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Obama FINALLY GETS His “Well-funded Security Force”

Nobody Cares

Now that the FBI has officially become the KGB to take out the BIG fishes standing in the way of China’s great takeover, with the help of the Clinton’s and Obama’s, who weaponized our government to take out Trump, and America, something WAS missing:

No matter HOW many little kids are killed at schools, those pesky Americans just won’t give up their guns. And the BLM race riots just got a lot of police killed, but not enough white people.

It’s a problem, those white people.

Nobody remembers back…when the great RESET was being put into place with the ‘election’ of the first BLACK President (Who was half white, but nobody said THAT.)

The agenda was already set: And Obama knew it, and oops! He couldn’t help himself, he had to tell everybody about it…you know…he felt so important that night…

When Obama ran for President, he said this in a speech, and nobody at the time could believe it. What the Sam Hill was he talking about?

A President’s own personal ARMY.

Well, here we are, and Obama’s IRS army of civilians to take up arms against the people of America will now be “Just as powerfull, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Wow. Brilliant.

It’s against the Constitution of course, but it seems Obama has decided he will once again USE the IRS to come after his political enemies: He did it once before with Lois Lerner..but that was just attacking the conservatives organizations that were running against HIM as President.

He didn’t give them guns.

But now, he has. It’s not just Ukraine which will get guns, or the Taliban, it’s the IRS!

And it will be BIGGER than our military, and stronger, and as he said: More well-funded: AND…one more thing: I bet NONE of the IRS agents will have to be vaccinated.


IRS Hiring Spree Is Biggest Police State Expansion In U.S. History (

The Democrats’ new reconciliation bill isn’t just going to be the largest-ever expansion of a government agency, it’s going to be the largest expansion of the domestic police state in American history. Only a statist could believe that a federal government, which already collects $4.1 trillion every year—or $12,300 for every citizen—needs 80 new battalions of new IRS cops. In 2021, those making $25,000 or less (often the young and elderly) were audited at a rate five times higher than everyone else.

The bill, for instance, strengthens the federal public-sector union monopoly that funds Democrats’ political aspirations. IRS and Treasury Department employees spent 353,820 hours engaged in union activism—their PAC gives every cent to the Democrats—in 2019. One can imagine what another 87,000 employees would do for that effort. In the real world, laundering taxpayer funds through unions and using them on political campaigns is called racketeering.


Why train teachers to protect the children when you can nuter your police force AND your military, and THEN build your own personal army to protect you so you never have to worry about the Constitution ever again.?

Oh, and don’t forget…according to everyone, the IRS will be the least of your problems because…you WILL be too hungry to resist.

Insane? Yep. But it’s coming.

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