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It’s not hard to see the connections. The elites WANT you to NOT OWN ANYTHING AND BE HAPPY.

And that’s why, THE METAVERSE universe was formed by Zuckerface. Could it be any clearer? Who told HIM this would be a good idea?

Last week, it was all over the news that Zuckerface lost half of his wealth. He fell off the Forbes richest men on the planet because changing Facebook to METAVERSE was such a disaster most everyone thought it was a joke. He’s laying off thousands from this mistake.

REALLY? Are they THAT stupid? Did they really think they had done such a good job getting kids (and many adults) hooked on computers that they would want to spend the rest of their lives hooked up a big ass machine on their face while they spent their time in a cartoon world? A world where they could own ANY object, design any house, put on any clothes, and have everybody love them? Really? What idiot psychologist suggested that the world would just LOVE this idea, as much as they love putting up what they had for dinner on their FACEBOOK page.

Newsflash elite plutocrats: THEY ATE that dinner in real time. With ALL their senses. They smelt that dinner, remembered how it tasted. Hitting a baseball out of the park on video is NOT the same as feeling the ball hit the bat and watching it soar with your own eyes.

And did they really think people would want to spend most of their time in a fantasy cartoon world rather than watching a movie on their big screens with thousands of choices to pick from?

What is wrong with these intellectual morons?

Clearly, they can’t kill all of us off, and they don’t want you spoiling their lovely planet with ‘junk’…junk like jet airplanes, muti-million dollars mansions filled with priceless ‘junk’ only meant for THEM. No, they want YOU to give up collecting all that ‘junk’ and filling your house with it.

Unless its cheap junk from China.

I watched a video today on why the millennials do NOT want their parent’s boomer stuff. In history, family heirlooms were passed down, but the kids don’t want it anymore. They want IKEA. Watch any house renovation on TV and you will see how sparse the rooms look. No pictures on the walls, no flowers but real ones. Have you noticed that the seats are all plain wood now? It all looks hard and uncomfortable.

What happened to saving the trees? What happened to putting up graduation pictures on the wall?

Yet, if you go into their mansions, like Bill Gates’s 350 rooms that he needs, you would be hard pressed to wonder why HE doesn’t downsize.

No, the elites all own 5 to 6 houses all over the world. They’ve been collecting stuff for years. And now, they want YOU to give it all up.

China’s not going to buy our trash anymore.

I have that same problem. My house is filled with history, books, family pictures, and my son doesn’t want any of it. Not one thing. His house is bare minimum. And he’s very happy. He’s also not married. He’s 40, and I wonder, what the hell?

But still, his cat has a LOT of junk and toys…more than a kid I might add, which brings me to…did you know there are more dogs (90 million) in the United States than kids? (60 million) And who knows how many illegal children are not counted in that fact? So, I’m not sure about that.

And how much does it cost to buy food, toys and treats for your dog?

This Nobody Thinks that part of the reason that so many ‘women’ want abortions is because Newsflash: RAISING A KID WITHOUT A HUSBAND IS JUST TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE!! And they’ve been brainwashed to think it’s THEIR choice only to have or not have the kid. Boy, it must be nice to be a man and not have to worry about that drunk night in Las Vegas.

What a con. “It’s a woman’s choice!” Right. Leave the guy out of it.

Oh, we don’t talk about that do we? Is that on purpose? (Yeah)

Zuckerface owns half an island in Hawaii. If anyone doesn’t need any more stuff, it’s him. And Gates. AND King Charles III. And Obama, and all of our CEO’s and politicians of the world.

They’ve got plenty.

How DARE they tell the rest of the world “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

You know what? When they give their stuff away, and own nothing, then maybe we will listen to them.

In the recent AARP magazine, they have all kinds of help giving advice to seniors on how to ‘downsize’ sell their houses and throw away all their stuff. They give great pointers.

Just not enough Ian’s and fires to get rid of it all I guess.

It’s a problem.

For the boomers, like me, there are ancestorial priceless objects that I would have hoped that I could pass down. Guess what? My son could care less. To him. it’s all meaningless, even though he says he liked history. All the family pictures? Could care less.

Who else has this problem? Go ahead and ask around. I’ve found many of my friends over 60 who have the same problem with their kids. How did this happen?

 I’ll tell you how:  since they control the media and the schools, the ‘kids’ whether we know it or not, have been completely brainwashed already to not have to work to buy that ‘whatever’ that they want to put in their home. It’s cool to not have a lot of ‘stuff.’ Less to take care of.

They don’t want you to OWN that home. And that’s another reason they are destroying all the world’s economies.

It’s all about…they will own everything, and YOU will own nothing. Unless they can make money of what they want to demand you buy: Like electric cars, solar panels, fake meat, and computers.

No, they want you to live in that META universe and get fat and die.

So, they can look in the mirror and say, “Well we REALLY didn’t outright KILL them did we? It’s not our fault they didn’t eat bugs like we told them too. ”

Yes, to the elite, the earth was certainly being destroyed by all that ‘stuff.’  

There is a movie If you want a real look at Mark Zuckerfberg watch the movie called the Social Network. And wonder, like me, did our own government set this ‘genuis’ up? Because I don’t know about you, but just about anybody could have told you that METAVERSE was simply a video game, and was not going to get the planet off the human grid and into the computer world for good.

I don’t care how cute Zuckerface makes his avatar.

So, will FACEBOOK get a new idea? Will Elon Musk buy it like he has offered?

Well, the FACEBOOK platform won’t go away any time soon: Too many women like to post their pictures.

And the FBI…thanks them.

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