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I read the GREAT RESET by Glenn Beck.

Now I’m reading the GREAT RESET By Alex Jones.

While Glenn tells you the present ‘reset’, Jones gives you the background for the Great Reset takeover and just how long ago it was planned. And it started with the Trilateral Commission with President Jimmy Carter, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski father of Mika on MSNBC.

Barry Goldwater was against their Trilateral Commission take over the world plans:

“In my view, the Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power—political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical. All this is to be done in the interests of creating a more peaceful, more productive world community. Populations are treated as nothing more than producing and consuming units. No attempt has been made to explain why the people of the Western world enjoy economic abundance.  Freedom, spiritual, political, economic—is denied any importance in the Trilateral construction of the next century.”


They took over and developed China, and are using it to make us all into slaves…today it was revealed that our FED is going to make us all into ‘climate’ slaves to control what we spend, how much we spend, and who will be punished for not obeying:

From Federal Reserve announces major ‘pilot exercise’ for ESG social credit score system (

“Six of the nation’s largest banks will participate in a pilot climate scenario analysis exercise designed to enhance the ability of supervisors and firms to measure and manage climate-related financial risks. Scenario analysis—in which the resilience of financial institutions is assessed under different hypothetical climate scenarios—is an emerging tool to assess climate-related financial risks, and there will be no capital or supervisory implications from the pilot.”

In other words, The Fed is working with the big banks to monitor their ability to comply with the ruling class’s preferred enviro statist technocratic tyranny.

They will not doubt use the disaster in Florida as a testing ground for this.

As Klaus has said, “We have a very small window to do what we have planned.” To them, it’s now or never.

I’m going out on a limb and predicting that due to the fact that SO many people are waking up, and the hundreds of new conservative websites prove it, there will be a grid disruption and the internet will be taken down. Or maybe even the grid.

After all, Florida was a state they needed in the election.

These people really don’t care how many die.

They will blame it on Russia.

I go with the fictional book that Bill Clinton wrote last year, in which HE sort of predicted this. Too many voices are against them killing off humanity and reseting the world to their own fortunes.

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Introducing: Harley Schlanger

I watch this guy almost daily. I’m new to him, but he clearly is full of information that you won’t hear anywhere else.

According to most of the ones who know, it was the “Global Elites” who blew up the pipeline, and Joe Biden is on tape saying he would basically do just that if Russia invaded Ukraine.

The Germans will suffer.

AND YET…RINO Karl Rove was insisting today on the radio, that it was the RUSSIANS who blew it up, and so now Germany will come to good old Texas and get gas.

Who does Karl Rove work for? George W. And What business was good old President George W in most of his life?


So, obviously, the globalists probably did this, and yet they want you to think it was Russa.

Harley even goes into what’s happening in England.

So, I thought I’d introduce him to all my readers, if by the way, you are not familiar with him.

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Ian: Another MASS Weapon of Destruction?

Nobody Knows

As some of you know, I grew up in Naples, Florida. I have property in Estero Springs, which is right now getting hit smack in the middle of the hurricane. Luckily, it’s just property. But I know the area well, and here’s the thing: What are the odds, that right now, Florida’s west coast, where MOST of the elite republicans have homes, and is mostly republican, get hit with the most powerful hurricane since Donna hit in 1963? I lived there then. Donna was a direct hit on Naples, with 200 mph winds in 1963. (Nobody ever talks about Donna) It rebuilt, and now holds many of the richest people in the conservative parties. Miami of course, is Janet Reno country, except for the Cubans, it’s a cess pool of crime. Has been for years. A playground for the rich democrats and foreigners…your Ukrainian President hero has a $40 million dollar home there.

So, another direct hit on Disneyland? How luckey, right after school started! Hmmmm…has anyone noticed that Disneyland is being destroyed with WOKEness, and losing money, and does anybody but me think that maybe CHINA wants Disney? Best to destroy it, to bring down the price.

Biden hasn’t called DeSantis. It’s been all over the news. But, surely billions of dollars worth of destruction will be coming to Florida and all the rich homes, AND poor homes will cost time, and money to be fixed RIGHT before the elections. Big companies will make a lot of money selling wood and rebuilding stuff.


Not in this world. As I have always portained, they CAN manipulate the weather. They did it in Katrina, and here’s another man who agrees with me below.

I feel for the people of Florida. They are good people. And I bet, a lot of them are starting to suspect like me and Papa what is going on.

It’s called ‘win the election’ at any cost.

Sannibel will be hurt badly. That secret island of rich conservatives. Not to mention, Tampa has a strategic military base.

Talk about “lucky”. How lucky can one president get? Global warming! Needs global catastrophes to convince the people they NEED to obey!

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Nobody Flashes

Two days after Hillary came out and attacked Trump, well, Bill Gates just had to get his rather arrogant comments in, to show how “stupid” Trump is compared to his GREAT intellect. Oh yes, and he instructed Trump not to question the virus because well…Trump fell for it. ha ha ha.

He is so condescending here it’s almost impossible to not laugh.

Gates is a salesman. Son of a butcher man. He never BUILT Microsoft, he stole the tech from IBM, and has continued to make a fortune. With Bill, it’s follow the money. He knows what he is doing with all his lies, and now, plans to take over the world and control our every move. This is so blatently obvious to anyone that he’s become, enemy no one of the world with Klaus the German Nazi Schuab.

You can even tell he KNOWS when he’s lying. Watch how he flinches when he lies. Any poker player would say he must be pretty bad at the game.

Both Klaus Schuab and his buddy BILL Gates, need to be stopped yesterday.

Gates will be responsible for millions of deaths all over the planet, and yet, the system that the elites have set up will guard him forever..unless the populations of the world finally chase him into his bunker never to reappear again on any surface. Trouble is, the guys running Microsoft are just as bad.

The WAY he makes fun of Trump, shows an unbelievable amount of a super narcissistic mental state borderlinging on a socialpathic and very dangerous man.

He’s predicting a civil war due to the ‘false’ information and hung election coming up, (HE’s certain of it.) and so that means they already have their Soros machines and people training for the event to hang up the election again, and then start a civil war so they can come in and make MORE arrests of those horrible people who are trying to stop ‘democracy.’

News has come out that people in the Jan 6 jail are being horrible beaten.

Gates makes Hitler look tame. Hilter didn’t hide his hatred of Jews, and his wish to exterminate them. Gates has admitted to wanting to cut the population, (by billions) but he does it behind a high pitch child like smile and “It will be good for us all” flowery “I’m a messiah” talk that any psycholgist would cringe with alarm.

So, where are they? Where ARE these doctors?

They don’t want to lose their jobs either.

Stop this madman, somebody please.

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Nobody’s Perfect: She’s Back!

Nobody’s Perfect

You would THINK she would be smart enough to know that, since she lost so badly to Trump in 2016, and SINCE the deep state did not help her cheat her way into office, and they did not PUT her into office, that they, the bankers, the elites who run the world, really don’t want Hillary in office. Somebody promised her the Presidency and according to Dick Morris, she is going to run again, therefore, she has been working hard behind the curtains, with coverups. She got rid of Epstein. And his mistress doesn’t even have to show her clients. She’s kept Bill under wraps.

Hillary now, has come out with the same old crap: Trump is Hitler, and all his supporters (Notice she says MEN) are like Nazi’s…. does she really think the world is THAT stupid?


Dick Morris, who knows the Clintons well, said she will run again.


“Party stalwarts, fearful of a Trump return to office, will beg Clinton to intercede and run for president just as she did in 2016 to stop Sanders,” he wrote. “She’ll accede to their entreaties and run in the primaries as a moderate alternative.

“But she’ll lose most of the primaries because the party’s base has moved so far to the left. However, the establishment will step in to rescue her by awarding her a disproportionate share of the appointed super delegates.”

“In November 2024, however, she will lose badly” to former President Donald Trump, he predicted.

After Clinton invoked the Nazis’ rise to power in her recent attack on Trump supporters, she signaled she is maybe thinking about a potential rematch of the 2016 presidential race.


In 2024 she will be in her 80s.

Enough of this corrupt, deranged, and stupid human being. She is one of the reasons, if not the main reason our DOJ and FBI now function as Russian Gestapos to arrest deplorables.

If Hillary became President, Hitler would look meek in comparison. Whatever she accuses Trump of, she is herself, in double down spades.

The best we can do is ignore her, laugh at her, and condemn her for the slim ball criminal that she is.

I pray everyday that God helps us out with this horror of a human being.

Really. She is one of the worst women ever granted a right to rule any of us. And the more she opens her mouth, the more proof we have, that her days truly are numbered.

Maybe it’s a good thing she is too stupid to know it.

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California Going Down….

Nobody’s Opinion

I was having a sick day today, so I made myself STAY in bed and decided to watch something other than the usual Newsmedia’s. Just because I was too tired to search any of the 1.3 thousands channels I flipped to Youtube, and the first thing that came on was all about some guy who drove around Oakland in California with a camera, and talked about how it was almost unlivable. Oakland is quite a big place.

First, I was shocked. I thought St. LOUIS was bad. It’s nothing compared to the horror of the streets of Oakland, CA. It was a cesspool worse than most slums in India, a third world country, and evidently there ARE a few rich people who do live there, but I doubt they even leave their houses.

Talk about depressing. This destruction of a beautiful state didn’t happen overnight, or even with the current idiotic governor nephew of Nancy Pelosi. No, this took YEARS. And why anybody from South America would want to LIVE in California has to be for the free stuff, because at least in South America you could grow your own banana trees. Nothing here but cement. Concrete. Drugs, guns, violence, stench, piss…and in a land where the weather is almost always pleasent.

I grew up with the Beach Boys. And even when I went there when I was just 16, California, was starting to rot in certain areas of L.A. Still, there were nice placed.

People didn’t do this. Politicians did.

After that I watched a video on Route 66: a trip that a father and son took in 2019. That too was depressing. A blast back to the 50s, when innocence and travel were once glamorous. I couldn’t help but think, no wonder they want to keep everybody off the roads. There’s nothing there to see but destroyed towns, old metal cars…as if half the country was dead.

Dead. Now, we know the eastern cities are dying, and the people at Trump’s rally’s seem to be the last people trying to hold onto the old America we all know and loved and fought for. But I must say, you don’t know how really rotten your country has become until you see it first hand.

The poverty…astounding. It’s much worse than any of us thought.

The middle class…almost gone.

Sorry, maybe it’s because I’ve had a fever all day, but trying to find the glass half full is getting harder for me.

What can we do? Keep fighting…like the lady in Italy. Who just won the Italian election.

Americans have been brainwashed, hidden from the truth, robbed of their future, their money, their children’s future, killed off fighting wars, and with manufactured viruses, and Trump has warned us that Biden will get us into WWIII.

So, I think we should take a page of bravery from our fellow men and women around the world who ARE standing up…

Don’t you? Before Nancy’s idiotic nephew becomes President, and makes the U.S. California’s death final death bed.

America once had spirit. Where is it?

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Nobody Flashes on a Sunday

Tucker continues to never leave a stone unturned. Here he explains the insanity of our own RINOS/Liberal…war mongers trying desperatly to get Putin to go nuclear, just so Donald Trump will not win the Presidency, and they can rule the world, or what’s left of it.

Is this all bluster? Who knows? But Tucker does the best job of explaining it all in detail.

And then, below…do they REALLY think Americans and world are going to fall for their electric car prisons?


Have a great Sunday!

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Nobody Flashes: Our Economic Future

Regardless of who wins the Presidency. First Celente, explains the damage, and then, a real expert tells you about the digital currency being implented within the next two year.

I have watched them both, and maybe you might want to also.

You will have to copy and paste maybe the second BIDEN BUCKS ad, but it’s well worth the watch. It’s a video I got off a Glenn Beck email, and it explains the executive order that Biden signed in secret to turn our Dollar into digidal currency. It’s long, but very imformative.

If you can’t find it, let me know and I will email the Glenn Beck email to you.

You can find it in this email message under Joe Bidenbucks…

Remember, November the 2nd. How to survive the coming collapse of the market.

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They will HAVE to Disamble the Internet…Attack?

Nobody Reports

They are HAVE to going to get rid of the internet, because too much is sepping through…from the crimes of the Evil Dr. Fauci, to the crimes of our own Biden government, now wanting to control and make the U.S. get rid of all airconditioning and become Europe, (who has very little), to dismantling our military, indoctrinating our children in school, cutting of our energy, destorying all small busineses, and now, slowly taking over our food supply, and sending in millions of illegals voters that are now getting more support than Senior citizens and veterans, CLEALRY this is our own rich working to hand over our country to China and the New World Order. Not to mention the Nov 2 final interest hike which will be the final nail in the coffin of the dollar, and the introduction of digital dollar which will make slaves of us all.

Remember, if you don’t the pandemic was meant to kill, REMEMBER that President Trump sent a huge hopital ship into New York Harbor for Cuomo to transfer all Covid patients. It was at great cost, but he did it.

Cumo did NOT use it. It stayed in harbor, emply while Cumo sent all nursing home Covid people to Nursing homes…on purpose. To die.

Pelosi also helped. She rushed into China Town and invited as many people as she could to “COME ON DOWN!” How many caught Covid and died? We will never know.

BOTH Cumo and Pelosi knew of the planned released virus, but Trump stopped much of this because he figured it out and stopped the planes from China which no doubt were walking COVID bombs.

And now they took his wills, and just about everything else from his safe in his own home during the last FBI raid on his home.

If you think that China is running Biden, and using him to start a war with Russia, taking out both the U.S. AND Russia while they invade without firing a shot then I’m sure if you Don’t see what I see, although, it’s right in front of us.

NOW…more to this later. Here below that are two short video’s I found pertinent.

Steal a will of an xPresident, while Obama has his stash of classified material untouched? That’s just another first in the takeover of America. Was Jared in on this? Would that be too far-fetched after all the people that seem to trash Trump, including his own sister?

Clearly too many people now around the world are getting the information…the only answer will be..taking down the grid as Bill Clinton has suggested will happen.

Wait, and see. And they will blame it on Russia, but it will be our own people, you can be sure of it.

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Nobody Wonders…

Well, actually, I don’t wonder. Nobody Thinks that Cruz will run. Beck is backing him again as is the rest of the network. Of course, they praise DeSantis, and talk about Trump, but always in a “He did great things” sort of way. I think they are hoping for a Cruz/Desantis ticket, but then again, these people in power are all crazy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of ALL the fights between all the powerful in our companies and politicains. I can’t forget, that Cruz was just as much a sore loser as Hillary when he gave the last speech at the Republican National Convention and did NOT endorse Trump. He said, “Vote your conscience.” Which I took as “Go ahead and vote for me.” He’s slicker than Hillary, and talks a good game, much like Lindsey Graham. He would be good on the Surpreme Court, but you can bet powerful money want him in the game. Anything to take votes from Trump, because there is no one that could beat Trump and his rallys which are STILL being filled even though Trump can only now get on a few out channels.

Sorry, some of us remember the vicious attacks by Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz in 2016. Glenn learned his lesson, and so did Ted. Attacking Trump would sink them. So, they supported him…sort of. But, here’s how you can logically decide if Cruz is the right thing.

NOTICE: The establistment media doesn’t trash him much.

But getting the American people to switch from Trump to Ted? I think it will be a lot harder than they can even imagine.

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Pure Evil

Right, you understand what they REALLY want, don’t you?

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England Goes On…

Nobody Knows

What the people around the world thought of the Queen’s funeral today. Here’s some Nobody houghts that went through my mind…

  1. WOW. 10,000 soldiers lined the streets of London and I only saw ONE…count them ONE, black guy near her coffin…and I bet he was a King of some African country. The English think AMERICANS are racists? I didn’t see any blacks in the crowds, or blacks on the streets, or Muslims anywhere, except afterwards, they did get some on TV interviews.
  2. . How can King Charles say WE are a racist country, when if you watched that parade today, you would think. “Is THIS what white privilege looks like?” Clearly there are many blacks in England and Muslims have pretty much taken over London and Liverpool by all reports. And yet, you would Have never known there was anything but the old English white race…Marching and honoring their Queen. Nobody Wondered about that.
  3. This was a weeklong show…and why? To promote King Charles and the monarchy. If it wasn’t a beloved country, then you could compare the ostentatiousness to the shows put on by China or Russia. The planning of this very expensive ordeal must have cost a fortune.

Surely enough people loved the Queen. Nobody wanted her to leave, mostly because she never made waves, just lived her life with her dogs and horses, and husband, never having to worry about bills, if she had enough money to eat, or what clothes to wear, no…just on where she was going to spend her days…what castle to go to. Earlier in her life I think she did move about more, but if anyone was lucky to be born to the right parents, it was Queen Elizabeth. The English got lucky when they got her.

Nobody talked about any deeds she had done. Mostly, they said she was honorable, calm in the storm, and gracious, and everybody in England mourned her as a mother. THEIR mother. Life has been so hard, and only one person was keeping up the appearance of the English manners and integrity. And that was the Queen. Her own family was a total and absolute mess. (And yes, we have Hunter Biden)

  • I noticed King Charles, when he was standing at the end of the church ceremony, was STARING at that crown, like Gollum staring at the ring of power. When everyone sang GOD SAVE THE KING, if you looked at their faces, they didn’t sing it very loudly. Some didn’t sing at all. Even Camilla was barely mouthing the words. You could tell by the looks on their faces that the royal family has LOTS of fights…over power, money, and control. Harry looked defiant the whole time. I’m sure the tabloids will be full of the gossip.
  • Yes, the love of England for their Queen was obvious. Having a good cry at perhaps the last REAL monarch of England, would have made me cry too. Many Trump supporters felt the same way when they denied our favorite President who got the MOST votes in American history, his place in the White House. Was Trump the last REAL American President? If they have their way, yep.
  • In the end, the Queen was just a common woman. I thought of my own mother, whose body was donated to science (upon her insistence) and no funeral, no letters of sympathy, the only one who was crying…was me. My own mother worked and ran a union printing company, supported the family, fought the government, came home and cooked dinner, worked on weekends, and to this day, I don’t know how she did it. Next to my own mum, the Queen looked very…. plain and normal. My mother accomplished more in her lifetime than Elizabeth did in hers. Her true value was living as long as she did.
  • And so, it is with all the working moms in the world. The nobodies who get no credit or fanfare or even praise, for making a great dinner, or a clean house. Or running a company…it’s rare unless their name is Hillary Clinton.
  • Still, somebody had to represent the history of England and keep it known throughout the world, and today, they did just that. Can you even imagine if an American President would have so many soldiers and flags marching him to his tomb? America would be attacked for her arrogance. Lining the streets with hundreds of American flags would have outraged the world.
  • Another note: Did all these white soldiers and choir boys, and pall bearers…were they all granted the honor because of the LORDS and the hierarchy system? All to attend as subjects? Nobody Knows. But the funeral was lovely. England IS historically, not to be matched anywhere with the history of Kings and Queens.
  • And one last thought: ALL of the men with the big furry hats, were thin, no one was fat, and they were all the same size and there were THOUSANDS of them. You would be hard pressed to find that many men here in the states to even come close to such perfection…And Nobody Wonders if America just lost most of her men in all the wars, and abortions. After all, for years it was our men who scrificed the most lives all over the world.
  • Where does that leave us now?

The Crowning of the King is coming. And by all accounts, THAT King will not be his mother. THAT kind will be a tyrant. And thanks be to the Queen for a lifetime of grace and dignity, truly representing all that is good in the world…I won’t say God Save the King.

But I will say:

God Save Humanity.

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WHY We are in the mess we are in: Sam Adams explains

Nobody’s Opinion

After Sam Adams lead the Revolution in Boston, his hopes for the new country came down to “education.”

From Sam Adams: Pioneer in Propaganda by John C. MIller, p. 390


Sam Adams’s faith in the common people remained unshaken, despite their preference for Hancock and high living (This was AFTER the revolution) For many years, John Adams had felt doubtful of the success of the republican experiment, but Sam Adams was firmly convinced that democracy would flourish as long as edcucation was extended to the masses. Sam Adams had much of the zeal for popular education that his Puritan ancestors had carried to New England. The way to perpetuate republican government, he said was to take the children young, clap them into a grammar school run on sound New England lines, and instill Whig principles into them until they emerged upright citizens who loatherd British luxuries and monarchy alike. As long as these ‘nurseries of Virtue” kept turning out young Whigs, there was no danger of dictatorship or monarchy in America because the people would be wise enough to elect the best men to office.


Sam was right of course. And that is why, in all communists countries, and Hillary Clinton’s “It takes a Village” our democratic leaders now, are so eager to make SURE no parents get control of their own children’s eduation.

Nobody Thinks that one of the reasons America is so stupid is because our eductional system has been making them all into prisoners of the state, and keeping them ignorant on purpose.

I think that’s a fact…you can go to college and not know what a continent is.

And now, with Critical Race theory, WOKENESS, and common core, the nation will always be just a joke.

You don’t need sunglasses to see the future of America; We will all be blind.

Sam would be the first to admit: WE ARE DOOMED. Doomed because all our educational systems made SURE the morons rose to the very top, and the intelligent people were smashed down to despair.

All planned of course.

Mark Dice does the best video’s exposing the ignorance of the average American moron. And he’s REALLY good at it.

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Nobody Flashes

I was thinking today about why so many Americans are just going along with all the bad stuff happening to the country, as if, none of it concerns them. As if, they just choose to ignore the horrible predictions of our future, and have decided it will not touch them or their families. To somebody like me, (and many others) I wonder about this: All I can come up with is, is that if they are ‘safe’ in their own lives, they don’t think anything REALLY bad is going to happen to them. If they just go on about their daily lives, and just not THINK about what might happen, they can listen to bad news all day. Somebody was killed in the middle of broad daylight on a New York Street? Well, that stuff happens, and it wasn’t me. Probably how you might feel if you went to war, and your buddy was shot and killed who was right next to you on the battlefield, but you were unharmed…your very first thought would be ‘relief.” You would think about your own lucky survival before grieving for your buddy.

Which leads me to an emotion I ignored the other day, in myself. You see, when I heard the news that Mar a Lago was attacked by the FBI, it was just the same old “they are trying to stop him from running, looking for what dirt he has on them”, thought.

But it was MUCH more than that.

Last week, due to the total destruction of our basement “apartment” my husband had two weeks off and we worked 18 hour days ripping out drywall, hanging drywall, pulling up carpet, buying carpet, restoring countertops, and most of all, we had a big pile of junk in the middle of the living room, where everything was thrown to make sure the bacteria did not destroy it.

We had a 75 Foot repair done in the floor. They had to basically dig up the whole basement from wall to wall, to take out the old lead iron pipes and put in the plastic pipes.

There were many plumbers on this job, and they were here every day for a week. I liked them all, and even wrote a long letter to their boss, saying I would certainly hire his company again.

Of course, I found out, while cleaning up the mess that SOMEBODY took half the clothes in my closet. I had personally removed those clothes, and set them on a couch, under about 20 blankets.

This week, I found out, they were gone.

I think I know who it did, because it was pretty smart. One the kids was fresh out of rehab for a Meth addiction. He told me such. Anyway, what can I do? I did not SEE the crime, and what boss would take my complaint over one of his workers?

That day, I was so depressed about it, remembering the many shirts, coats, etc. that I had been saving…and kicking myself for trusting these guys.

Moving on a few days now, I was thinking about one of the WORST things the FBI did to Trump. A man’s home is his castle. To have someone STEAL from you, is psychologically devastating. After all, if you’ve been good to them, WHY would they do it?

In my case the kid did it for the money probably to buy drugs.

But in Trump’s case? It was the establishment of trying to HURT him in the most PERSONAL way. They went into his wife’s room, and his son’s room, and BROKE UPEN HIS SAFE! This was done out of sheer hatred. Jealousy, and desperation.

It was one of the most dispicable acts ever done to a President in history.

Tonight, I watched his speech. The people still love Trump. But there was only one station that carried his speech in Ohio. I also heard the commentators saying that Ron DeSantis and Ted Cruz are joining up for their own rally.

Right. The establishment is trying to form their own warchest.

But back to Trump. To his credit, he didn’t talk much about the raid, but did knock the FBI thugs. And what’s sad about having men who work STEAL from your house means you can’t trust ANYBODY anymore.

I’m not going to. To be naïve in this Obiden age is to put yourself up for a lot of heartache.

And I’m tired of that road.

I can’t imagine what Trump must have felt like. After all he’d been through.

Tonight’s highlight was a couple walking their dog outside and he walked up to two reporters on Real Opinion News. He was a doctor, and his wife…let’s just say they said more about the real feelings of a lot of Americans than you ever see on TV. The man was especially sad…he worked on so many kids that came into the hospital beat up because of the COVID ordeal, and he said everything I was feeling in my heart.

More people NEED to know there ARE others out there with the same feelings.

Still there is much hope…more books are getting out, and more people are TALKING about the tyranny.

And that’s a good thing.

What I came to the conclusion is that when Trump’s house got raided, I didn’t get as hurt for HIM as I did when they stole my stuff. Sure, it added up to over $1,000, and since I’m order and busy, I tell myself, this stuff happens.

I was being like that person I was talking about, simply because it did NOT happen to me.

Then it did. Oh. I GET it.

When will ALL the rest of the people wake up?

What will it take to save America? When half the people just want to ignore the news?

Nobody Knows. But history shows, it’s the same old problem. It might take a really sad event, to make them feel the heat.

You can BET your sweet bippie, it’s coming.

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