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THOR: Great Satire. Fun for the whole Family.

Nobody Cares

My husband and I went to see this movie today. It was in the afternoon, and only THREE people were there at China’s AMC movie chain. My husband and I, and one other guy.

I laughed all the way through it. I can’t remember a time when I laughed so hard. OMG…it felt so good to laugh. And not at fart jokes that seem to be so popular.

Let me say this: So MANY idiots, like this man who completely trashed the movie, don’t see it for what it really was: Simply FAMILY entertainment. NO, they have to make it into somekind of ‘story’ that they’ve been following all their lives. This guy was so upset that THOR did not met his…expectations.

It was nice to see a script where finally, I felt like I was watching an old Monty Python script. REAL humor is so rare these days.

Russell Crow did a GREAT imitation of an Italian Zues, god of thunder. He was so funny.

Some people, like this scotsman who obviously has seen ALL the Marvel movies, know every charactor, probably read all the comic books, and THIS guy was very upset that there was too MUCH humor in the film. To me, it was a perfect satire on all these Marvel movies where superhumans become real people for the, can I say it? Grown men and women who still haven’t grown up. And I find it even more pathetic that these ‘fans’ can recite every single charactor and WANT them to be…their fantasies.

He kept saying THOR was messing up too much.

Good god scotsman...get a life.

What does it say about a society that knows ALL the hero’s of ALL these Marvel movies (Before, it was Star Wars)? What’s it say?

Too many people can’t find hero’s in real life. And the movies are their only escape. And since most of them are probably not into sports, their hero’s are Marvel movie charactors.


But even sadder was, a short WOKE message before the movie.

It had a young Chinese girl crying, talking about how the society had been mistreating her, misunderstanding her…as she grabbed her black boyfriends hand, tears flowing down her face.

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a Chinese person in America being mistreated, unless they were in the line of fire of one the BLM.

It was NOT an ad to sell anything but how much the Chinese are misunderstood and totally abused by….AMERICA.

Pure commuinst propaganda…which of course, reminded me: China owns AMC.

I enjoyed Chris Helmsworth’s THOR. I think he’s perfect for the part, and even though at the end, he will raise a young “THOR GIRL” warrior, it was funny.

And I didn’t think I would like it BECAUSE…it’s getting such bad reviews.

Don’t listen to them.

In fact, if the reviews are bad, odds are, they don’t WANT you to see the movie.

You want just a simply escape from life? Try it. There is way too much gloom and doom in the world, and THOR puts humor and fun back into our poor worn out gloom and doom brains.

And personally…that’s a winner in my book.

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