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Introducing: Harley Schlanger

I watch this guy almost daily. I’m new to him, but he clearly is full of information that you won’t hear anywhere else.

According to most of the ones who know, it was the “Global Elites” who blew up the pipeline, and Joe Biden is on tape saying he would basically do just that if Russia invaded Ukraine.

The Germans will suffer.

AND YET…RINO Karl Rove was insisting today on the radio, that it was the RUSSIANS who blew it up, and so now Germany will come to good old Texas and get gas.

Who does Karl Rove work for? George W. And What business was good old President George W in most of his life?


So, obviously, the globalists probably did this, and yet they want you to think it was Russa.

Harley even goes into what’s happening in England.

So, I thought I’d introduce him to all my readers, if by the way, you are not familiar with him.

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