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What? It worked with Diana…

Nobody Wonders

How in the world did a Secret Agent driving the VP Kamala Harris lose control of the car in a tunnel? Yes, Kamala’s car was smashed up in a tunnel on the way back to the White House.

I mean, seriously? Is this REALLY imcompetence? OR….

Does somebody want Kamala out of the way? After all, if something happens to Joe then she’s President. Pelosi, is next in line….but once again, who would WANT Kamala out of the way?

Hillary? Hillary is tight with Pelosi. They don’t want Joe or Kamala.

What, did Hillary call up her old Mafia friends or the MI6 and say, “Help us out here boys. You did it once before.”

If it had happened anyplace else but in a tunnel I would think it really was an accident.

I bet there were no camera’s in that tunnel.

Notice that Kamala is Okay, and that the whole thing was ignored in the press.

So, Nobody Wonders...was this just a warning to Kamala? “Don’t even THINK about it.” ha ha ha…Okay…we are suppose to believe that these guys can’t even drive.

Like the night Princess Diana was left to die in a tunnel. In France. For hours.

I hope she has good insurance.

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