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Whoa…Nancy Thinks She is possessed by a Demon?

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I got this in an email:

Is this Nancy Pelosi? Listen to this. Many people say…SURE SOUNDS LIKE HER!

And if it is her, well, that explains why she is so evil…and maybe SHE sent that nut to kill her husband. As a friend of mine noted, she’s always thousands of miles away when her husband gets in trouble.

You never know…after all, she has praised the cop who shot Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6. She gave him a metal. He shot her down in cold blood. And maybe SHE was talking to his ear phone saying “Oh, just shoot her.”

We all KNOW she’s evil, but was this her on the radio in 1996?

Tell me what you think. LOL. Yep. If she isn’t possessed, then I question whether she is even sane.

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