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Conversations in the Bathroom


There was a sale today at my local grocery store on meat, due to Labor Day coming up. I’m stocking up on as many cheap steaks as I can. I am NOT going to eat bugs, and as we all know, prices of meat are skyrocketing.

Anyway, I was in the bathroom and there was a lady who I THOUGHT was there to clean. She had the grocery store uniform on.

“I’ll just be a minute.” I said.

She was limping and in pain. “No, I work here, I’m a cashier. And SOME lady just ran over my foot with an electric scooter and didn’t even say she was sorry, she did it on purpose!”

I think the other lady was an employee there.

“Was she white or black?” I asked. You see, white people are the minority in this neighborhood.

“The latter.” I can’t believe how RUDE people are. And the way the blacks that work here treat us (The white employees) is horrible.” She was so mad.

Ever since Obama started his race war, some of the blacks in the area have become very rude to white people. If you are in the grocery store, they will block you from getting pass them in the isles. Most of them are huge black women, so you have to just stand there until they decide to let you pass. Basically, their attitude is “Fuck you white bitch. I’m not moving and I’m blocking you on the whole aisle down.”

I told her about how our government was pitching the blacks against the whites hoping to cause a war so that they could come in and take our guns.

“Basically, the extortion and redistribution of money from the white people who live here to the blacks has been going on for decades.” I said. “We now pay for their kids’ breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, and all the kids get free computers, (As do the teachers) and free health care on our dime. We also pay for their electric, and homes, and water…and now our city is bankrupt.”

At the local pool, which doesn’t have enough lifeguards, to even stay open on weekdays,  there is an armed officer standing ready to protect the pool.

When did we EVER need that?

And most of us that still live here are on Social Security.

“You should SEE the amount of groceries they run up on our dime.” she said. “$400.00 a pop and we’re paying for it. And then they go outside and get in their Cadillac’s. It really makes me angry. They play the race card every time. And they are much more racist than the whites.” She said as she limped into the next stall.

That is…actually the truth.

“Did she break any of your toes?” I asked. I could tell she was taking her shoes off to look at the damage.

“Not sure. I’m going to report it.”

I told her some stories about belligerent black women rampages that had happened to me, and she told me her sister physically fought a black woman and won.

She was full blooded Italian.

“Well, if the blacks start a war, it would be stupid of them. The whites not only outnumber them, but we also have all the guns.” I said again.

Which is why Biden wants our guns. Antifa would be outnumbered. And Nobody Wonders if that is why he is flooding the country with young Hispanic drug lords and thugs. Most of the illegals are young men. If there is a civil war, Biden will have more to add to his Antifa army.

COME on Joyanna. They are bringing those young men in for votes.


Nobody Wonders.

As I went to check out, I notice the woman was quitting and going home. The other white employees all looked sad and forlorn. What can they do? They need the job.

Not all of the blacks are belligerent. Many of them are going out of their way to be nice to the whites. They are smart enough to know that the illegals will soon be getting the money and gains they have gotten for years.

And they also see, ALL the fast food, clothing stores, closing down, all the malls disappearing, and prices on all things going up. Their welfare only goes so far.

Sooner or later, the free ride will run out for them.

In the meantime, the whites bite their tongue.

White women hope, the blacks will figure the welfare plantation game out pretty soon, or horrible things are coming both our ways. Don’t they see what’s coming?

I guess not.

Until then, at least we can have conversations in the bathroom.

(Reported by our cell phones to the CIA.)

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Nobody Wonders

Today on Glenn Beck, he stated that President’s Trump last tweet was NOT going to work, because of the Constitution. Here’s what Trump said:

So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn’t, “Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election.” This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country. REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!

Beck claims that there IS no such thing in the Constitution that would let Trump do this. Steve Bannon begs to differ here.

Frankly, most of us who KNEW Trump won because we believed our own eyes and ears and brains, thought Trump should have said this when it was clear that the democrats had rigged the election, and STILL remained in the White House until the issue was solved. Sure, he would have been critized, but then again, by obeying the law and being the good guy, China was let in, and took complete control.

Basically, the country was handed over to our enemies who have done a pretty good job of destroying it. The whole country was stopped, and the “Great Reset” began.

The Constitution has been stepped on and distroyed so many times, those who were advising Trump were just trying to ‘go by the book’ and telling him that things would work out. And Trump, protecting himself, took the high road, which leads us to where we are now.


Nobody Wonders: Why is Trump making this statement NOW? Is it because he is afraid of being assasinated at one of his own events? Getting arrested? (By Biden’s Gestapo FBI) or is he just tired of it all and thinks that waiting another 2 years, the country will be gone and being the next President will not be fun at all, something most would NOT want to be in charge of no matter what.

Nobody Wonders.

Who’s right? Beck or Bannon?

And since Biden is now a dictating like a third world tyrant, does following the Constitution now even an option? Should Biden and the democrats be treated like the communists enemies they are, and war be declared on them all…America restored?

Nobody Wonders.

In the meantime, we watch while our country fades, into Obama’s best wishes of “One size fits all.”

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Nobody’s Fool: Russell Brand

Russell’s video’s just keep getting better and better.

I was at Target today, buying one of the air conditioners you put around your neck. Pretty cool for those who are trying to save on air conditioning.

But now, the scanners are giving you so many more choices on HOW to pay:

Phone? Credit Card? Face? Eyeball? Ear? Dog tags? ….Or….your hand! ?

Uh. No thanks. Not after watching this video. I think I’ll pass.

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If the American Revolution Had Never Happened, Would we all be living in Utopia?

Hmmmmm. How’s that Revolution going? If only the oligarchs who owned the ships and the plantations had paid their 2c tax. It was to help pay for the Royal Navy to protect them after all…… from the French. But no, they had to conspire with the French, didn’t they. How things change and remain the same.—amfortas

Nobody’s Opinion:

This was a comment from my Ausie friend, amfortas, on a recent post that I did last week, which basically was expressing how messed up America is right now. Newsflash-— before I start…so is England, France, Australia and Canada, Sweden, etc…anyone who keeps up with the news should know that. Amfortas never admits that the rest of the West and ALL their governments are in dire shape, not just the United States. Which means, to me I’m seeing all of this ‘Great Reset’ as a danger to the world,…amfortas?

Did you get vaccinated? You should be GLAD we won the American revolution. We came back and helped you defeat Hitler. England was almost destroyed. Sheer geography was on our side.

Funny how God works, isn’t it? God’s timeline is not on our timelines is it? (I’m beginning to think amfortas likes to bate me into great rants for YOUR education.) Are you amfortas? Playing devils’ advocate?

I think, God was on our side at that point in history. God knows best, I think you would agree. He helped us survive so we could come back and save the “Mother” country.

Yesterday I found this video from Dick Morris who expresses the historical fact that YES amfortas…England AND Americans (although at the time they were British subjects) fought in that war, and kept the French out of America. Not that they would have known what to do with it.

At that time, we were one people. France and England had been enemies LONG before the 7-year war. And anyone who has read Shakespeare and read about Cromwell knows that. The domination of the British Navy throughout the world in history is certainly familiar with the power that England once commanded. And then one by one, England’s empire deminished. The biggest being India, and the recent insanity: Hong Kong. A very small country has trouble keeping a bigger country in line.

What? Did you expect Trump to save Hong Kong? Who signed that ridiculous treaty? Oh, that’s right…England. Losing Hong Kong was a major blow to the West.

But it wasn’t just the taxes that drove the Americans to fight England. No, it was the Oligarths of the British governors that drove the Americans to fight. What…you think that only America had Oligarths? Compared to England we were paupers.

Like our own government now, British oligarths controlled the legislators the cities, the townships, and one by one, controlled who owned the land. And they took their orders from rich men overseas who were not even near the continent.

Basically, they started treating their own ‘citizens’ as a colony…like India. A great depression (due to inflation) was being suffered in the days leading up to the revolution. (Oh, those bankers) The British caused their own hatred in the colonies.

Arrogance has destroyed many a dream of power. And we are seeing that now at DAVOS. Their day WILL come.

That’s the trouble with “rulers” of all governments: The ‘elites’ take over, and find a way to rig the systems for themselves. Greed is in everyone’s DNA. Instead of trying to find a genetic code to make us all sick and die by destroying our immune systems, they should be finding the code to curtail the demand for power. (Fat chance)

Christianity was suppose to curb that tendency, but the VATICAN just couldn’t help itself. The Catholic church was another reason for the revolution, but that’s another blog.

It’s not reported much, but the American revolution was much about survival and trade. The British had a monoply on all trade, and even though Hancock was a diva, he wanted ‘free trade.’ He wanted to be able to ‘trade’ with the French, and Britain had a monopoly on it all. Britian became a dictatorship. And by the way, Hancock was trading ‘illegally’ too in those days agaisnt the patriots. Like a rich man, he was certainly very…BRITISH. And it wasn’t just the 7-year war that drained the British coffers now was it?

Americans wanted ‘free trade.” The freedom to sell their products anywhere. The British put a heavy boot on that. THEY controlled trade. The distance between the two countries didn’t help that matter much.

Once the British sent in the ‘troops’ to quell Sam Adam’s “mob”, and the Brits priced their tea so high the Americans couldn’t afford it, that started the Boston Tea Party and it took off from there. The ‘elites” (one of whom is “KING CHARLES” of England,) now want us all to stop eating meat.

(Wait, I’m having my tea and crumpets break— with a few crickets..I’ll be back.)

Yes, we got into a ‘trade’ war, long before the revolution.

You’re right amfortas: not much has changed. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter what country you live in, people CRAVE freedom. You could say THAT is in everyone’s DNA.. And freedom was craved by the little people in America who didn’t like it taken away. It wasn’t just John Hancock, it was the traders in New York, and Philiadelphia…Britian had a monoply on trade. Sam Adams was telling everyone to start making the products here in America to get out of the King’s unfair yoke. Just like we are being told to buy “AMERICAN” products now. China now makes most of our stuff. And the world is depended on big monopolies that use the slave labor in China to get them all rich and that will be hard to tame.

Actually, it was trade that made slaves out of the British colony of America. Remember, at the time England had a good foothold on the slave trade also.

So, being mad about the Americans joining up with the French in the American Revolution, seems a bit late to the historical playbook of humanity’s folly’s. We were…just being smart. When push came to shove, the people here wanted to drive their OWN destiny, and the French were only too willing to help.

As John Adams once noted, America was used to freedom, England being too far away to dictate what we should do on a daily basis. Until the 1760s. And then England wanted MORE money from us.

America defeated the greatest Navy in the world at that time. WE WON. And England’s very own arrogance helped in that matter. We won the revolution, and if not for Americans, England would be speaking German. (So would the French.)

We paid our debt to our ancestors in England MANY times over with thousands of American lives.

So what is England speaking now? What’s the most popular name in London?

Muhannmed. Amfortas…what’s your view on that? (I’m waiting)

Instead of being upset about old historical events in Western Civilization, the demise of the children of the British Empire (Both in England and America) should be more of a concern. America and its citizens have saved the world time and time again, England too has had a great hand in bringing countries out of poverty, and yet, she still carries that thorn of ‘IF ONLY” in her heart. In the meantime BOTH rulers of England and America want to erase all ‘white’ people from the planet so just their own lily white asses survive in their one world government plan.

It seems, we are joined again as one country. And none of the leaders of the U.S. or England are really driving the cart.

Nope. It’s those pesky Germans again.

White people are NOT easily ruled. Therefore, white previlage is being outlawed.

Sad to say but it’s true: once America goes, so goes the world to China.

But getting back to the everending story of amfortas being upset that WE WON the revolution in 1776.

If America had stayed under the thumb of Kings and Queens would history have been different?

I think that’s the thing that perhaps bothers amortas the most.

The one thing that America produced was a better Constitution, and that came out of that great revolution, which lead the biggest creative boom in the history of the world. And would that same outcome had happened under a Queen or King?

Nobody Knows. Freedom ruled for many years. Now, American Presidents act like Kings of Old England. Our Constitution is no longer followed by our own leaders. England isn’t free either.

Freedom is the ticket to ALL creative ideas, which promotes happiness and progress. And power in a few hands always comes to slavery.

Logically speaking, both the Americans and the British people should join together to fight the tyranny that is coming their way, and the tyranny that leads them at the top of their country.

We are, in the history of the planet, brothers and sisters in arms. Americans cheered the Canadians who stood up to Castro’s son. We will always cheer freedom fighters, at least the oldest of us.

So, once again amfortas…have some tea, and crumpet! And a glass in your bar of the finest ‘ale’ me lord, because the next revolution might not even be ours.

I’m beginning to think you just like to ‘get’ under my patriotic skin in order for me to EDUCATE everybody right?

And I thank you for that.

We might just be the side witnesses, to God’s great plans.

I just hope, the next revolution is a peaceful one. I hope, God has his angels working on a good plan.

In fact, I’m counting on it.

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Nobody Flashes: Battle Hymn of 2022

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Nobody Flashes Warnings from Neil Oliver

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Need a Relief from the Communist Takover?

We must not forget, that the whole world is being stamped on, not just the United States. So, how about a little reminder that we are all in this fight together? Everyone in every country. If we can dance together, maybe we can fight the ‘elites’ together. Hey— it’s a start.

Let’s dance!

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Biden Gives MORE “FREE” Money away!

Nobody Wins

In order to shore up more votes for the midterms, Biden has orderered that, through the Covid emergency Presidential powers, you and I must now pay for the rich kids who went to Ivy league colleges and owe money on their loans. AND…more for poor kids who went to college on our dime, AND hopefully, kindergarden will be paid for, AND…a complete final bankrupt of America will come sooner rather than later.

They are already giving free college to illegals.

They (the conservatives) are HOPING that the courts will strike this down as it is unconstituional.

Well, Obamacare was unconstitutional, that didn’t stop Roberts on the Supreme Court from making it the law of the land, so they can be hopeful, but they ARE not paying attention are they?

I couldn’t afford college. And I couldn’t afford my son to go to college. I was a single parent. So, all these people who worked two or three jobs to send their kids to college, now will get the “SUCKER!” remark from all of those kids who will go out and vote for democrats.

Nobody Wins when your own President is your WORST enemy.

On a good note: you will learn NOTHING in college unless you are going for a enginering degree. And even then, you might get screwed if you invent something that the world needs.

The poor, will have to educate themselves.

But, what else is new?

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Nobody Wonders

The elites of the world, are in full frontal corruption/tyrannical exposure, and nothing is not only NOT happening to them, they are being ignored by most of our Congressmen. ALL of them, pretty much silent.

Bill Gates means to now SPRAY the populations with some kind of chemical that will make everyone infertile…a sort of expansion of his mosquito experiment.

Biden is bankrupting the country, and destroying just about everything American, including his latest destruction of making everyone pay for college tuitions. And if you work for the government, then YOU will get a free ride, how clever of him.

Glenn Beck tonight reported that every single department of the U.S. government is being armed with ammunition and guns. Even the department of nutrition.

So, what are they expecting?

Clearly, a depression: caused by some kind of false flag which none of them will be blamed for. Starvations and riots? They are HOPING. And if that happens….

THIS is how they plan to deal with it…Macron says we will all have to sacrifice, and I’m sure he’s not just talking about France.

They will put the bloody Nazi foot down on us all, and declare it to be for “defending freedom.”

Orwell warned us about this kind of speech.

What they really will be defending will be their freedom to kill, or destroy all our lives. And they are building enough government workers to defend them from the rest of us. We all could be shot by an IRS agent, or just the local Social Security agent.

Nobody Wonders, where this is going, don’t you?

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Nobody Wonders: Trump/DeSantis 24?

Nobody Wonders

This week, maybe because of the Florida voting, Ron DeSantis has been all over the news. It’s reminiscent of when Donald Trump was running in 2016. Trump was everywhere: FOX, Twitter, CNN, you name it, he was in the media everyday and putting up a fight.

He was the ultimate fighter.

Now it’s 2022. And Trump is in a weakened position. Banned from Twitter, Facebook, FOX, and most of the TV media outlets, the establishment has gone after him in the most criminal ways we have witnessed in our own country. And now, since the FBI unconstitutionally raided his home, and took whatever they could get their hands on, it’s clear, nobody in the establishment of D.C. is going to let him near that office again.

Not if they can help it.

And keeping him off the media is working. It’s working. Not to mention they keep him busy with hundreds of lawsuits meant to destroy him. If he survives this, it will be nothing short of GOD putting him in office…it will be an act of God…like Moses splitting the Red Sea, that’s how much he is up against.  

Many conservatives, being led by the BLAZE network, and many other conservatives are now being pushed heavily to back Ron DeSantis for 2024.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I hate to see a good honest man like President Trump being destroyed minute by minute with such hatred and viciousness. To me, he represents the real Americans who believe in truth, justice, and the American way. Trump is right, America IS being destroyed…but the question must be asked: Who is the BEST man to save the country?

(I’m still waiting for DeSantis to admit that.)

With the release of the video that Ron DeSantis got out today, I must admit, I had to think that the RINO faction of the GOP was setting Ron up to be the one to take over for Donald Trump. The Bushes, Obama, the Cheny’s…their hatred is strong.

After all, the GOP got many of the RINOS elected in close races across the country. Like the democrats, they are very good at subterfuge, and lies. They are masters at the game. What you vote for is not always what you get.

 When I watched the video, I had visions of FDR, George W. Bush, Daddy Bush, even Cheney…I saw how Ron would act when leading us all in WWIII. Would he be standing on a battleship carrier like George W. did?

I must admit, while the ad was effective, it disturbed me.

Trump doesn’t want to send ANY man to die for another country. He went out of his way to make us safe…with North Korea, China, Russia. The middle East. Trump’s way is NOT war…prevent it at all costs.

We are running out of Americans to fight. Biden is dismantling our army. If there was a war, I’m sure women would be drafted under a Biden administration. And many say: We would lose.

Would DeSantis be the same way as a Bush? He’s a politician. How much experience does he have with foreign countries? Do you know? They show his stand-up fighting spirit in Florida, but what would he do with Putin? Do you think XI would care even a littel tick bite about DeSantis?

Would DeSantis go full out metal jacket? Tough guy?  

Besides, Trump WAS robbed of his second term. He deserves that at least, or we no longer Americans.

Ron is tough. He is showing us he would be TOUGH. Ron is doing all the right moves, saying ALL the right things, protecting the children, standing up to Disney, making sure all the ridiculous crap that has been going on forever…it’s true. He even beats Trump on the current issues. But still…this commercial concerns me. Especially since his wife picked it out for him, which means, HE didn’t want to say that the GOP establishment thought it was a great idea.

But back to Trump. No man in the history of America has gone through what he has. Not even Lincoln. HE made some mistakes in his term, by surrounding himself with nothing but RINOS…Pence especially.

Anybody with half a brain knew Pence was there to take over. But Trump was smart enough to prevent that. We just don’t know why he picked so many RINOS to be in his cabinet. Was it to expose them all?

Nobody Knows. I STILL don’t know. I am having trouble with that one. What does HE know that we do not?

Alex Jones, and Wayne Allen Root are BEGGING Trump to come out and admit that putting Fauci in charge of the vaccines was a big mistake, and he even kept up the advice to GET the vaccine, even after the vaccine has been proven over and over again to be a death warrant for many.

No, I’m still in a puzzle of the endless mind-boggling chicanery we hear every single minute. I remember George W. Bush being just like DeSantis, a hero riding in on a white horse.

DeSantis will easily win against the democrat in Florida.

Many people are hoping that Trump picks him to be his VP.

I don’t think De Santis will settle for that, do you?

Right now, it’s anybody’s guess what Trump will do or DeSantis.

The other day I saw a Trump/DeSantis 24 hat. Sounded good. Trump could take care of the world; DeSantis could clean up the country. That ticket WOULD beat anybody the democrats would run. If they do join up, it might mean that they choose America instead of their own careers.

Still, most of us think something will happen…and the elections will be $*%& up again.

Nobody Wonders

If DeSantis keeps appearing on every station, then it’s a sure sign: The establishment WANT him to run. Only time will tell if he becomes another Bush in disguise.

Somehow, I feel TOTO, as if, I’m not in Kansas anymore. In fact, Kansas is gone.

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Nobody’s Fool: Victor Davis Hanson

It’s hard to believe that he’s not banned from ALL media, isn’t it?

Once again, he summed it up in just a few sentences. All that the left has done and IS doing.

What a GREAT American. And check out that dictionary behind him.

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Just Pick a Gay…They WILL Obey

Nobody’s Opinion

Many many moons ago, I read a book that was very interesting. It was written by a psychologist who had a theory on how Hitler managed to control the main guys he kept around him. I have tried to find that book again, but it’s almost an impossibility, so I have to go from memory on the theory he had which was this:

Hitler not only had a lot of gay men in his circle, but every man had grown up with SOME kind of physical defect. And many of them WERE gay. I can’t remember how many of the men, but quite a few had something that they grew with as children, that would have been an embarrassing trait: Like a clef lip. (Some records say Hitler himself was gay and had a clef lip). Anyway, this doctor listed many of them, Joseph Goebbels, Herman Goring, Heinrich Himmler…etc, and he said, if you hire people who have grown up with ridicule all their lives, then they will be VERY loyal to you, and easier to control. And gay people, are perfect for that.

While they keep trying to tell us GAY is now the norm, it’s not. Never has been. We ALL know that.

When I read this book, Bill Clinton was the President, and I was emailing a woman who I met online, whose FATHER was in the FBI. I told her about the book, and how it made sense, even with Bill Clinton. After all, just look at his cabinet…Janet Reno for one. Madeline Albright. In fact, you could carry this theory on to today: It seems today, that democrats always choose people who are…somehow, defective socially in some way. Not exacly the class Presidential type. Men and women who never had much of a sex life, —are ugly, or just plain stupid, but even more important, they had unhappy childhoods.

Obama and Michelle were our first “GAY” couple, even though they hid it. And some say that now, Obama is still running the country, and who runs Obama? Probably many of the ‘gay’ men in the World Ecoonomic Forum. It’s very easy to spot them.


Let’s look at Biden’s (Obama’s) Cabinet.

I happen to believe there really is something to this. If you are made fun of as a child, or have grown up feeling insecure with emotional scars from your childhood, then when someone in power GIVES you power and a job above others, you will do just about anything that person says. Mentally, you can be easily controlled.

Anyway, that was his theory. And if you look at all the people in Congress, the morons, the stupid, the clueless, you might tend to agree. Fill the postitions with people willing to do ANYTHING to stay in power, after living a lifetime of shame or “Not fitting in” then they are easier to control.

Obama’s cabinet is a prime example of it: (Excuse me…Biden’s.)

And let’s examine some of our top power politicians, shall we?

(Our Secretary of Energy) Wow. That’s a first in America. Think he’s thinking about energy? Or the color of his lipstick?

Our Secretary of “Health” a transgender man who is obviously NOT heathty at all. And marxist on top of it. Just like Obama.

Petet Buttigeit our Secretary of Transportation and his husband: And he breastfeeds too! In the meantime, the whole nation suffers from shortages due to his habit of screwing up the country’s transportation as much as possible. I don’t care if he served in the military and CIA…he’s still a puppet.

And just to show China and Russia we will be ready to defend our country? Here’s our ‘ladies’ in charge!

We are no longer a threat to anyone on the planet.

The truth is, we need more men. The democrats have been destroying them for years.

And by the way…WHY are they putting all these gays into high positions? Is it to be ‘nice’ or is it really because, they can be counted on to do as they are told?


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Nobody Flashes

My husband and I were great fans of the XFILES…which of course were on the TV MANY years ago..

Chris Carter, the creator of the XFILES was always in fear of what HE knew to be happening in the government and which he wrote into the series…like these excerpts.

You might not want to miss this. It’s pretty scary when you realize it’s happening now, and had been planned to happen many years ago.

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Nobody Remembers: White Man’s Soul

I wrote this piece on March 9, 2010. I could have written it last night. So for those of you who like me, can’t remember what you did two days ago, I’m posting it again. Just for myself.

Nobody changes at all…I’m still set in a White Soul and refused to be ashamed set of mind. No person on the planet should be ashamed of their skin color, and that means everybody. OR be prosecuted for it, as we are seeing this new “white” is bad attacks.

By the way, when you read this remember they just elected a black woman to the Supreme Court, simply because she was black. And now, in 2022, there are more black millionaries in accordance with their populations than whites. So, it’s all about extortion and money, and control.

Things never change do they?


        Reparations for the White Man’s Soul

Nobody’s Opinion:  “I feel sorry for people that don’t drink, because when they get up in the morning, they’re not going to feel any better all day.” —Frank Sinatra

Let that be a warning to anyone who reads any further: you might not like what I’m going to say in the next few paragraphs, so either get off this site and go read the syndicated people who wouldn’t touch this subject with a twenty- foot pole… or go get a good stiff drink…as I am going to do and come back.  (Be right back.)

 Okay, I found some Seagram’s Seven that was probably brewed sometime back in 1956. I just poured a shot into a 8oz kitchen glass, and poured Dr. Pepper over the top. Diet, that’s all that’s in the house.  I’d prefer a glass of Amaretto but, right now, anything would do.

Hopefully, you have the good stuff…

So, here’s goes—Take a drink;

 FACT—-MOST white people are NOT pigs, racists, gay-haters, greedy, stupid, rednecks, selfish, rich, and uncompassionate morons. In fact, if not for the white race…much of what has happened in this short-lived world of ours would NOT be here.  Really think about that.

There is a huge rewriting of history going on right now, that is a purposeful attack on the majority of Americans (who by the way…are still white) –an attack meant to bully all whites to give up all their powers to the Marxist black Muslims of Chicago’s Black Mafia, and their elite white overlords.

 The old white tea-party baby boomers, yes…all those suckers out there who have slaved to put millions of black kids into college, lost many a job on demand to “minorities”, and now have to watch their own sons and daughters’ future go down the drain..because the government wants to redistribute more of their dwindling paycheck to “blacks and Hispanics,” do not deserve this.

It’s like beating your camel in the middle of a desert.

Let’s not kid around. The whites have been redistributing their wealth for more than thirty years now…to the blacks. (Thanks to the politicians who reaped big benefits.)

It wasn’t the white underclass, or the white middle-class, that kept blacks down. It was their own people, who sold themselves and their own race out, as pawns of the democratic party…for a price.

When I hear how badly the blacks have it, I cannot believe it. I can name more millionaire blacks than whites and If I had time, I’d look up the statics to prove it. But they just keep beating us with LIES.

Millions of blacks work for the government. They have really cushy jobs as supervisors of schools, or government jobs, and Jesse Jackson made it almost impossible to fire any incompetent black.

Recently, I was watching a black supervisor of a school in Illinois say how really “sorry” he was. He had to shut down a whole school, of mostly poor white farmer’s kids.  

Too bad they just didn’t dish HIS big $250,000 yearly salary.  I suspect this story was to make white people mad. They (the people in power) have an agenda of “we need to get more white people to flame up.” you know, so we can call them racist.

The headlines today are everywhere…”Oooooo…the whites are shaking! Soon, they will be in the minorities!” How benevolent will their black master be? Will they chain their ankles and throw them over the bow of the ship? Or just cause an “early” death?

All you have to do is look at benevolent actions of Obama to know the answer to that.

They manipulate the blacks into thinking “Obama is gonna give you power over the whites!” And so, feeling really giddy, they are now DEMANDING to be given all the whites high paying jobs. In the meantime, millions of blacks are losing jobs too, along with the whites…and their old black mums and dads will die off, just like the whites’ mums and dads, because there will be no money for their care in their old age either.

Meanwhile, we will be flooded with more Hispanics.

There are more Spanish speaking people in the United States than blacks, but you would never know it would you?

You will soon enough.

When I think of all the “white” men in this country, that gave their lives in order for the “minorities” of this country to have a stab at freedom, all the men that died in the Civil War (in my ancestors alone, that was OVER 250 men!) and in the Korean war, and then what many of our fathers and mothers went through during WWII…and then Vietnam…and now these stupid wars in Iraq and Iran…the maiming,  the bravery, the honesty, the courage, the..(mostly white boys)..laying down of lives…

I…get…really…upset…(That deserves another, swig.)

I think it’s about time we start saying….”Hey, while the white race has some pretty bad cookies in it. (Mostly politicians) the vast network of what the white race has achieved far outweighs all this vicious attack on their characters.

It’s time we start demanding they STOP it. Right now. All of them. I’m going to my next “tea party with a sign with my father’s name and service record…in fact ALL my ancestors and say…”THEY DID NOT DIE FOR THIS!”  

For once, just once, I’d like to hear a black man say: ” Thank god some white guy invented the toilet!”

Or a black woman say…”How about that Steve Jobs? What a great inventor!”

I’m beginning to think the purpose IS to wipe out the white race entirely. According to them–we are such bad, horribly vicious, and bigoted, race ever to walk the planet.

 I’m talking about the regular white guy and woman in American, who are barely making their car payments, because they have lost their jobs to blacks, minorities, and the guy in Mexico who is smoking bananas.

(Hold on, I need another sip.)

We have great and good black men and women, self-educated…patriots of America. Who do not SEE themselves as “picked on” but as what they should see themselves as…Americans.  Black people that know history and KNOW the history of mankind. But they are not giving much airtime. Ellis Washington, Thomas Sowell. Alan Keyes…why don’t we hear more of such men?

Why are not all students made to read the works of Booker T. Washington?  Because he was a self-made black man…and this was back in the Civil War. He built schools and there was not a raciest bone in his body, why? Read his books and you’ll know why.

And I am ashamed, yes ashamed of all the white men going around putting regular white people down. Chris Matthew is especially repugnant.

The fact is: We are not all equal. Nobody is. As Thomas Sowell so eloquently pointed out, most of the NBA is black. Should the whites cry raciest? Shouldn’t a white guy be given a place on the team because it’s not FAIR to the whites that we are not represented fairly?  Should a white man be placed on the team even if he can’t keep up, and causes the team to lose?

That’s what’s been going on in America. Put in the black guy, who can’t pass the test…because he’s …black.

We all lose when the best man for the job, is not put into the job.

That’s redistribution. That’s just insanity. That’s the downfall of a nation. Instead of putting our best minds for the job, whoever that is; black, white, mulatto, or legal Hispanic, we have been told for too long that we must put a woman, or a black into some of our most important jobs because the government says so.

Look no farther than Nancy Pelosi to see what damage that can do.

And soon, the government will tell EVERYONE when and where they must work.

That’s the truth. And it a sure end to civilization as we know it. They will watch us all from cradle to death and place us all exactly where they want us.  That’s what’s coming to our children as sure as the National ID, amnesty, and more cameras up on our streets.

Why? Why does it seem that they want the final demise of the white man? So that the “elite and the money changers can take over the world…who, by the way, are not all white?

Or are they trying to pick a fight…keep us divided, and mad, so they can point their fingers at us and say…see…those white people are just…raciest. (If you pick this one, you deserve one on the house. Pour yourself another.)

We have been told that black people make up 15 percent of the nation’s population. And yet, they are given more than 50 percent representation in every movie, local, national and cable station there is on the air.

And that is not enough. Obama wants complete reparations…he is promising them almost total control.

The fact is: someday the blacks are going to wake up, just like the white baby boomers are doing now, and realized, they were grievously manipulated by madman, who are using this black God…to con them into giving up their lives, for the Global community.

The whole country is heading toward a sort of global- state slavery. The blacks just got handed the middle-class dream…and now, the black president is taking it away.

Okay…my rant is finished. But I want to make a toast…to a great black man…the slave who was aboard the Amistad …Joseph Cinque. He said one of the most true and profound things ever said by man:

“I call to my ancestors, for at the moment, I am the whole reason they have existed at all.”

A philosophy that should be followed by all races…no matter what nation, or color.

The white race was a noble race…our ancestors have done many wonderful things…and damn anyone who says different, and since I’ll drink to that…tomorrow, according to Frank, I’m going to feel a whole lot better.

UPDATE: Now, the elites are calling for a white genocide.

12 years later: We’ve come a long way baby.

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