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So,…Will the REAL Inventors Come Forward?

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All these years, the story of the two giants, Microsoft and Apple, Jobs and Gates…remember the story was that Jobs and Gates were the guys who out of their garages INVENTED the desk computers. The buddies that helped them were just ‘helpers.”

Gates slept on couches and coded. Jobs…hung around with his father’s engineer friends and learned everything. But we were meant to believe that it was Gates and Jobs who where the inventors.

Now, all these years later we find out that the REAL inventors were not Jobs or Gates, but the two nerdy guys who actaully did all the inventing. In Gates history, it was more like IBM, and he stole a lot of it. It’s no wonder he’s gotten out of the computer business.

And like real genuis they let Gates and Jobs bring it to market. That makes sense of course, but the media made Gods out of Jobs and Gates when in reality, they were the salesmen. They were the businessmen. They invisioned great things, but that’s not the same as actaully doing the hard work as Edison did. They worked, they thought up a lot, but well…this video is interesting.

I of course much prefered as a person Steve Jobs, as we now see Gates is really off his rocker, but still..

Is it me? Why are we just hearing from Wozniak’s moments of genuis just now? I’m thinking, most inventors just want to create.

The money side? Building an empire of billions? Takes away precious time from their creative side. There are only so many hours in a day, and if you love to invent, then getting money is not exactly exciting.

I’m not saying Jobs and Gates had no inpute, no. Of course they did. BUT the actaul “new” invention…getting it to work? Nobody Wonders. I’ve always wondered just how much input Edison had on Ford’s invention of the Ford Car. They lived minutes away from each other in Ft. Meyers and Henry Ford was DEVOTED to Edison. I’m sure Edison helped him work out many a ‘bug’.

How much in history has been the truth? We never know do we?

So, enjoy Steve Woxniak who is fun to listen to. He never lost his child-like enthusiam for discovery.

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