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Alex Jones is now being destroyed by the deep state. They just ‘fined’ him a billion dollars. They seem to BLAME him after the fact for the madman (Kid) who killed those young kids in Sandy Hook. He had nothing to do with the murders and yet, it was the perfect excuse to get the finest democratic lawyers to destroy him, and free speech on top of it.

The message? You have NO right to free speech or thought. If you do, we WILL punish you into complete poverty. We have seen them do it to Trump HOW many times? And many of his supporters. Like the poor people still in jail for expressing their right to ‘free speaking’ at the Capitol.

This is another setup ‘got cha’ moment much ado about nothing, and it’s getting pretty scary how viciously they are attacking all of us.

If these parents BLAME Alex for their speech, then clearly, they are not playing with a full deck, unless it’s a BIG paycheck. Alex didn’t torture them, the KILLER did.

Alex is clearly a ‘must silence’ target. His last book called the GREAT RESET lays a bright light to their plans, and it’s not pretty:

Alex quotes their own words in this book, as he does daily on his shows, which of course, really pisses them off. For instance, we are now hearing daily about “nuclear war.” From everywhere. EVERYWHERE. A headline from the Huffington Post, “Could a Small Nuclear War Reverse Global Warming?”



Nuclear war is a bad thing.


            Scientists from NASA and a number of other institutions have recently been modeling the effects of a war involving a hundred Hiroshima-level bombs, or 0.03 percent of the world’s current nuclear arsenal, according to National Geographic.

            The result, according to NASA climate models, could actually be global cooling.


I don’t know about you, but who’s the conspiracy person here? NASA, or Alex?

Nuclear war could help cool the planet? WTH? Who ARE these morons who don’t care about the deaths and contaminations from Nuclear War with Russia? Oh wait, it’s just going to be a small nuclear war.

Right. Biden’s already got the Iodine pills coming to your nearest drugstore. What’s a few more dead on the planet?

Is this why all the movie stars are letting their mansions rot in the sun and moving into bunkers?

This propaganda crap started long ago with the Clintons. Remember when Bill Clinton BLAMED Rush Limbaugh’s radio program for the Oklahoma attack? And how many years did Hillary blame Rush and want him silenced. Now she wants to silence all Trump supporters, deplorable, and anyone who might stand in her way. She DEMANDS it.

And we all know, the democrats worked with Twitter and Google to silence conservatives. Because they control the media, many people died, and they staged a coup…put a demented man into the White House and…here we are.

Wondering what happened to our country.

Here’s what they want out of Alex.


On paper, the eye-opening $965 million in damages a Connecticut jury ordered Alex Jones to pay eight Sandy Hook families last week was individual compensation for making 15 people the perpetual targets of conspiratorial hate.

How much money Jones has depends on who you ask, although no one believes he’s worth $1 billion. The most an expert has estimated Jones’ worth is $270 million. Meanwhile Jones has put his companies into bankruptcy protection twice this year.

Last week’s verdict was the second of three jury trials to award damages to Sandy Hook families who Jones defamed by calling the worst crime in Connecticut history “staged,” “synthetic,” “manufactured,” “a giant hoax,” and “completely fake with actors.” In early August, a Texas jury in Jones’ hometown of Austin ordered him to pay $49 million to parents of a slain Sandy Hook boy Jones defamed. 


How is this even legal? It’s not. Just like the raid on Trump’s house wasn’t legal. These people are pure evil. And it’s all about destroying free speech. Now that Rush is dead, Alex is the next target

All Alex did was speculate, and I must admit, some of his reasoning did raise questions. But he had a RIGHT to speculate all he wanted. He did NOT kill those kids. All that should have been done is to say, well, “I don’t agree.”

That’s free speech.

Alex Jones IS the first one…to put it all together—this globalists’ takeover.

Sorry Glenn Beck. He was first.

David Icke was there about the same time, but Alex went even further. Showing the crimes of the Bohemian Grove, the Bilderberg groups, Davos, the bankers, their plans to control the world, he’s been at it for over 20 years. This nobody listened to Rush during the day and Alex at night, for 20 years. On Coast to Coast. Glenn really didn’t get going until years after Alex.

Thanks to George Noorey, who put Alex on, the world woke up.

Thank you George. (Somebody should give HIM some credit.)

So, it’s just another day in the “YOU WILL NOT CROSS US” universe of the New World Order.

I hope, no I PRAY that good men, wake up, and fight back.

Men that FIGHT, are rare, and we need more Alex’s not less.

And damn be the NAZI government that goes after the truth speakers.

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