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Everything You Wanted to know About Two Guys in Underwear beating each other with hammers

Nobody’s Fool:

Obama had just lectured us all on how VIOLENT the right is becoming, and then PROOF! Nancy’s dear husband was beaten on the head with a hammer, in front of the police. There you go. Never mind that he was a cameraman on Jan 6, and an illegal alien, and where is he now?


Nobody Knows. Maybe they will mention that it was Donald Trump who had him released because…wait.

Was this all about the upcoming election? Or did somebody check out who benefits from the insurance policy on Paul.

Doesn’t matter, Paul Joseph Watson only left one thing out: Most of us think it was just another way to distract and hurt the republican vote. Do we care if Paul is gay? He can’t drive much either and why is he driving himself when he is so rich?

This Nobody Wonders if this guy isn’t one of Obama’s old hook-ups. In the meantime, the distraction from the criminals setting up another ‘steal’ is typical.

I’m just glad the dog survived. They do have a dog, don’t they? If not, that’s it then. Guilty.

Or was this actually a warning to Nancy. We CAN take you out. At least Paul didn’t fall down a flight of stairs.

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Happy Halloween!

Watch out for the Most Wicked of them all tonight…hide your children!

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Nobody Flashes: God’s Great Warrior…

OMG…enjoy this. It’s a Sunday sermon worth watching…

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Whoa…Nancy Thinks She is possessed by a Demon?

Nobody Flashes

I got this in an email:

Is this Nancy Pelosi? Listen to this. Many people say…SURE SOUNDS LIKE HER!

And if it is her, well, that explains why she is so evil…and maybe SHE sent that nut to kill her husband. As a friend of mine noted, she’s always thousands of miles away when her husband gets in trouble.

You never know…after all, she has praised the cop who shot Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6. She gave him a metal. He shot her down in cold blood. And maybe SHE was talking to his ear phone saying “Oh, just shoot her.”

We all KNOW she’s evil, but was this her on the radio in 1996?

Tell me what you think. LOL. Yep. If she isn’t possessed, then I question whether she is even sane.

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So,…Will the REAL Inventors Come Forward?

Nobody Remembers

All these years, the story of the two giants, Microsoft and Apple, Jobs and Gates…remember the story was that Jobs and Gates were the guys who out of their garages INVENTED the desk computers. The buddies that helped them were just ‘helpers.”

Gates slept on couches and coded. Jobs…hung around with his father’s engineer friends and learned everything. But we were meant to believe that it was Gates and Jobs who where the inventors.

Now, all these years later we find out that the REAL inventors were not Jobs or Gates, but the two nerdy guys who actaully did all the inventing. In Gates history, it was more like IBM, and he stole a lot of it. It’s no wonder he’s gotten out of the computer business.

And like real genuis they let Gates and Jobs bring it to market. That makes sense of course, but the media made Gods out of Jobs and Gates when in reality, they were the salesmen. They were the businessmen. They invisioned great things, but that’s not the same as actaully doing the hard work as Edison did. They worked, they thought up a lot, but well…this video is interesting.

I of course much prefered as a person Steve Jobs, as we now see Gates is really off his rocker, but still..

Is it me? Why are we just hearing from Wozniak’s moments of genuis just now? I’m thinking, most inventors just want to create.

The money side? Building an empire of billions? Takes away precious time from their creative side. There are only so many hours in a day, and if you love to invent, then getting money is not exactly exciting.

I’m not saying Jobs and Gates had no inpute, no. Of course they did. BUT the actaul “new” invention…getting it to work? Nobody Wonders. I’ve always wondered just how much input Edison had on Ford’s invention of the Ford Car. They lived minutes away from each other in Ft. Meyers and Henry Ford was DEVOTED to Edison. I’m sure Edison helped him work out many a ‘bug’.

How much in history has been the truth? We never know do we?

So, enjoy Steve Woxniak who is fun to listen to. He never lost his child-like enthusiam for discovery.

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Paul Ryan Crawls out of his Hole…

Nobody Wonders:

Paul Ryan: Gotta love it….what a dweeb. He’s clearly pushing DeSantis for 2024.

I’ve wondered about DeSantis since he came onto the political arena. He says all the right things. In fact, things we wish Trump would say…and last week, his wife came out and looked much more professional than Melania, who by all accounts was a Jackie Kennedy model…Melania’s main defect was her broken English. But be fair, Melania was treated horrible by the press. Horribly. They COULD have made her a star, and they did not.

Now, isn’t it interesting that right after the latest polls, and VERY close to the midterms where all of Trump’s endorsements are doing so well, BOTH Hillary and traitor Paul Ryan have come out to bash Trump.

All you need to know about Ryan is that he stiffeled everything that Trump wanted to get done when he was Speaker of the House. The wall wasn’t built because of Paul Ryan. He hated Trump, and was Pence’s hometown bud, so we know how that was a setup from the start. Both Paul AND his wife are bankers and Wall Street puppets, so notice– how does he KNOW Trump will lose?

They think if they just say it, you will believe them. Pathetic really. Trump won more votes in Presidential history, and yet, they stole it from him. Sorry Paul, you lie.

Still they all said Trump would lose, remember? Pelosi, Obama, Hillary, and just about everybody on the planet. Besides Milk-boy, Trump won you moron. And you helped stop his win on election night by calling Arizona early. Be thankful FOX has Tucker.

Let’s not forget you and Romney LOST.

If the politicians can’t take Trump out, the media will…notice how it has already started with the news: They want you to elect DeSantis in 2024. (Watch…the democrats will run George Clooney. LOL.)

In last night’s debate, Crist tried to get DeSantis to say he was going to remain the governor, and Desantis wouldn’t say—he dodged it like so MANY politician.

So, here’s what I think. Notice how Paul keeps saying “WE” meaning it’s the power establishement NOT the people who get to decide if Trump runs? Uh…yeah. Trump has taken over the party, and they have been grooming DeSantis to say ALL the right things. Maybe Ron is the right person for the job, but common sense says this:

Donald Trump was a great President. You might THINK Ron Desantis could do better, but I beg to differ. Donald knows the world, has traveled in it, and he made great strides. He has built things. DeSantis didn’t build that bridge in Florida, American men did. It’s one thing to run a state, another to run the Country.

What Trump did for the country, DESPITE the hatred the rich elties in Washington had for him, should NOT be forgotten. It was epic.

Common sense people know the difference between a real builder and a very appealing politician. Notice they are now bringing out the young DeSantis ‘kids.”An old democratic trick.

Ron may be well liked, but he will never draw the crowds that Trump does. Elon Musk couldn’t draw those crowds. Elon Musk doesn’t want Trump to be President. Ever—wonder why? He’s the richest man in the world BECAUSE our government has given him so much money, it’s almost a crime. He’s a smart man, he’s going to go with the guy who will give him more money. I’m not sure Trump will do that again.

If Trump were President, then Ron might be a good VP, IF he continued to carry on with the same policies. Pence was a “sit and wait boy.” I don’t think DeSantis would be able to fight the BIG BOYS of Power. His “It’s my way or the highway”, John Wayne attitude reminds us all that if he took power…it might no go as well as Trump running the ship.

Trump did all his business all over the world and New York. He just has more experince in the real world. The REAL world.

And that’s why, if Ron Desantis is against President Donald J. Trump, and says that he did NOT win the election….

Then you know, Ron is being groomed by the RINOS, the Globalists, and all this wonderful talk, well, talk is talk.

We once heard that same talk from George W. Bush, and Barack Hussein Obama. Remember, Obama sounded good too when running for President. After he won, he became a monster.

Should you choose the man who worked everyday for Americans? Or another who had big money behind him?

What kills me is that DeSantis talks tougher than Trump EVER did…and yet, we are told nobody likes Trump’s talk.

Florida was once Bush country. Do you really think they don’t still have connections there?

I like DeSantis, but I’m sticking with Trump. Sorry Paul.

Go crawl back into your Wall Street hole.

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Nobody Wins

OMG! State Legislators will have power over Hillary! She is pushing “popular’ vote which, once again all you cell phone junkies, which you should know that the popular vote should NOT decide anything. THAT’s why we have a republic. Once again, if the popular vote was all it took to elect anybody, then California, illegals, and New York would forever more control the country. Hillary thinks everyone is stupid. And notice how she treats the electorial college…she wants it banned forever.

So much for the Constitution. And they talk about dictator. She would give XI a run for his money. If the country were run by Hillary she would be putting anyone who oppose her in jail.

But it’s not the lying crap out of her mouth, by saying the right wing criminals will STEAL the election, it’s that SHE did exactly that! She paid the FBI, Russians, millions to get trash on Trump. It was Hillary that stole the last election, because she plans on replacing Biden. I mean, she had to get rid of JFK Jr., you don’t think she will get rid of Biden at the right time?

And now she is telling you right wing bullies will stage a coup, when facts are SHE did the coup.

Among many other horrible things.

Okay, you watch this and wonder…is she running? Probably. By the way, state legislators are trying to fix all the fraud that was committed last Presidential elections.

Can she be more disgusting? More grotesque? More crooked? More…traitorious?


My god, this is one ugly woman, and she should be in jail. But clearly, she’s worried.

And so are every liberal/global Marxist that copies the talking points of “RIGHT WING NAZIS!
Coming to take away Hillary’s right to rule!!!

Good god. Go away woman.

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Nobody’s Fool: Dr. Robert Malone

Nobody’s Fool

Thank god for this man. He’s the reason I didn’t get a vaccine while everybody I know did. And here he answers a question I had for such a long time: every year BEFORE covid, the news came out with “Get your flu vacccine!” and signs started appearing on Walgreens, and CVS pharmacy, and while it was reported that these shots really didn’t do much, they kept pushing them. Every year…it got really suspicious.

While we were all used to the kids being vaccinated for school, this EVERYBODY must get one, left me baffaled. Someone in my family got them every single year, and now she is dying of stage four liver cancer. She’s only 57.

Here Dr. Malone explains what was behind it.

Thanks Dr. Malone…again.

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The Big Lie, IS the Big Lie

Nobody’s Opinion

They call it THE BIG LIE. Democrats insist that Trump did NOT win the election and was trying to destroy democracy on January the 6th. AND YET…he left the White House, remember? If he truly was trying to steal the election, he would not have left.

They skip this part don’t they?  After all, we just watch President XI kick out his predecessor in front of the whole world after he ‘won’ a third term. If Trump was the tyrant they claimed, he would have done that.

Lies are abundant now and as numerous as bad jokes on SNL any Saturday night.

The big lie being told everywhere, including the January 6 commission, is that President Trump LOST the last election. Even though, no candidate in my lifetime, or in American history, drew more people so consistantly to his rallies. THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS stood in line for days, sometimes in pouring rain, to support the man who they thought would save their country. Joe Biden? He couldn’t even draw a crowd of 100 people. The people were just told to NOT believe their ears or eyes.

Don’t believe your own eyes. WE tell you what to believe.

WHAT? Biden WON? How?

Because many people were astounded that Biden WON, they wanted a fair recount, and flocked to the Capitol on January the 6th, to make Mike Pence and Congress, do the right thing. RECOUNT. There was over a million there that day, and good luck finding the pictures of that crowd. You only saw what they wanted you to see.

But big lies are being told relentlessly. Like standing under a pounding waterfall, they hit us every second with bullets and blasts of media burst lies.

As if, a lie told enough times becomes the truth. There really is something to that. It was a fact upon which gave Hitler’s great takeover lead by his favorite Nazi, Goebel.

How often have we heard lies in the last two years?

Since Biden became President, we have been told that men can get pregnant, kids can decide what sex they want to be, (AND EVEN HAVE SEX!) teachers have the right to tell white kids they are racist, in fact ALL whites are racist, and, last week, they came up with a new one: The earth is really flat.

No kidding. Some pilot wondered about it they said: We should look into it.

And the biggest lie of all: global warming and climate change is going to kill us all, and electric cars and windmills are going to save the planet.

Tell that to the people in Texas who lost their lives because their windmills froze.

 I’d like to add one more big fat lie to all the rest and that is: more abortions are done in black communities than whites. Yes, this lie has been told so many times I can recite it in my sleep, and it’s made by both parties.

What I have witnessed BY MY OWN EYES, here in St. Louis finds that to be a rather BIG, BIG LIE. (Sorry Kanye, you’ve been duped.)

I remember, when they started breaking up the black family and putting the blacks in horrible apartments and giving them welfare, back in the 60s. Yes, for every child the black woman had, if they did NOT marry, they got forever welfare for each kid. LBJ was relentless in doing this horrible deed. Like the illegals of today, they got welfare, rent, housing, food stamps, and if you went downtown on a Sunday afternoon, the blacks had HUGE family picnics: I always saw a crowd  of 300 or more: massive families everywhere. I my self witness this for YEARS. White women were not given money for a kid out of wedlock…why?

Because all the blacks WORKED for the government welfare office. The perks went to only the black mothers. You really think those black government workers were going to give money to the poor white lady? Oh, maybe few, but…nope.

When I went to high school, the blacks were about 20 percent. Now, that same high school has about 10 percent white kids. DO THE MATH. And the population of these schools has grown so much they had to build two to three more high schools to keep up. Despite Michelle Obama’s horrible lunches, these kids weren’t suffering. Hundreds of students get schlarships, unlike when I went to school, only about five.

There are WHOLE neighborhoods in the suburbs of St. Louis, filled with houses of black middle class families. You don’t them on the news do you?

IF the black women had been having abortions, population wise, after ten years,  those high school would have remained the same. And from the teenage mobs we see robbing, stealing, going out in gangs of hundreds into Wal-Marts and trashing, I want to know, where WERE the abortions?

There is a reason they don’t teach real math in school anymore.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Every year down at the St. Louis Arch, it was mostly the white population that came to the fireworks. No longer. Now, it’s thousands of solid black people. Where the heck did all those black people come from? The aborted womb?

Most of America’s dying cities have a giant black populations. Once again I ask: Where ARE those abortions?

Just yesterday, I was sitting in the eye doctor office next to a little old black lady. She showed me the pictures of her family: Her daughter had 12 children and she had over 14 grandchildren so far. She showed me this on her IPHONE. “I can’t afford an IPHONE” I told her.

“My daughter gave it to me.” she said. Sweet old lady, and boy, did she love her family, as she should.

Yet, we have been told that the evil white person is out to MAKE the blacks abort their kids.

Uh…sorry to tell you, that didn’t happen much.

How many years did we hear that there were only 40 million Hispanics in the country? YEARS. And YEARS. The numbers never changed. Now, they won’t tell you how many they’ve let into the country. They say, 2 million, 5 million…but really, do you believe that?

I don’t. Try 11 or 12 million just since Biden got into office. And if there is a direct hit in Mexico with the latest Hurricane, expect more.

Get smart: THEY LIE. About most everything.

I think the blacks know their welfare free ride is over. They see the illegals coming in to take THEIR jobs and there is only so much money to go around. Sure, Biden (Obama) is giving the black farmers free farms, and the black mayors are promising free everything…dismissing loans, etc., but here where I live, in the mostly black suburbs of St. Louis, the blacks have bigger SUV’s, houses, CELL PHONES, luxuries that the poor older white only wish they could afford. But they can’t. Because THEY couldn’t afford more than one or two kids period. Their children were killed in may wars…and that’s another reason.

And they’ve been paying high property taxes for YEARS to support the blacks.

Once upon a time, there were businesses everywhere in the city where I live. NOW, only government buildings, Medical centers, and Amazon. All employing…mostly black people. Or now, Muslims. It was the white populations that were getting all the abortions.

I’m sticking with that belief.

The big companies which gave high union wages, moved to China.  

So, when Stacy Abrams says that having abortions helps fight inflation, she is hitting on a truth. (Sorry republicans.) But it’s not the black people she is talking to, it’s the white women. Well, sure, she’s trying to suggest it’s white people MAKING the blacks get abortions, by causing the inflation, and she is insinuating the old race card, but we all know who cause the economic problem…and it was the democrats, not Donald J. Trump’s fault that the economy tanked.

Nope, it was the bankers, the elites, and Joe Biden.

Even though our own democratic politicians have destroyed our country with welfare and redistributions to minorities and foreign countries, the white people who pay the taxes are being told that due to their hatred of black people, they just cannot afford to have any more kids.

Elon Musk at least said the truth. People should be having MORE kids. He has eight, and very proud of that.

Well, he can afford it.

The big lie is, few people will be able to aford kids in the future and that’s exactly what they want.

LESS PEOPLE…especially whites. Go buy a dog.

The Big lie? White people are privileged. And I agree, but only if they are white politicians.

Right. All lives matter: just some more than others.

So thanks to Kanye West for saying what needed to be said: White lives do matter. All lives matter. And ALL lives should be working to save the country because what they have planned is…well read it for yourself:

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Nobody Flashes: HOPE From one Young Man who was unafraid…

Nobody Flashes

After reading about 50 gloomy headlines, I came upon this.

THIS young man gave me hope. Hope. That’s what all of us need right now because the elites want to crush any hope that we have at all of being able to control our own lives. They are using all the powers at their disposal and many of us wonder if the kids will survive…because they are going after the kids full throttle.

BUT…have heart: if this young man, as you can hear from the applause at the end, will inspire many of his generation, and it shows that the spirit of truth and desire for freedom, NEVER dies.

What a good message for a Sunday—Wow. What a great speech.

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Excellent Thoughts of another Nobody About TECH

Nobody Flashes

Every night before I go to bed, I check out video’s. I saw this Title and this guy, and found his opinions and thoughts so ‘right on historical cue’ that I couldn’t turn him off.

I love it when nobody’s, who aren’t being paid on any newsmedia outlets, come out and blurt out universal truths. Something we are so desperate for. It’s…VERY uplifting. Enjoy…if you have the time. Most of us are doing last minute ‘get ready for winter’ chores.

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Meanwhile, in the U.K.

Nobody Remembers….

The good old days of our British brothers in arms overseas…

What happened? The new prime minister who seemed even more far left than Beatle Bob Borris, resigned as prime minister after what? A few weeks? Did the new King Charles III not LIKE her or what? Did she not bow to the King? What happened?

It seems the global coup over the world cannot wait.

Want to know how powerful these elite nutcases are? Paul Josept Watson, as usual fills us American in on what’s going on in the U.K. because you won’t hear it anywhere on OUR televions.

And much thanks to Paul who keeps us up to date on all the European news.

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Nobody Wins: Fight For Your Children..

They are going full force after the kids. The Covid lockdowns put our kids years behind other countries, and the new ‘diversity’ stuff leaves no room for the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. They give black kids free tuitions to colleges and most have the education of the 7th grade. They have to retake the courses in local colleges, and many of them do not graduate because they can’t.

Now…the Government is trying to MANDATE that all kids have to be COVID vaccinated in order to attend schools. Many will die from those shots.

Let’s not even go to the transvestites doing performances in front of the kids. Who can even imagine that would EVER happen? Biden is even funding gay strip dancers in other countries with YOUR money.

They not only want to destroy America, they want to destroy it’s FUTURE. Biden is doing a bang up job.

And here, one man stands up to his “woke” school board. (BRAVO)

Nobody Wins when they go after the kids. I hate to say it, but our school system has been broken in many cities for decades.

All you can do now is educate your kids at home.

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Nobody Wonders: Mafia? Democrats? When did they Merge in the Godfather?

Nobody Wonders

How come, NOBODY puts two and two together to the obvious conclusion that the Mafia and the democratic party…just joined into the corporate/facisit/tyrannical group of thugs running our country today?

I know, I just got finished watching some of the old Godfathers movies, but I’ve always thought this.

Democrats have ALL the attributes of the Mafia, and why shouldn’t they? The Mafia, in it’s day, controlled New York and Chicago, two of our most corrupt cities, run by democratic institutions. You could say, it started with Tammery Hall, but it’s the same old song…thugs control, gain power, promote sex, drugs, murder, and rule by force.

Now it seems they have taken over the FBI. Good work!

BUT...Nobody Wonders just exactly when the democratic party merged full time with the Mafia. What years? Anybody got history on that?

Somebody does. And as I was watching the GODFATHER today I kept thinking about it.

In the first scene of this video, it says it all: The Mafia wanted to become ‘respectable’ crooks. Senators, Presidents. And well, they succeeded. Today, as you read the headlines it’s hard to see any difference at all between the Mafia of old and the democratic party.

Take the Biden family: Drugs POUR through our border as they have for years, and you can’t tell me people IN our government aren’t making billions off those drugs. Hunter is a perfect pimp!

Biden could stop it, but why should he? Have you noticed they all want you to think it’s because “Americans won’t do the jobs? ” It can’t all be because they need more workers to shore up SS, or more crop pickers. Nope. Where’s the meat?

It’s in the drugs. And most all of Congress is…doing nothing about it. Ever.

Why is that? They talk a good game but both Rinos and Demons do nothing. Mmmmmm…..

In one scene in the GODFATHER the top five families are with Vito Corleone who didn’t want to get into the drug business, but there was too much money to be made, so it was decided that drugs were a good business. Now it’s big Pharma.

It’s a scene worth watching again. (It’s at the end of this.)

And prostitution. ALWAYS a big money maker for the Mafia. You have to wonder, how much money did Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates make running prostitution on Epstein’s little island? Do you really think it was all about Sex? I don’t. We might never know. The girls were just candy, for them. CIA operative? Global cabal of secrecy? Nobody Knows.

And how about the Catholic Church?

There are sences from the movie where Michael Corleone, in the ultimate hypocracy, hides at a church ceremoney while he had ordered five Mafia top people killed. How many politicians have used the church to promote themselves? Pelosi is famous for it.

The Catholic Church has protected Nancy Pelosi and most all politicians, now promoting their communist “green agenda” and also holds elites money in the Vatican bank.

The Pope does whatever he is told. God sure isn’t talking to him.

The Godfather movie gives the history of the Italian Mafia, and why they killed. How they evolved.

They took over New York and Chicago. Still cesspools of coruption.

Obama and Michelle were from Chicago. (As was Hillary Clinton) where they studied under the tutorledge of Alinsky, who studied under the loving teachings of the great Mafia kingpins of Chicago. To this day “Rules for Radicals” has been followed by all democratic leaders. Was Alinsky the inside Mafia man?

“Accuse your emeny of that which YOU do.” said Alinsky. And boy, did Hillary and Obama learn THAT one well. Are gas prices too high? Well, don’t blame it on BIDEN! It’s the gas companies and Putin.

There is another scene where Micheal Corlenon is talking to KATE and she says Presidents don’t kill anybody and he says…”Who’s naive Kate?” (I l love this script.)

Okay, you get the drift. Just because the democratic party is not lead by Italians but filled with agnostic Jews and politicians with a great talent for being liars and manipulators, doesn’t mean that the Mafia is dead.

Is it? How long is Hillary’s death list? Come on. Everybody knows the Clintons have had a lot people killed. Marlon Brandon even says, “Or I find my son committed suicide in his jail cell.” How much more do you need to even keep on believing that Epstien killed himself?

In the movie the Godfather, it was shown how the Mafia, who once expanded it’s empire to Cuba and Las Vegas, operated like the big business it was. Isn’t that what we are seeing? Democrats merging with big tech, and the pentagon, the FBI, and the CEOS of every multination company that we have to buy from?

I once read a book written by a Mafia bag man who admitted taking suitcases full of cash to Las Vegas from Chicago by plane. Las Vegas was built on the union pensions of the cops of Chicago he said. All of the government, cops, etc. in Chicago were loyal TO the democratic party which WAS the Mafia, according to this bagman.

Chicago has always been corrupt.

Now Nobody Wonders if the Mafia has just expanded it’s operation to DAVOS? Why settle for Cuba when you can make money in the rest of the world? Contracts in other counties, from the Pentagon to the union workers….America has built up the world. Even China. Thanks to our political leaders. A giant sucking sound on the backs of the American people.

-So just when did the powerful busniesses of the Mafia merge, and become the very politicians who now want to run the world?

The very fact that the MAFIA we are told, no longer exists makes me think…it does. Only this time, it has merged with many communists and foreign leaders to continue to…do business.

The Godfather was based on historical fact. And it’s one of the greatest films of all time.

If you see it on your big screens, you might want to watch it again, and go like me…wow.

Who’s the GODFATHER NOW? Xi? Klaus? Gates? Fauci? ALL of them?

The Mafia never died. They just told you it didn’t exist anyore.

Tell that to the mother who lost her son to drugs, or who was shot down in the South side of Chicago. Or the kid who just had a heart attack after he got the ‘jab.’ Or all those whose busniess was crushed due to COVID lockdowns.

No, it didn’t disappear, it just merged and got bigger than any of us can imagine.

It now goes by another name: ‘Progressive” Democrat. ‘Citizens of the World.”

See, just get rid of the name. And tell everyone the Mafia is dead. Right.

Nobody Thinks the Mafia is bigger than ever, and coming after us all, if we don’t kiss the ring of the dons. But then again, wait…nobody even thinks about the MAFIA anymore right? Only the movie.

It exists ONLY in the movies.

And Lassie never came home.

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