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Nobody’s Perfect: Glenn Beck

Nobody’s Perfect

As you know, I’ve watch Glenn Beck often, and I have often spoke of his obvious support for anybody for President besides Donald Trump. So, what’s he doing here? Giving credit to Trump for his accomplishments?

Does he know something we don’t? Does he know that President Trump is NOT going to run again for reasons we don’t even know about but he does?

While he HAD to admit Trump’s many wins as President, it’s the only smart thing to do. After all, Glenn lost a LOT of money when he kept trashing Trump during the 2016 Presidential election. To his credit, he sort of apologized, and got his ratings back up. Due to his trashing of Trump, he had to fire a LOT of people in his company. It’s been a struggle to build it back up, but he done so, much to his credit.

And here he is at CPAC giving the speech before the President. Notice that Glenn came out all dressed up in Texas style, which I thought was…a joke frankly. It reminded me of when Michelle Obama wore that Gingham dress in Iowa..or was it Ohio? No matter, she came out as ‘Sunnybrook Farm”—the little woman of the farm who obeys her husband, and it was really stupid. I really can’t see Glenn on a horse, although he claims everyday he is now a ‘rancher’ with crops and cows, and…does he shovel the stalls out?

Nobody Wonders.

It’s like Ted Cruz being a Texan. Somehow, I still think of Cruz as a D.C. politician. Sorry. That’s just me.

That is one thing great about Trump. TRUMP never pretends to be something he’s not. What you see is what you get.

And while Glenn Beck is now trying to hang his hat on the hottest star, (Saying nice things about Trump) there is one thing that Glenn does do well. He has a good show, with some really good guests. His books are always very well researched.

But this Nobody cannot help but wonder…just how sincere is he when it comes to Donald J. Trump?

I guess…we’ll see.

Still, good speech Glenn. Now, just keep your horse on the right track this time. Stay out of the mountains of isolation and come on down to the river where the rest of us are all drinking the same fresh water.

Really, be all you can be:

You say you are a real America who values are ours?

Well…we’ll be watching.

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