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Everything You Wanted to know About Two Guys in Underwear beating each other with hammers

Nobody’s Fool:

Obama had just lectured us all on how VIOLENT the right is becoming, and then PROOF! Nancy’s dear husband was beaten on the head with a hammer, in front of the police. There you go. Never mind that he was a cameraman on Jan 6, and an illegal alien, and where is he now?


Nobody Knows. Maybe they will mention that it was Donald Trump who had him released because…wait.

Was this all about the upcoming election? Or did somebody check out who benefits from the insurance policy on Paul.

Doesn’t matter, Paul Joseph Watson only left one thing out: Most of us think it was just another way to distract and hurt the republican vote. Do we care if Paul is gay? He can’t drive much either and why is he driving himself when he is so rich?

This Nobody Wonders if this guy isn’t one of Obama’s old hook-ups. In the meantime, the distraction from the criminals setting up another ‘steal’ is typical.

I’m just glad the dog survived. They do have a dog, don’t they? If not, that’s it then. Guilty.

Or was this actually a warning to Nancy. We CAN take you out. At least Paul didn’t fall down a flight of stairs.

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