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Paul Ryan Crawls out of his Hole…

Nobody Wonders:

Paul Ryan: Gotta love it….what a dweeb. He’s clearly pushing DeSantis for 2024.

I’ve wondered about DeSantis since he came onto the political arena. He says all the right things. In fact, things we wish Trump would say…and last week, his wife came out and looked much more professional than Melania, who by all accounts was a Jackie Kennedy model…Melania’s main defect was her broken English. But be fair, Melania was treated horrible by the press. Horribly. They COULD have made her a star, and they did not.

Now, isn’t it interesting that right after the latest polls, and VERY close to the midterms where all of Trump’s endorsements are doing so well, BOTH Hillary and traitor Paul Ryan have come out to bash Trump.

All you need to know about Ryan is that he stiffeled everything that Trump wanted to get done when he was Speaker of the House. The wall wasn’t built because of Paul Ryan. He hated Trump, and was Pence’s hometown bud, so we know how that was a setup from the start. Both Paul AND his wife are bankers and Wall Street puppets, so notice– how does he KNOW Trump will lose?

They think if they just say it, you will believe them. Pathetic really. Trump won more votes in Presidential history, and yet, they stole it from him. Sorry Paul, you lie.

Still they all said Trump would lose, remember? Pelosi, Obama, Hillary, and just about everybody on the planet. Besides Milk-boy, Trump won you moron. And you helped stop his win on election night by calling Arizona early. Be thankful FOX has Tucker.

Let’s not forget you and Romney LOST.

If the politicians can’t take Trump out, the media will…notice how it has already started with the news: They want you to elect DeSantis in 2024. (Watch…the democrats will run George Clooney. LOL.)

In last night’s debate, Crist tried to get DeSantis to say he was going to remain the governor, and Desantis wouldn’t say—he dodged it like so MANY politician.

So, here’s what I think. Notice how Paul keeps saying “WE” meaning it’s the power establishement NOT the people who get to decide if Trump runs? Uh…yeah. Trump has taken over the party, and they have been grooming DeSantis to say ALL the right things. Maybe Ron is the right person for the job, but common sense says this:

Donald Trump was a great President. You might THINK Ron Desantis could do better, but I beg to differ. Donald knows the world, has traveled in it, and he made great strides. He has built things. DeSantis didn’t build that bridge in Florida, American men did. It’s one thing to run a state, another to run the Country.

What Trump did for the country, DESPITE the hatred the rich elties in Washington had for him, should NOT be forgotten. It was epic.

Common sense people know the difference between a real builder and a very appealing politician. Notice they are now bringing out the young DeSantis ‘kids.”An old democratic trick.

Ron may be well liked, but he will never draw the crowds that Trump does. Elon Musk couldn’t draw those crowds. Elon Musk doesn’t want Trump to be President. Ever—wonder why? He’s the richest man in the world BECAUSE our government has given him so much money, it’s almost a crime. He’s a smart man, he’s going to go with the guy who will give him more money. I’m not sure Trump will do that again.

If Trump were President, then Ron might be a good VP, IF he continued to carry on with the same policies. Pence was a “sit and wait boy.” I don’t think DeSantis would be able to fight the BIG BOYS of Power. His “It’s my way or the highway”, John Wayne attitude reminds us all that if he took power…it might no go as well as Trump running the ship.

Trump did all his business all over the world and New York. He just has more experince in the real world. The REAL world.

And that’s why, if Ron Desantis is against President Donald J. Trump, and says that he did NOT win the election….

Then you know, Ron is being groomed by the RINOS, the Globalists, and all this wonderful talk, well, talk is talk.

We once heard that same talk from George W. Bush, and Barack Hussein Obama. Remember, Obama sounded good too when running for President. After he won, he became a monster.

Should you choose the man who worked everyday for Americans? Or another who had big money behind him?

What kills me is that DeSantis talks tougher than Trump EVER did…and yet, we are told nobody likes Trump’s talk.

Florida was once Bush country. Do you really think they don’t still have connections there?

I like DeSantis, but I’m sticking with Trump. Sorry Paul.

Go crawl back into your Wall Street hole.

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