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How Do WE Get Away from the Gloom?

Why puppies!

My husband and I went out to eat yesterday at a local restaruant, and we had a table outside. The couple next to us had their new ‘puppy’ that they had just saved from a shelter. Needless to day, the ‘puppy’ became my best friend, and as I DARE you to resist any puppy who looks at you with those sorrowful but adorable eyes to not give them food, as God has made sure they have the DNA to beg from humans.

That pup got most of my chicken sandwich, including the bacon and bread too.

How could I resist? He even got so bold as to stand up and put both paws on my lap and the funny thing about it is that the couple let him.

“He was so hungry when we got him.” they said.

Here’s what’s funny. They had a young boy of about 14 sitting with them, and they told us about how they had 7 dogs at home, and never said a word about the kid, who had earphones on.

Okay. Then we went for about a 90 minute walk, and when we came back to get in our car, there was the same couple…the boy still being ignored.

I’m not sure WHY they sat there for so long, but the puppy was getting feed for free, and the boy? Negected.

Needless to say, MO (The starving puppy) and I shared a great puppy moment in time. And it’s no wonder so many people are just not having kids but adopting dogs.

All you have to do is feed them. And they will love you forever.

By the way, I watched about 20 REALLY despressing video’s searching for one to post and it just got worse with every video.

ENOUGH! Enjoy! By the way…anyone who doesn’t like dogs, I’m always suspicious of.

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