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To Fridge,or Not to Fridge….

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Since we have been told almost daily that the economy is going to crash, basically forever more, everyone is warning that if you have to buy something, you’d better buy it now, because after the fall and super inflation you won’t be able to even afford FOOD! It was reported that 60 percent of the people in the United States live paycheck to paycheck.


We’ve been needing a new fridge for over 10 years. Our ice maker doesn’t work, we make ice the old fashion way, ice trays. BUT to fix it cost $360. The plastic drawers, many of which are cracked, costs over $70 to replace. Sure, it WOULD be cheaper to replace the old parts, but I’ve been there. Done that before. They break every three years.

As you know: They MAKE things to break. Anyone who has had anything that was made in the last century will tell you that, IT’S THE NEW COMPANY SWORN POLICY. DO NOT, MAKE A PRODUCT THAT LASTS FOREVER.

So, I decided since I know nothing about electronics, I thought I’d get a year’s subscription to Consumer Reports. They do all kinds of tests, right?

“That was really stupid.” said my husband. They won’t show you what’s best, just what company pays the most to them to report it.”

I hate it when he’s right.

I got my first issue, and there it was: they tested LED Lightbulbs. “You could save $225 in energy cost per year!” These lightbulbs of course cost 6x as much as the Edison old ones. Remember when Trump said we could buy them again? Okay. And lets not talk about the Mercury in them.

On the next page was “VEGGIE SAUSAGES FOR MEAT LOVERS”. There were five franks all veggies.

I don’t WANT a veggie sausage! (Flip.)

On the NEXT page was a promotion for the ALL ELECTRIC RIVAIN RIT. $85,000. It has a ‘gorgeous cabin.’ Right. They did NOT compare it to any other electric truck. (Score another to my husband.)

TURN PAGE: Desk chairs! Why, we WANT you to stay glued to that computer! And then they went right into the top tablets from our tests. Clearly…they do not want you to ever WALK again. They gave you the best chairs and the best tablets. STAY IN YOUR CHAIR< GAIN WEIGHT< AND MAKE THE PARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES Rich.

I’m in the middle of the book: “Lower your monthly bills. With inflation rising faster than it has in 40 years, you likely feel the financial sting at every turn.”

Has Joe Biden even SEEN this? Somebody better call him.

Well, how nice of them. Trying to tell you how to save money but DID YOU KNOW that you don’t really NEED that root canal, crown, or implant! Followed by “How to say NO to your dentist!”

What’s next month’s going to be? “How to say NO to your cancer treatment!”

Okay. Clearly AARP is not the only magazine guiding the public into it’s GREAT RESET, YOU SHOULD JUST HAND OVER YOUR MONEY AND SUFFER AND DIE” articles.

Like I said. The old America and the old, trusted magazines are gone.

We did end up buying a new fridge. It’s not the top of the line but the ice maker is in the bottom of the freezer. It makes ice, but not like the old ones when it was on the doors.

“They don’t make them anymore,” said the salesman. “They found that the bottom freezer ice maker worked better.

Which means, the bottom will break sooner rather than later, if the company has anything to say about it.

I’ll let you know. Frankly, the old ice trays work fine. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking.

But just ask my husband. He’ll tell you.

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