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Nobody Wins: Fight For Your Children..

They are going full force after the kids. The Covid lockdowns put our kids years behind other countries, and the new ‘diversity’ stuff leaves no room for the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. They give black kids free tuitions to colleges and most have the education of the 7th grade. They have to retake the courses in local colleges, and many of them do not graduate because they can’t.

Now…the Government is trying to MANDATE that all kids have to be COVID vaccinated in order to attend schools. Many will die from those shots.

Let’s not even go to the transvestites doing performances in front of the kids. Who can even imagine that would EVER happen? Biden is even funding gay strip dancers in other countries with YOUR money.

They not only want to destroy America, they want to destroy it’s FUTURE. Biden is doing a bang up job.

And here, one man stands up to his “woke” school board. (BRAVO)

Nobody Wins when they go after the kids. I hate to say it, but our school system has been broken in many cities for decades.

All you can do now is educate your kids at home.

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