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The Blatent Destruction of Our President and the American People

I tried to upload President’s Trump’s letter to the Jan. 6 committee, and THIS is what I got:

On all station’s news, they are saying that Trump is LYING about winning the election, that he lost. And Biden is saying IF Trump is elected, than we will face a recession. Right. As if they haven’t made SURE that America will no longer recover from their damages. (refused to connect) You can find it on Whatfinger website. I thought it was pretty good, so therefore they don’t want anyone to see it.

Tonight near St. Louis, there were heavy chemtrails in the sky and for the first time in my lifetime, scary warnings about future fires here…were being broadcasted on all cell phones. Fires. In Missouri?

We are not exactly the desert here. If we get fires, I can tell you, they are being started by arsonists.

The internet is filled with nuclear warnings, and Paul Ryan has lifted his snake head to predict Trump will not be supported as President, as IF Ryan has any respect anywhere anymore.

It’s getting…weird everybody. The deep state is getting scared.

UPDATE: In my administration it said it would NOT connect to the website…it’s still there, it says, refused to connect.

And yet, I see it on my computer after I published it…do you see it? Just wondered.

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