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OMG! State Legislators will have power over Hillary! She is pushing “popular’ vote which, once again all you cell phone junkies, which you should know that the popular vote should NOT decide anything. THAT’s why we have a republic. Once again, if the popular vote was all it took to elect anybody, then California, illegals, and New York would forever more control the country. Hillary thinks everyone is stupid. And notice how she treats the electorial college…she wants it banned forever.

So much for the Constitution. And they talk about dictator. She would give XI a run for his money. If the country were run by Hillary she would be putting anyone who oppose her in jail.

But it’s not the lying crap out of her mouth, by saying the right wing criminals will STEAL the election, it’s that SHE did exactly that! She paid the FBI, Russians, millions to get trash on Trump. It was Hillary that stole the last election, because she plans on replacing Biden. I mean, she had to get rid of JFK Jr., you don’t think she will get rid of Biden at the right time?

And now she is telling you right wing bullies will stage a coup, when facts are SHE did the coup.

Among many other horrible things.

Okay, you watch this and wonder…is she running? Probably. By the way, state legislators are trying to fix all the fraud that was committed last Presidential elections.

Can she be more disgusting? More grotesque? More crooked? More…traitorious?


My god, this is one ugly woman, and she should be in jail. But clearly, she’s worried.

And so are every liberal/global Marxist that copies the talking points of “RIGHT WING NAZIS!
Coming to take away Hillary’s right to rule!!!

Good god. Go away woman.

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