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Put the Brain Damaged into Congress? Hey, its Working with Biden!

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I remember when Obama picked Joe Biden to be his VP. I thought it was the strangest pick that Obama could have come up with. He was old. He was WHITE. He was hardly an intellectual. Nobody knew much about him. And both Obama and Michelle were ‘picked’ because America thought if they voted for a black man, according to Obama himself, all the racist crap would stop.

We found out, that you could not DARE criticize a black man because you would be labeled a racist. Good strategy for the elites. Nobody dared to say anything but praise about the first “black” President.

Hillary was the obvious ‘choice’ for VP since she wanted to be President so badly, and I thought it was strange that she was so happy to be made Secretary of State. Looking back, it’s no wonder. Selling Uranium to Russia and keeping her emails secret made the Clintons a LOT of money. What did Joe get? Well, we found out later, he had Hunter working for HIS big payouts.

Maybe Obama just wanted a ‘puppet’ that would stay in the background and make Obama look good. And Biden did stay very quiet, for 8 years. It was a win/win all around. And now it looks like it was a plan to continue to ‘fundamentally change” the country. China is a good teacher.

So, we all watched as Biden became President. And we ALL know, he’s about as senile as they come. SURELY the democrats knew his mental state, and yet, they rigged the election and Obama kept all his main men and women in the White House to run things.

Another stroke of brilliant strategy.

Now, they are running a democratic rich man named Fetterman against Dr. OZ of TV fame, republican, in Pennsylvania. Fetterman just had a stroke, and is now, mentally deficient. And if you critcize him OR anybody for that matter with any kind of disability, you are ostracized, ridiculed, called cruel, and attacked unmercifully.

You DARE not criticize anybody who is disabled. Like Michael J. Fox the actor.

I have a friend who was impressed with Michael J. Fox’s appearence at comic con. Clearly, he is suffering horribly from Parksinsons. (Remember, Janet Reno suffered from that too.) Sorry to say, I didn’t have quite the same feeling about it, beause I remember when Michael was out trying to get a stem cell research law done (cells used from aborted babies) and he was all over the ads in Missouri getting pity votes…I could tell he was exaggerating his disease for the commerical to get those votes, because in other video’s he really wasn’t that bad. They used Michael J. Fox to pass the vote in Congress and it worked. Did the establishment use him? Or did he get paid big time? Probably a bit of both becuase the FACT is…as Tucker Carlson points out in his video from this week, you are NOT allowed to attack anybody with a disablity. It’s a winning ticket for people who want to retain power and NEVER be criticized for whatever they do. They know, people are mostly good and pity the unfortunate.

BUT…should they hold office? Especially when their brain is damaged?

Why do you think you are seeing more commericals showing leg aputees, and disabled people in them?

I have spoken about this before. I read a book long ago by a psychiatrist who said that powerful people pick only people with emotional problems or who grew up with some kind of disability because THOSE people are easy to control. And THOSE people can be used to silence any oppostion you might have to tyranny. He got this from studying Hilter’s main cabinet and those he used to carry out his orders. I wish I could find that book again, but no doubt, it’s buried somewhere in only elites libraries.

But Tucker goes ever further…he points out an even more scary thought: With Fetterman, they can control him through his computer…and they have all said they want to merge humans with computers…why?

For control.

In the future, isn’t it obvious that’s really what they want? TO CONTROL ALL OF US? They’ve been suggesting this in hundreds of Sci-fi movies for years.

Think I’m nuts? Well, I’m sure Tucker will make a video on that in the future…and I can’t wait.

So, as long as Michael J. Fox doesn’t run for office, how can we not feel sorry for him? BUT…if he comes out saying that our democracy is in trouble if we vote for Trump…then I for one, will not feel sorry for him. Nevertheless, according the the doctor, he might not live that long. Poor guy.

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