobody Wonders

I don’t believe in ANYTHING about any politician anymore. Since the biggest coup in American history, where a sitting President received more votes than any other president in history, and yet, it was stolen from the people and a moron was put in office, most of us believe that it was the “deep state” that had this planned all along, and since then the lies and propaganda has been worthy of a Putin or Castro. So when I see so much news cooing over Obama’s BIG 60th birthday party being canceled, I’m suspicious of why we should even care. Obama used the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, and his vast connections in the global world to destroy the American republic and is still doing it. All of Obama’s old staff is running the demented Joe Biden, and continuing to form Obama’s vision of a destroyed America.

So, once again I ask…Why rub his “popularity” in our faces?

Obama only gets the very rich and powerful to come to his birthday party. Trump would get thousands of regular Americans to come to his should he choose to put on a “Trump BDAY rally.”

But that’s not his style.

So, Nobody Wonders, was this report on the world loving Obama so much that over 700 rich people from around the world were going to make it to Martha’s Vineyard to be with their most favorite BLM/cop trashing politician? Was this to show Americans how much he was loved, and how RICH he was?

The former president has reportedly invited 500 guests and 200 party workers — including a “Covid Coordinator” and is requiring all attendees to prove that they have been vaccinated and have had a recent negative test for the potentially deadly contagion. But the party has now been “significantly” scaled back according to Hannah Hankins, a spokesman for Obama which was reported by the NY Times.

 “It’s My Party and I’ll Defy if I Want To” 

China made fun of it, of course.

“Holding large gatherings even while in the grip of the pandemic seems to be embedded in the DNA of Americans,” the Chinese newspaper claimed. “On July 4, US President Joe Biden welcomed around 1,000 people to the White House to mark the country’s Independence Day and to tout his administration’s ‘achievements’ in fighting the pandemic.”

A large number of former White House staffers and celebrities like Paul McCartney, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Nick Jonas, and Stevie Wonder.

So, the good Obama, SO concerned about people getting sick, is canceling the big crowd, who are already on the island ready to party. I find this to be a joke. Every thing we read is carefully planned for some psycholgical effect, and you KNOW that this party would have gotten revealed, and it would look bad, like the rich man showing off to the peasants.

At the end of the Obama is going to cancel statement, this was said:

“He’s appreciative of others sending their birthday wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing people soon.”

Yeah right. If they are not having that party at Obama’s house, you can be SURE that they just moved it to another person’s house…because Obama’s house wasn’t big enough. If they planned this for a year, trust me, Paul and Stevie already have their equipment set up, and Spielberg probably made a great film just for him.

Nobody Wonders if THAT will be reported, but I’m pretty sure, the party go on. The elites will NOT be denied their freedom to celebrate themselves.

As Simone Biles said at her last Olympic run: “I do this for myself.” No truer words were ever spoken by an elite.

They might as well make it their motto.

You can be sure, she will be there.

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Nobody Wonders About Everything Really.

Nobody Wonders

So, Bill Gates is being ‘taken out’ the usual way the elites take out ALL that they want to get rid of. They use the SEXUAL SCANDAL. Many rumors flying around…he was seen with Epstein, but so was Bill Clinton, and nothing has happened to him. Could it be that he was getting a bit too…mouthy? Talking about everyone not eating meat, and blocking out the sun, and vaccinating everyone on the planet. Could the big state think…well, he’s just a bit too…mouthy? Nobody Wonders why now? If they have known about this for years…why now? Are they afraid he is spoiling their plans?

 I happened to catch Joe Biden today on TV, at the Ford manufacturing company which is now full-fledged into making the electric cars and making all of America stop using fossil fuels and Joe was giving it his best RAH RAH RAH WE ARE AMERICANS! WE ARE BACK! Good union jobs are coming! When we all know NOBODY wants electric cars, and the only country that will make money is China. Yeah, we’ll ride them into battle with our electric tanks when China invades. Good god, it was too pathetic to watch. China now owns Ford. And China is enjoying every minute of this.

Nobody Wonders: If Obama really is running the country, and it was Obama that got the FBI, CIA, China, Zuckerface, and Dorsey and the democratic party to stage the coup to oust President Trump…is he now going after the Queen? Prince Harry and Megan have been offered the moon from Hollywood and the Obama’s and Oprah are their best friends. Obama has always hated England. What did they do? Get together on their yachts and talk about how Harry was going to destroy the crown since he couldn’t have it? Was he offered a global Presidency? You can’t see a webpage news site without Harry’s face at the top, as if he and his fake wife are not being pushed down our throats, Harry said our first amendment was “bonkers.” America is not going to accept Harry and his suffering bride, because we all still remember Harry at the party in Las Vegas sitting naked at a party. Does Obama really believe that America will fall in love with Harry and Meghan? And the parade tonight in Chicago where thousands are protesting the Jews ‘attacking’ the Palestinians…clearly, you have to wonder if Obama isn’t behind this too. Obama seems to be the man of the hour who is doing ALL of the elites bidding to destroy the country as fast as possible.

One more thing: Nobody Wonders one thing about the virus. I was talking to a guy today who had Covid, and he said all he did was lose his sense of smell. His fiancé didn’t catch it from him, which he found strange, but he had a friend who was not only young, but always worked out at the gym, was at the top of his health, and yet, he almost died.

Tell me, how does THAT work? If the virus is really a bio-weapon, could there be more than ONE strain released?

Nobody Wonders. Yeah….you might say, too much.

Will any of these criminals be brought to justice or has our technology made it impossible for them to be touched because they already have control?

Nobody Wonders.

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Nobody’s Perfect: The American Media, GOP, and the Chinese Ruled Traitors That Now Control Us…

When it comes to blatent stupidity and undeniable proof of the fact, that our top politicians are no longer under American citizen control, you have to wonder, why, both these statements were treated with complete ignorance by the media and GOP, and mostly ALL of our politicians. Nobody talked about it.

To this Nobody it seems, that both Obama and Biden were telling us exactly what happened, not only in November, but in Obama’s election too. They were telling the truth, the rest of our government was acting as if they were just joking.

Out of the mouths of the traitors….It was all rigged.

Imagine…just imagine, President Donald J. Trump saying what Obama said. Both Biden AND Obama admitted, on tape, exactly what happened in the election. In face, they say it in plain English.


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Obama’s Third Term

Nobody Wins

It doesn’t matter what the pundits are saying, and they are saying whoever Biden picks to be VP will actually be running the country, THIS is the man who will actually be President again.

Barack Hussein Obama. No doubt, he picked Joe Biden years ago with this in mind.

Biden would run, and he would help get him elected, and he would take over. It wouldn’t matter who the VP was. Yes, it will be a black woman, but this is so obvious WE should be shouting that Obama WANTS a third term, it’s against the Constitution, but it’s ALSO RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES.

We are going to see nothing but more of these video’s…Obama running for President again, through his surrogate idiot VP.

Tell me I’m wrong.

All the time NOBODY in the media will even suggest how corrupt this is. An X-President ruling next to his senile X-VP.

By the way, Putin did much the same thing.

They are talking about President Trump NOT leaving the White House. Obama was working on this race revolution all eight years of his Presidency. The democrats have never accepted their loss.

And I wish SOMEONE with some brains would talk about it.

If Joe wins, Obama will actually be pulling all the strings.


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Nobody Flashes…Obama’s Behind Much of This

Nobody Flashes

Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.

“The Obama Department of Justice made it clear that it was exactly that when it distributed a press release last week announcing the “Launch of Strong Cities Network to Strengthen Community Resilience Against Violent Extremism.” In that press release, the DoJ complained that “while many cities and local authorities are developing innovative responses to address this challenge, no systematic efforts are in place to share experiences, pool resources and build a community of cities to inspire local action on a global scale.”

Oh yes they are.

By the way, I’ll be on vacation for the next 2 weeks, but will try to post a short something every day.

So, what happened today? A white Senator was attacked? Mmmmm…

They are getting bolder.

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Forcing The Hand of a Global Police State….Pretty Easy.

Nobody’s Opinion

UPDATE: Still working on my ‘problem’ and realized that it might take some time. In the meantime, between listening to the songbirds outside my window and disgustingly changing just about every channel on cable, I will try to work around the problem.

Get creative so to speak.

But, while watching this Immutable war on America, I came across a piece on the real facts of police violence against the black community.

Here’s some facts from a good article that proves it’s all a bunch of baloney.

Every year, American police officers have about 370 million contacts with civilians. Most of the time nothing happens, but 12 to 13 million times a year, the police make an arrest. How often does this lead to the death of an unarmed black person? We know the number thanks to a detailed Washington Post database of every killing by the police. What is your guess as to the number of unarmed blacks killed by the police every year? One hundred? Three hundred? Last year, the figure was nine.

Every year, about one quarter of them are black. This is about twice their share of the population, which is 13 percent. Is this proof of police racism? No. The more likely explanation is that blacks are more likely than whites to act in violent, aggressive ways that give the police no choice but to shoot them. In 2018, the most recent year for which we have statistics, blacks accounted for 37 percent of all arrests for violent crimes, 54 percent of all arrests for robbery, and 53 percent of arrests for murder. 

It’s true that when they are arrested for the same crimes, whites are more likely to have charges dropped, and if convicted, more likely to get lesser sentences. Is this proof of systemic bias? No. It’s because blacks are more likely to have prior convictions, to have an open case against them, to have been out on parole when arrested, etc.

 Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, and now, George Floyd were all resisting arrest when they died. It is safe to say that if they had followed officer commands, they would not have died.

But the solution is to investigate the officer, charge him if there are grounds to do so, and punish him if he is guilty. The solution is not to demonstrate and riot against police racism, when there is hardly any evidence of any kind of system-wide bias. There may be some bad apples, but the system is working as it should: In the overwhelming majority of cases, police deal with criminals properly, without regard to race.


It’s pretty obvious that George Floyd’s death was jumped on by the globalist to bring about ‘fundamental’ change that Obama had been talking about. Also, have you noticed? The subject has NOW turned to the cries for dismantling and defining the police, and that goes right along with Obama’s dream of having a ‘citizens” police force…probably filled with democrats out to get those evil raciest white people who have been making them ‘suffer’ for so many years.

Nobody Wonders if this moment to ‘defund our police’ is just a continuation of what Obama could NOT accomplish during his eight years of Obama rule.

Remember this?


After that speech, Obama didn’t mention his ‘force’ very much, but it seems Antifa is just as well funded all over the world…and to dismantle the police, seems to be one of the globalists true dreams.

To what end, who knows? Anyway…the BLM, ANTIFA, and the thousands of marchers all over the world have been convinced with repeated and relentless propaganda, that they are being held down and discriminated against by President Trump, and the men in Blue.

Will this movement succeed in destroying police forces everywhere?

Nobody Knows. But, I do believe if just a few more cops are killed, (Like they were during Obama’s reign of racial terror) the cops have the advantage.

And one more NOTE: The democrats held BACK the police, and have allowed the regular people to throw rocks, names, and abuse them all, and the politicians did this on purpuse to try to force Trump to bring in the military, so that THEY could claims he was a dictator and brining in the military was dangerous.

See how they do this?



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Social Distancing Becomes Social Beating

Nobody’s Opinion

Remember, while everyone is blaming President Trump, we had this going on all through Obama’s rule. Everything was getting better after Trump was elected. I personally was ecstatic that the blacks in my neighborhood were for the first time in my life, being kind, and sweet to me, a white woman.

Opening doors, saying hello, giving me compliments. Wearing American flag tee-shirts. Feeling good about themselves.

Remember, when Ferguson happened, Obama controlled the whole thing. An innocent cop was turned into a murderer, EVEN after Michael Brown was on video bullying an shop owner while stealing a box of cigars. Michael Brown was a thug. Obama and Holder, and all their liberal media buddies made him a hero. And now, so many of our young white men, feel hopeless. They are on drugs, illegal AND legal.

Obama made police the enemy. So, less white men wanted to be police. Blacks didn’t want to be police. The numbers died. They WANT to dismantle the police, then the crimes can escalate, and anarchy ensue.

The story that the black people lived a life of racism was flamed, and then the blacks started blocking traffic, stealing, looting, it’s the Alinsky way: Completely break down the country. Communists have used these tactics all throughout history.

Sorry if I’m sounding repetitious, but it’s obvious to me.

FACT: The democrats put the blacks in this poverty holes. Give them welfare, and lousy schools. And lie to them. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, blacks are killed by other blacks, and the white cops have to go in and try to clean up, scared for THEIR lives. And the media blames them for even showing up.

In Europe, the police just stay out of the Muslim areas. That’s what’s going to be happening here, and they will blame the President.

The democrats now want Trump to bring in the army, to take control. He wants the states to follow the Constitution and take care of it themselves. If he brings in the army, and takes that bait, then every nation in the world will say even CHINA didn’t do that in Hong Kong. And if some black kid dies from a bullet? It’s Kent State all over again.

President Trump I’m sure knows this is why they are saying he “Can’t handle” this.

In the end, the globalists want the U.N. to come in, and take over the police. And that army will be mostly Chinese.

As this video shows: Only cowards and criminals would do this to a helpless man. And he’s white.

Nobody Wonders....where did the concern about the Virus go?

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AOC Continues Promoting Obama’s Legacy Of Coal Destruction

Nobody Remembers

If any of these socialist idiots on the democratic side get elected as President (Okay, we know that’s not going to happen, but still) , not only will we lose the 1st, and the 2nd amendment rights, we WILL lose the rights to drive cars where we want, heat our homes as we like, and our water will be rationed.

No new industries will be built, or any buildings at all if it was up to Obama’s favorite Congresswoman, AOC. She took Obama’s closing down the coal mines and putting up bird killing windmills, and solar panels. The “green new deal” is just a continuation of what Obama started BEFORE Trump was elected.

Let’s remember what Obama did, shall we?

From Secret Empires: 

Obama quote: “If somebody wants to build a coal powered planet, they can: it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they will be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted…Even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad. Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, Natural gas, you name it—whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to uh, retrofit their operations. “

On October 8, 2007, Obama had promised before a crowd in New Hampshire that he would use “whatever tools are necessary to stop new dirty coal plants from being built in America—including a ban on new traditional coal facilities.”

In December 2010, Obama ordered new drilling restrictions placing “the entire Pacific Coast, the entire Atlantic Coast, the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, and much of Alaska off limits to future energy production”

This cost thousands of people their jobs.

Obama’s friends rushed in and bought coal company shares. John Rogers a good friend of Obama and Valerie Jarrett made REALLY  good money thanks to Obama. As did Obama’s backer: George Soros. He bought a LOT of coal shares, and you have to wonder…is this ‘green deal’ movment all about trashing the one thing the world needs to run on, JUST to make THEM money?

Well, we don’t have to wonder too much now, do we? It’s all about Smash and Grab.


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Obama: Smashed, then Grabbed


Nobody Wins:

One of the important facts about the corruption of our politicians was described in the book by Pert Schweizer, Secret Empires.

It’s called, SMASH AND GRAB. Guess who made a lot of money off of this? Obama, and his ‘climate change’ buddies who went around talking down the oil industry…they’d destroy the oil company, then their ‘friends’ and I’m SURE they too, bought the stock, at pennies on the dollar, and became that much richer.

From the book:

Globalization has both exposed and accelerated corruption.

The government by their own words or policies, “smashes” the industry on the grounds that it is bad, destructive, or dangerous. This is often done because an industry or company is deemed harmful to the environment or damaging to public health, or it exploits vulnerable people. Once “smashed” the valuation of that industry or company drops dramatically. But then, something else happens. Investors or financiers closely tied to the politician suddenly buy the company or buy into the industry for pennies on the dollar. The company or industry is then resurrected to its previous luster and its valuations rise dramatically under new owners who have close ties to the politician.

The politician gets to claim a virtuous act done in the public’s interest, while his or her closest friends and money supporter clean up financially. Smash and grab is profoundly destructive because it not only manipulates the economy, but also generates wealth for the close friends of politicians by first destroying someone else’s wealth.


In December 2010, Obama ordered new drilling restrictions placing “the entire Pacific Coast, the entire Atlantic Coast, the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, and much of Alaska off-limits to future energy production.” 

It cost thousands of people their jobs. 

Shares of the many coal companies plunged more than 90 percent.

Yet in the midst of that financial avalanche, many of Barack Obama’s closes friends rushed in, buying up coal company shares. This is not 

public information. Many of them appear to have profited from well-timed investments. 

Can you say…Martha’s Vineyards?

Global warming takes on a whole other meaning doesn’t it?


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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Watch for the Netflick Movie

Nobody Reports

Well, there’s certainly no mystery in the youngest Royal Harry, and his newly American “colored” wife leaving the royal family now is there?

The Queen choose President Trump, and THEY hate him. How unbearable it must be for them.

After all, they get to keep their lovely mansion, and their security people, millions in money,  and its obvious the narcissism strikes deep in Harry and in her. And I thought Charles was bad.

Why do they want to quit their royal duties? Because they want to join Obama and Michelle, and become the loved and adored movie stars of the ‘world’ and not have to do all those boring duties. They want to be the world’s most famous couple who hangs out with the other most famous world couple: The Obamas. And start their own foundation where they don’t have to pay taxes and can fly on their very own private jet, with little Archie and his nanny.

I’ve always thought Harry was a bit of a problem. I had a much different opinion of him than my English friend, when he appeared sitting naked at some party in Las Vegas. I mean, clearly it was an insult to the Queen. Everybody shrugged it off, as the Brits will do to protect their love for the Queen, but it was clear to me it was a VERY adolescent thing to do.

So there they went: having the huge wedding, which cost the taxpayers billions, and then they sucked up as much as they could and now, need more attention.

It seems Harry and William don’t get on much. Sorry Harry, you weren’t the oldest. It’s never been fair.

Royal family feuds are pretty much normal in England history. But Harry is so dumb, he was courted by the Obama’s, who made friends with him, and will gather him into their world of Hollywood and riches, while they both lament with insincerity that they don’t like to be hounded by the press…gee…you sure couldn’t tell that when they had their first kid could you?

They acted as if little Archie was the only child born in the world.

And she was a movie star? And look how she puts on that innocent face and tries to get us all to feel sorry for her having to be a “royal” being a new mother and all.

Give me a break.

Posing for pictures with baby Archie is just sooooo draining. And I’m SURE People Magazine paid you a nice price for those first baby photo’s. After all, Angelina and Brad got $15 million for theirs.

It’s so hypocritical…for them to even bring up his mother Diana.

I felt sorry for those boys when Diana was killed. And I always thought, along with I think probably most of the world, it was a hit job.

And the Queen? Well, it just shows, it doesn’t matter how rich you are….there’s always that one in the family who just doesn’t like you. I’m sure, Megan was a big pain in the ass, and she thought: I’m just too old to deal with this anymore. “GET OUT.”

Meghan was chided by conservatives in Britain and America for her anti-Brexit stance. In fact, on her Instagram account, she posted a photo which said, “If EU leave me now you take away the biggest part of me.”

So, the people voted AGAIN for Brexit, and now, the biggest part of Meghan, the AMERICAN is gone.

How long did she live in England exactly?

And where did the biggest part of Meghan go?

Nobody Wonders...but guess what?

Nobody Cares. 

I’m sure the Obama’s are already working on the bio of Meghan and Harry since they are on the board of Netflick: How the Queen mistreated them, and how President Trump will destroy the world. And how they plan to SAVE the world from climate change…or something to that effect.

Or maybe they will just replay Jesus was a homo.

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Once an Iranian, Always an Iranian

Nobody’s Opinion

The outflow of democratic rhetoric today was to this Nobody, overwhelming proof that Obama, and probably John Kerry were behind this whole scenario to get us involved in a war with Iran. Nancy is in a REAL bad place; the impeachment was a disaster. EVERYBODY saw how unfair and political it was.

President Trump’s ratings went up: And he raised more money than all the democrats combined. NOT a good sign to go on to the Senate for Nancy,  no matter what you are hearing.

Since President Trump killed the Iranian general, all of Hollywood and the left has gone into hysterics, saying Trump is starting WWIII, and we should be very frightened because Obama and Bush knew enough not to kill the guy, EVEN THOUGH, he was killing Americans.

Since when does our country back down from tyrants? Too bad Trump wasn’t President when Hitler was alive, he might have saved millions of lives, and prevented WWII. But, since globalization, we let other country get by with murder.

We have our “Interests” to protect. Mostly CEO interests, but I digress. This is just another chess play in the democratic playbook.

They don’t have control over Iran you say? Obama and Kerry worked too hard on that Iran deal to just let Trump destroy it.

I turned on Face the Nation today, to hear the ranting of President’s Trump actions. Remember when I wrote about why Rahm Emanuel was quitting as mayor of Chicago? I thought it was a sign that they were bringing him back to the front to put in a democratic President.

One thing the left has always done is move it’s main chess pieces around the board of American politics, from mayor, to Senate, to cabinet, to board member, to lobbyist, to ambassadors, to governors—- they promote their most efficient liars and place them accordingly in the right place at the right moment, and this morning Rahm Emanuel was placed front and center on Face the Nation, making the case that Pompeo fooled Trump into going into war.

Right, It wasn’t Obama going over to them and talking to them. No, it was Pompeo.

Watch this clip if you can: confirmed liars one and all. Nothing is confirmed. Especially when they said Trump has lost the trust of the American people.

Really? It’s incredible how they never even MENTION the attack on our embassy at Bagdad. The democrats are, as my X Navy Seal husband remarks, Pussies. “When did America become Pussies?” he asked me this morning.

Well, this President isn’t. And these morons on Face the Nation think the American people reject what he did.

Hardly. We are tired of the endless wars where we don’t win.

To anybody who has been paying attention, it was Obama who funded Iran with his billion-dollar gifts and who also actually MADE ISIS. Obama put Muslims throughout his cabinet. Obama, is a Muslim. He even told everyone that America has always been a Muslim nation.

Nobody on Face the Nation doubted it.

We were duped big time with that traitor.

Once again, the impeachment went terrible, and even though they might get a few Trump haters in the Senate, they also risk exposing the crimes that THEY have committed to the world. War is good for the democrats right now. They can keep up their propaganda that nobody in the world will trust America ever again.

For instance, it’s just being reported that that Trump-hating Liza Page’s mom is from Iran. She said that Iran was a— 

“smart and strategic” country with a “5,000-year-old culture.” She also claimed Iran “isn’t an irrational actor.”

And her boyfriend, Peter Strzok? The man who helped the dossier?

A former co-worker of Peter Strzok tells Big League Politics about Strzok’s extensive background in the intelligence community, including the fact that he grew up in Iran.

Let’s not forget Brennan is a Muslim, and one of the most treasonous CIA leaders ever to hold that post.  Obama, is a Muslim. Of course, he hid that as much as he could. Both Brennan and Obama were behind the coup.

Not to mention, while George W. Bush loved to show the world he brought ‘democracy’ to Iraq, they now want Americans out of their country.

Good. Let’s leave and take our money with us.

The fact that every liberal in America is sticking up for Iran, is proof itself that it’s just another despareate attempt in the democratic play book to get Americans to NOT vote for Trump.

Good luck with that.

John Adams once told Jefferson that he had to destroy the Muslims or they would hold us all for ransom, and kill our men forever more. There WAS no negotiating with them. Jefferson took his advice and started the Marines.

And we ARE at war now. Have they all forgotten that little fact?

After listening to the various BS artists today, I did have one concern, and it wasn’t Iran.

I’ve told you that American’s electrical grid is not protected against an EMP attack. Hopefully, President Trump has upgraded it.

Bill Clinton basically threatened this in his last book. And Jeh Johnson, Obama’s (Another Muslim) Homeland Security Secretary warned us all again this morning. THAT bothers this Nobody. It as if the globalists hold one last card.

The card they use for the ultimate fear.

One EMP attack would take down the U.S. AND…if another nation did it, they could blame it on Iran, or North Korea, or China, or Russia, but you must remember…they’ve known about this for decades and done nothing. China has upgraded it’s grid, as has Russia. But not us.

Obama best advisor

Neither Daddy Bush, nor Bill Clinton, nor Jimmy Carter, nor George W., Nor Obama, OR…our Congress ever even thought about it. It was always voted down by usually that one vote.

Funny. The one thing that could cripple us, they won’t vote for. And nobody talks about it.

If that happens, it will be, because our Presidents did NOT want to protect us.

Let’s hope, THIS President is on it.

In the meantime, I think this Iranian thing too, will pass. Because President Trump has proven that he WILL do anything to protect America, and he let the world know it.

In the meantime, we have to listen to more morons, feel sorry for Iran.

Hopefully, most of them will go back home.

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Nobody Remembers….The Nesbitts

Nobody Remembers

Want to know WHY the left is trying so hard to impeach President Trump? It’s not just his policies, it’s the many years of crooked politicians like Obama, Biden, and Hillary— making a lot of illegal money from just being in power.

For instance, did you know how the OBAMA’S got so rich from being in office? He had a good scam going:

Obama helped a good friend, Marty Nesbitt, start a business company named Vistria. “Private Equity, Public/Regulatory policy, Government Relations, Business Development Strategy.”

From the book Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer

Obama and his administration would attack industries with government power, which led to substantially lower valuation for these companies. Nesbitt (Obama’s best buddy) And Vistria, or others close to Obama, could then acquire those assets for pennies on the dollar

Industries such as coal mining, offshore energy companies, cash advance companies and for-profit colleges became targets of litigation, regulatory squeeze, or denial of access to government services funds.

He practically destroyed the University of Phoenix, something that a lot of soldiers were counting on to further their education.

Unlike students with federal student loans, the GI Bill benefits vanish when the thirty-six-month tuition period runs out. Furthermore, the GI Bill includes housing for school, which means that vets on the GI Bill attending for profit schools were losing their housing payments Some actually became homeless as a result.

The company collapsed, BUT Obama and his friends came in and bought it for practically nothing.

So, Obamas best friend and senior officials in his administration gained control of a for-profit college in a bargain deal.

Better yet of Vistria, competitors were smashed and were out of business. ITT was essentially shut down, eliminating almost all of their eight thousand jobs, and leaving tens of thousands of students stranded without a school or a degree.

Nobody Wonders, why in all the eight years when Obama was President, did we NOT hear one single word about his best friend Nesbitt (who vacations every year in Hawaii with them) or Vistria?

That alone, tells you how deep the corruption runs.

In fact, according to some, the Nesbitts are so close to the Obamas, that Mrs. Nesbitt delivered both girls. And SOME think, the real parents are the Nesbitts. The Obamas just borrowed them. 

At this point, when it comes to power and money, anything is possible.

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