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Nobody Remembers: The REAL Individual Genuis of Tom Edison

I finished reading EDISON today by Edmund Morris. I must admit, I have a total addiction to books, and have been reading everything I could since I was just a kid. Books are my nemisis. And THIS book, is amoung the top ten of my favorites. Of course, I might be bias, as one of my most precious memories was when my father took me to Thomas Edison’s laboratory in Ft. Meyers, FL when I was about eight. I will never forget the giant lightbulb there that burned for 40 years. He has one of the biggest Banyan Trees in the world (Let’s hope it survived) and I remember his teeth marks on the photograph in his house. He used his teeth to hear. Remember, he was deaf when he invented “the recording of sound.”

The book starts with his old age, and ends with his birth. It’s not only a historical record of all Edison did for the world, but the very history of America, and the very remarkable drive on just one individual and the hard work he did to give us all the gifts we now take for granted.

And yes, Tom was a conservative. A republican. Maybe that’s why he has been abandoned for Tesla. And newsflash: Tesla and Edison really got alone fine.

Don’t believe the fake news.

By the way, after you read the book, you realize that Elon Musk has copied Edison’s life as best he could…NOT Tesla’s. It almost funny. But still, he’s no Edison.

Have you seen a picture of the earth at night? THAT’s due to one man. Don’t listen to the rewrites of the ‘globalists’, he not only lit up New York, he lit up the world. He also gave us Motion pictures. AND SOUND. And so many other things nobody knows about…xrays…etc. Everyone else built tech on TOP of Tom Edison’s very hard work.

I don’t think there has ever been another soul like him to walk the planet.

“Until a man can duplicate a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge.” —Edison

Think of all we use today because of this one man: Cell phones, lamps, xrays, telephones, movies, sound, light…ONE man started the rock solid basis for all that would evolve.

And patents? He had thousands. Later on, he decided they were worthless as the book describes the story of how he was cheated out of his own electric company.

Glenn Beck pushed my buttons the other day when he talked about how Edison ‘killed’ an elephant with electricity. Read the book. That’s not exactly how it happened.

I can’t say enough about this book, it was written with tremendous love. Oh, and by the way, he invented so many things for the military that they NEVER, EVER used. Or paid him for.

Sad that it’s still true today.

The inventor individual is being cut out of society, and it’s all about the MONEY.

This nobody thinks that all this green energy crap that doesn’t work is all about a lot of politicians and elites making money off patents, which THEY own, and are trying to force you to buy.

I went through the patent process for 14 years. I learned much…so much.

Our big companies do NOT want any individual like Edison to come along and make money. Nope. It’s to be ALL THEIRS.

And Edison found that out.

If you have a chance in your lifetime, read this book. You will find out that only in freedom, and the individual gifts of curiousity and work, can society proceed to the next level.

They want to stamp that all out. Instead of letting the individuals of the world florish, they want to stifle all inventors into THEIR little camp…which will put us all back into the dark ages.

I’m sure there are Edison’s living among us now…but they are not being allowed to succeed. We NEED to let them flourish and get rid of those that are stopping them.

“Everything on earth depends on will. I never had an idea in my life. I’ve got no imagination. I never dream. My so-called inventions already existed in the environment—I took them out. I’ve created nothing. Nobody does. There’s no such thing as an idea being brain-born, everything comes from the outside. The industrious one coaxes it from the environment: the drone lets it lie there while he goes off to the baseball game. The ‘genius’ hangs around his laboratory day and night. If anything happens he’s there to catch it: if he wasn’t it might happened just the same, only it would never be his.”

And to think, I’m writing this now, and it’s being done, by the light of a lamp, and the light of a computer. They shouldn’t have ‘forgotten’ Tom Edison.

I NEVER will.

It was the author’s last book, he died in 2019. And it was a masterpiece.

Don’t miss it.

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