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Nobody Wonders: Mafia? Democrats? When did they Merge in the Godfather?

Nobody Wonders

How come, NOBODY puts two and two together to the obvious conclusion that the Mafia and the democratic party…just joined into the corporate/facisit/tyrannical group of thugs running our country today?

I know, I just got finished watching some of the old Godfathers movies, but I’ve always thought this.

Democrats have ALL the attributes of the Mafia, and why shouldn’t they? The Mafia, in it’s day, controlled New York and Chicago, two of our most corrupt cities, run by democratic institutions. You could say, it started with Tammery Hall, but it’s the same old song…thugs control, gain power, promote sex, drugs, murder, and rule by force.

Now it seems they have taken over the FBI. Good work!

BUT...Nobody Wonders just exactly when the democratic party merged full time with the Mafia. What years? Anybody got history on that?

Somebody does. And as I was watching the GODFATHER today I kept thinking about it.

In the first scene of this video, it says it all: The Mafia wanted to become ‘respectable’ crooks. Senators, Presidents. And well, they succeeded. Today, as you read the headlines it’s hard to see any difference at all between the Mafia of old and the democratic party.

Take the Biden family: Drugs POUR through our border as they have for years, and you can’t tell me people IN our government aren’t making billions off those drugs. Hunter is a perfect pimp!

Biden could stop it, but why should he? Have you noticed they all want you to think it’s because “Americans won’t do the jobs? ” It can’t all be because they need more workers to shore up SS, or more crop pickers. Nope. Where’s the meat?

It’s in the drugs. And most all of Congress is…doing nothing about it. Ever.

Why is that? They talk a good game but both Rinos and Demons do nothing. Mmmmmm…..

In one scene in the GODFATHER the top five families are with Vito Corleone who didn’t want to get into the drug business, but there was too much money to be made, so it was decided that drugs were a good business. Now it’s big Pharma.

It’s a scene worth watching again. (It’s at the end of this.)

And prostitution. ALWAYS a big money maker for the Mafia. You have to wonder, how much money did Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates make running prostitution on Epstein’s little island? Do you really think it was all about Sex? I don’t. We might never know. The girls were just candy, for them. CIA operative? Global cabal of secrecy? Nobody Knows.

And how about the Catholic Church?

There are sences from the movie where Michael Corleone, in the ultimate hypocracy, hides at a church ceremoney while he had ordered five Mafia top people killed. How many politicians have used the church to promote themselves? Pelosi is famous for it.

The Catholic Church has protected Nancy Pelosi and most all politicians, now promoting their communist “green agenda” and also holds elites money in the Vatican bank.

The Pope does whatever he is told. God sure isn’t talking to him.

The Godfather movie gives the history of the Italian Mafia, and why they killed. How they evolved.

They took over New York and Chicago. Still cesspools of coruption.

Obama and Michelle were from Chicago. (As was Hillary Clinton) where they studied under the tutorledge of Alinsky, who studied under the loving teachings of the great Mafia kingpins of Chicago. To this day “Rules for Radicals” has been followed by all democratic leaders. Was Alinsky the inside Mafia man?

“Accuse your emeny of that which YOU do.” said Alinsky. And boy, did Hillary and Obama learn THAT one well. Are gas prices too high? Well, don’t blame it on BIDEN! It’s the gas companies and Putin.

There is another scene where Micheal Corlenon is talking to KATE and she says Presidents don’t kill anybody and he says…”Who’s naive Kate?” (I l love this script.)

Okay, you get the drift. Just because the democratic party is not lead by Italians but filled with agnostic Jews and politicians with a great talent for being liars and manipulators, doesn’t mean that the Mafia is dead.

Is it? How long is Hillary’s death list? Come on. Everybody knows the Clintons have had a lot people killed. Marlon Brandon even says, “Or I find my son committed suicide in his jail cell.” How much more do you need to even keep on believing that Epstien killed himself?

In the movie the Godfather, it was shown how the Mafia, who once expanded it’s empire to Cuba and Las Vegas, operated like the big business it was. Isn’t that what we are seeing? Democrats merging with big tech, and the pentagon, the FBI, and the CEOS of every multination company that we have to buy from?

I once read a book written by a Mafia bag man who admitted taking suitcases full of cash to Las Vegas from Chicago by plane. Las Vegas was built on the union pensions of the cops of Chicago he said. All of the government, cops, etc. in Chicago were loyal TO the democratic party which WAS the Mafia, according to this bagman.

Chicago has always been corrupt.

Now Nobody Wonders if the Mafia has just expanded it’s operation to DAVOS? Why settle for Cuba when you can make money in the rest of the world? Contracts in other counties, from the Pentagon to the union workers….America has built up the world. Even China. Thanks to our political leaders. A giant sucking sound on the backs of the American people.

-So just when did the powerful busniesses of the Mafia merge, and become the very politicians who now want to run the world?

The very fact that the MAFIA we are told, no longer exists makes me think…it does. Only this time, it has merged with many communists and foreign leaders to continue to…do business.

The Godfather was based on historical fact. And it’s one of the greatest films of all time.

If you see it on your big screens, you might want to watch it again, and go like me…wow.

Who’s the GODFATHER NOW? Xi? Klaus? Gates? Fauci? ALL of them?

The Mafia never died. They just told you it didn’t exist anyore.

Tell that to the mother who lost her son to drugs, or who was shot down in the South side of Chicago. Or the kid who just had a heart attack after he got the ‘jab.’ Or all those whose busniess was crushed due to COVID lockdowns.

No, it didn’t disappear, it just merged and got bigger than any of us can imagine.

It now goes by another name: ‘Progressive” Democrat. ‘Citizens of the World.”

See, just get rid of the name. And tell everyone the Mafia is dead. Right.

Nobody Thinks the Mafia is bigger than ever, and coming after us all, if we don’t kiss the ring of the dons. But then again, wait…nobody even thinks about the MAFIA anymore right? Only the movie.

It exists ONLY in the movies.

And Lassie never came home.

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