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Nobody Wonders About Nuclear War

So, Macron of France is furious at Joe Biden for talking smack talk about armageddon nuclear war. Can you blame him? What about the rest of us in America? Putin is still mad about Russia breaking up back in the 80’s and having to suffer with Phil Donahue sending over his camera crews to form freindships with Americans. That was pretty embarrasing.

The American people were hopeful at the time—Hey, I was hopeful. After all, the Russian people were just people right? They have to be as sick of this stupid fighting as we are.

I thought the Russian people were excited too. The walls came down, and…what the heck happened? I was starting to really enjoy the Russian ballet.

Now they got New Yorkers being told to ‘run inside’ should a Russian nuclear bomb hit, and take the government Iodine pills they are spending millions on. “Let’s not tell them they would all be dead.” If Russia did hit New York, they’d all be dead inside or not.

It’s as if the think tanks of “How to destroy America’s economy BEFORE the midterms have gone into “We gotta scare the living daylights of them, make them go out and spend MORE money stocking up for the “Walking Dead Zombie Future!” are working overtime.

Quick…start a war with Russia. Xi’s got an election coming up too you know. Okay, so China doesn’t want the United States filled with Nuclear contamination, they are complaining, so…let’s just have rolling blackouts in America with cyber attacks instead, make everyone starve and freeze and say it was a Russian cyber attack NOT the deep state that did it. Kerry can make his millions off of solar panels. The electrical disappearing grid would make all cars parked forever in garages.

As Trump has said, this senile old man Biden, who wants his own Cuban missle crisis in the history books to glorify his name, could actually start WWIII.

Not that the elites would mind. To me, Urkraine looks like just a money landering escapade for the rich to grap as much money as they can BEFORE they launch WWIII.

Nobody was wondering if we here at home should buy a bigger power generator. Food is so high now we might all have to beg the Saudi’ for food instead of oil. I don’t know about you, but I have to eat boxed macaroni for 3 years, I think I’d actaully turn to eating dandelions.

They eat horses don’t they? Would we? Is Solvent Green just around the corner?

They DO like to scare us…or…or is it real this time?

Sigh. Cut it out Joe. REALLY? Congress? Is THIS the price you want to pay for power, for YOUR children? Is this really the future you want for the world?

Nobody Wonders.

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