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A Potent Message to CEO’s

Nobody Flashes

Dr. Jordan Peterson, the brillant professor of all great thoughts—- combines those thoughts into a rant to inspire us all.

The question is: Will the CEO’s (Disney, Coke etc.) listen? Or has the China leash around their necks put them in the land of neverending profits for themselves?

Nobody Wonders. But I never miss any of his video’s.

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Nobody Wins: Government Building a Civilian Army…

Nobody Wins

I found this video on a few conservative websites, but only ONE Of them would take me to it. Which means, they are slowly trying to censore it across all Google searches.

Watch it before it disappears. It’s a great piece.

This morning, MORNING JOE and his wife, daughter of globalist elitiest Brzezinski, started claiming that VAST armies of Americans were attacking the FBI! Oh my! Oh no! It was another Oklahoma City about to happen, and we ALL know Bill Clinton blamed that attack on Rush Limbaugh. This time, they are making up these horrendous ‘attacks’ that are not happening anywhere but the false flag attack in one town, where some guy with a nailgun burst open a window, and threatened the FBI.

According to all the media, Trump supporters are out to DESTROY the government. Democracy is under attack by the American people! Liz Cheny WILL be the next President to stop this revolution happening in the streets all over the United States!

Except, that all a big lie: a nothingburger (to quote Hillary). Right. First, NOBODY knows what person walking on the street works for the FBI, AND the FBI will kill you on the spot. I hardly think the average American is getting out his ‘military’ machine guns to shoot them down. And death threats? That a very common event in most public servants lives. What’s really happening is everybody is being trained to be very scared of the government, because IRS will now, shoot you, you are SUCH a danger to them all.

If Americans are scared of the government, they have good reason to be. Biden ARMED the IRS, before the IRS was even threatened by anyone, and yet, they claim the egg came before the chicken. They ARMED the IRS because the American people are so dangerous. In fact, it has been reported that arming the IRS started with President Bush.

This is their excuse for arming their various departments with lethal weapons, to build a Gestapo right before our eyes. It’s also why they are using the vaccine and BLM to get rid of the local police.


While Americans have to jump through an increasing number of hoops in order to own a gun, federal agencies have been placing orders for hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point bullets and military gear. Among the agencies being supplied with night-vision equipment, body armor, hollow-point bullets, shotguns, drones, assault rifles and LP gas cannons are the Smithsonian, U.S. Mint, Health and Human Services, IRS, FDA, Small Business Administration, Social Security Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Education Department, Energy Department, Bureau of Engraving and Printing and an assortment of public universities.


Nobody Remembers: Remember, that Oklahoma City was housing many FBI very secret documents, AS was the 7th building that was taken down on 9/11 and not by the attacks from Saudi’s. That building was also full of government records. Here in St. Louis, another FBI building that held records was destroyed. Whose to say that Trump has a few of those records hidden somewhere and that’s what they were looking for? FBI records must be destoryed before anybody figures out the details of just how tyrannical and criminal our government is.

Like I have said before: We must insist on our 2nd amendment rights. It’s all that’s left between us and the government putting us into slavery for life. And it’s why they want to START a revolutionary war so that they can come in, and disarm us all.

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Nobody Cares: There’s a MESSAGE in Jurassic World Dominion

Nobody Cares

Jurassic Park Dominion and Top Gun Maverick were two movies that were released about the same time earlier this year. While ALL my friends went to see Tom Cruise, I choose Jurassic Park. First, because Spielberg, whatever his politics, IS the master of movies in our lifetime. The realism of the dinosaurs alone makes it worth the money. The only movie that Spielberg has done that I thought was a flop in the past, was putting Robin Williams in the role of Peter Pan in HOOK. And here’s the thing: ALL my liberals friends went to see the Top Gun movie, and they all loved it. They cried, they laughed— who knew a patriotic movie would be so moving to them?

I was…dumfounded listening to them. Trump haters…all of them.

Nobody that I knew even CARED to see Jurassic Dominion…and I found that strange. In fact, did you notice, the movie was hardly promoted at all? You didn’t hear about it on any media. As far as I know, it was a big flop at the box office. It had a few weeks of a released and then…silence. I found that incredibly strange.

You would have thought that Trump himself had a cameo in the movie.

Instead, all the media kept talking about was how Tom Cruise refused to take Taiwan’s symbol off the back of his leather jacket, which made China refuse to play it in their country.

Giving up all that money in China! Wow. And recently they said it even beat the Titanic in global tickets.

The reason I didn’t go to see it, I thought that it was another propaganda film meant as a recruiting mechanism to get young kids to sign up to be pilots for the upcoming war the globalists are planning with China.  When Tom Cruise went to see the Queen of England, then I thought—OKAY. Mmmmm…we don’t have many boats; we will send our planes.

Yeah, that’s what went through my mind. I just read that in the U.K., only women and minorities will be allowed to train as pilots now. I guess they thought the women in the U.K. would fall in love all over again with Cruz and join up. I happen to think that women and minorities can be fine pilots but to discriminate against the white male…what’s going on?

REALLY stupid.

Now, while you MAY think Jurassic Park Dominion is just another Dinosaur movie, I’m here to say, It’s not. There was a very strong message hidden inside the plot.

Spielberg very cleverly disguised what’s happening in the real world now, into the plot. There is an evil scientist who is manipulating DNA (Like Monsanto) that will eventually cause genocide of the whole planet by destroying all the food on the planet, causing mass starvation. (Sound familiar?)

 The cast realizes what these evil scientists are trying to do and they try to stop it. The movie is SO close to what is happening now with the rich elites, I really believe that THAT’s why they pretty much destroyed any media attention to this film, and really hoped to discourage anyone from seeing it.

Sometime I plan to watch the Tom Cruz movie, but I might want to see Jurassic Park again.

In the movie, it’s admitted that fooling with the DNA of mankind will destroy everyone on it.

And that is a very powerful message…because isn’t that what Klaus, Gates, China, and Fauci doing right now? Exactly that? Before the movie is over, he leaves us with this line:

“What are you going to DO about it?

Forget Tom Cruz…I might go Jurassic Park Dominion: ONE MORE TIME.  

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Nobody Knows

Tucker Carlson says more than I could ever say…about the illegal and pathological raid on President’s Trump house, but what I do want to say about the raid on Mar-a-Lago is that our major institutions are now run mostly by criminal communists who really don’t care about the law, are ABOVE the law, and if you believe that Trump had nuclear secrets tucked in Malania’s underwear than I suggest you take a few more hits of that bong.

You’re going to need it.

What’s even more predictable is how the media is trying to convince us ALL that the Trump supporters are coming to get all FBI agents with their ‘ghost guns’ and bombs. We’re too busy trying to find a fast food place that doesn’t charge the same price as a 5-star restarant. We went to one tonight, a Steak N Shake, and you got to eat inside, but there were NO waitresses. Just a machine where you could order your food.

Can you imagine how many kids now in high school will not find that first job?

This is Obama and Hillary STILL trying to arrest Trump, or at least cost him so much pain that they can keep him from running.

In the meantime, they passed another bill to destroy us all. Which one you may ask?

All of them.

Nobody Knows how much worse it can get do we? As Tucker says, this is all about coming after not only Trump, but ALL his supporters.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Joe Biden

Yesterday at our local hardware store, the manager ran up to me and said, “So, do you think Joe Biden is really dead?”

I must admit, I think he’s brain dead, but REALLY dead? It hadn’t occured to me. He told me all about the conspriacy’s on the internet.

Evidently, this video is getting a lot of attention:

I must admit, I wouldn’t put anything past the elites to ‘fake’ Joe Biden whenever they could. While the ears, the teeth, the face looks the same, the VOICE is the main difference. Could it be an actor digitally enhanced to LOOK like Joe? Sure it could.

One guys put hit this way:


When deepfakes first came on the scene in late 2017, after Motherboard found someone tinkering with face-replacing AI algorithms that put celebrities’ faces in porn, one of the biggest concerns experts raised was about the threat to our shared reality: Once the public can call into question the authenticity of every image and video that’s disseminated online, it’s very hard to convince people that anything is trustworthy, anymore. 


Which means, is it advantageous to put out the rumor that Joe is Dead? Sure it is. Propaganda is abundant. Still, we’ve seen enough of Joe and all his stupid stutters to think that why would they want him dead when he’s doing SUCH a good job destroying the country and therefore the people behind him giving him all the answers and directions will NEVER be blamed OR prosecuted? Thats’ a win/win for all the criminals running the world.

He’s too much of a good thing.

“Well, I don’t think he’s dead. But I DO think they pump him up with steriods and other drugs to keep him alive.” I said.

The manager wasn’t convinced.

“No, Joe is probably not dead, but then again, Barack Obama WAS gay and Michelle WAS a transvestite just like Joan Rivers said. Remember, she died on the operating table about a month after she made that statement.”

The reason I think Michelle was a man was because anyone who has seen a transvestite in real life knows they can put an ordinary real woman to shame, Even Marilyn Monroe would have had a hard time competing with some of them. They CAN make a man look like a woman, and they doctored many a picture to make ‘her’ MIKE….look fabulous.

They CONTROL everything.

So, is Joe Dead? Could they REALLY digitally put his face on another body and make it talk?

Uh…can most politicians lie? Can a man beat a woman in swimming? Can two plus two equal four?

Would they REALLY put up a fake Joe Biden to run the world?

Sure they would! Nobodys’ Perfect! Not even a dead Joe can be perfect.

Nevertheless, I still think they might just fix up the video to make him talk better. We couldn’t be so lucky now, could we?

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Nobody Warns: Do NOT Dream in Color

Nobody’s Opinion

I had a dream last night. It was a horrible dream…. but first let me lay the groundwork for it.

Recently, a huge snake was seen by some plumbers in our big bush at the end of our driveway one morning. They took a picture of it. I must admit, my first reaction was that I was glad he was there, because he could eat up the mice, and therefore, I would not get another infestation in the house.

The plumbers told me that that snake was crawling up to the top of the bush (which is as tall as a crabapple tree) to eat the birds, not something I thought big snakes would do in the middle of the suburbs.

And since I LOVE birds, then I got to thinking…wait. I must get rid of him. He’s big, but probably not poisonous.

I must drive under that big bush every time I leave the house, and I always look for him, but so far, no luck.

It’s been on my mind that snake. I love my hummingbirds that come every year to feast on my flowers in that bush, is he eating them?

And last night, he appeared in my dream; First it was just him in the backyard, big as a python. He was trying to eat a small dog, then out of nowhere, other snakes appeared, swallowing birds, raccoons, squirrels, other snakes: Add to that orgy came some crocodiles, it was a bloody feeding frenzy of HUNDREDS of animals, horrible to watch, The closest I can describe it was it was a Hieronymus Bosh painting but live and with animals instead of people.

When I woke, my first thought was to get those horrible images out of my head. But I know myself. For some reason I always dream in metaphors. ALL the time. And that horror was just a metaphor for what I read every day, what I KNOW is happening not only to the United States but to the world.

The elite are promising hell on earth, and we see it happening every day.

Just read the headlines on The Liberty Daily: 🔔 The Liberty Daily ⋆ The Conservative Alternative to the Drudge Report, and you might get the idea.

I was trying to pick out just ONE subject to go into from that site, but there were so many, and all of them important and dire. From Hillary’s band of FBI thugs going once again for Trump’s throat: To the vaccine mandates still destroying lives and businesses, to Nancy Pelosi, to China, to INFLATION—you name it.

Today, we went shopping for a new shirt for my husband. He has tee shirts, and nice shirts for work, but not many ‘dress’ shirts to wear to a nice restaurant. We now have to travel pretty far to shop, all the stores in our area are gone. (Replaced by Amazon) In fact we drive a good half hour…and in this one very nice strip of stores, were all …. illegals? They all were shopping at the expensive stores, and one family pulled up in a $75,000 brand new truck, and blocked our car so we couldn’t back out. We waited as a big family, very well dressed came out of the store and piled their purchases in the back of the truck. They were ALL very happy…and obviously, very rich.

Nobody spoke English. This is Missouri, not Texas. They all look like they had a lot of money. Not like the Americans shopping, who look tired, woren out, and mostly in old clothes.

As we were driving home, we stopped at a stop sign and I looked over at two black men sitting waiting for a bus. We don’t have air in our old car, so he shouted at me…“You have any cold water?”

No, we didn’t. ‘Yeah, It’s hot” I said. “Sorry. But hey, there is an excellent Chinese food place right behind you that serves great food.”

“Oh, I’m homeless.” said the black guy…he was looking for food too.

Was he homeless? I doubt it. He looked pretty healthy. But I did think, about getting the air conditioner fixed on the car so that I could keep the windows up. It’s not money I want to spend…because we just found out we need a new air conditioner AND heater for our house. God knows how much that will cost.

We had a man come out and look at it and give us a price.

“Are you really planning on staying in this house?” He asked. After he saw the damage that had been done from the sewer. Or maybe it was the neighborhood.


So, there you are. My dream reflected the stress that I think many Americans are going through right now. Tyranny has come to our country, to the WORLD frankly, and the threats we are witnessing everyday are as frightening as a backyard full of wild and vicious animals.

Because that’s what the leaders of the world are. VICIOUS ANIMALS. They are eating us all whole. Sending many of us to their own version of hell.

Nevertheless…in my dream, they were still OUTSIDE the house. I was still safe. But for how long?

In the world, many of us are still sheltered in our homes, hoping the hungry and dangerous animals do not get in…and you know what?

I think that’s where they want us. Full of fear, and inside.

Which means…I am determined to find that snake…and….well…get him out of my dreams once and for all.

I want him….gone.

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Nobody Flashes…Hillary and FBI

This was just too good NOT to post!

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Nobody Flashes Glenn Beck

Even though he’s quietly pushing Ron DeSantis on his TV program, this is where Glenn shines: He explains what’s going on globally, and how it will effect the rest of us.

On a personal note, ‘reconstruction’ of our ‘sewer’ destruction in our once finished off basement, is keeping me pretty busy, therefore, I am watching more video’s and posting them…just for the time being.

I figure, if I learn something from the video, then maybe you will too.

I’m GLAD that the propaganda problem is being exposed: FINALLY.

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Mark Levin: CHINA in the U.S.

There are so many good video’s being put out by so many people, I’m not sure the deep state can keep up with them all. They would have to take down the whole internet to get rid of all the conservatives and great thinkers getting the news out about their tyranny.

Here, Levin gives a good account of how China is infiltrating all of America.

What he left out was something that drives ME crazy: Watch your commericals. Every commerical I see on TV has a Chinese/Asian person in it speaking perfect English. The white anglo/saxon is disappearing on purpose, with the help of the corporations. It’s the stealth way of getting us used to China taking us over.

And NOBODY but me, seems to notice.

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Obama FINALLY GETS His “Well-funded Security Force”

Nobody Cares

Now that the FBI has officially become the KGB to take out the BIG fishes standing in the way of China’s great takeover, with the help of the Clinton’s and Obama’s, who weaponized our government to take out Trump, and America, something WAS missing:

No matter HOW many little kids are killed at schools, those pesky Americans just won’t give up their guns. And the BLM race riots just got a lot of police killed, but not enough white people.

It’s a problem, those white people.

Nobody remembers back…when the great RESET was being put into place with the ‘election’ of the first BLACK President (Who was half white, but nobody said THAT.)

The agenda was already set: And Obama knew it, and oops! He couldn’t help himself, he had to tell everybody about it…you know…he felt so important that night…

When Obama ran for President, he said this in a speech, and nobody at the time could believe it. What the Sam Hill was he talking about?

A President’s own personal ARMY.

Well, here we are, and Obama’s IRS army of civilians to take up arms against the people of America will now be “Just as powerfull, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Wow. Brilliant.

It’s against the Constitution of course, but it seems Obama has decided he will once again USE the IRS to come after his political enemies: He did it once before with Lois Lerner..but that was just attacking the conservatives organizations that were running against HIM as President.

He didn’t give them guns.

But now, he has. It’s not just Ukraine which will get guns, or the Taliban, it’s the IRS!

And it will be BIGGER than our military, and stronger, and as he said: More well-funded: AND…one more thing: I bet NONE of the IRS agents will have to be vaccinated.


IRS Hiring Spree Is Biggest Police State Expansion In U.S. History (

The Democrats’ new reconciliation bill isn’t just going to be the largest-ever expansion of a government agency, it’s going to be the largest expansion of the domestic police state in American history. Only a statist could believe that a federal government, which already collects $4.1 trillion every year—or $12,300 for every citizen—needs 80 new battalions of new IRS cops. In 2021, those making $25,000 or less (often the young and elderly) were audited at a rate five times higher than everyone else.

The bill, for instance, strengthens the federal public-sector union monopoly that funds Democrats’ political aspirations. IRS and Treasury Department employees spent 353,820 hours engaged in union activism—their PAC gives every cent to the Democrats—in 2019. One can imagine what another 87,000 employees would do for that effort. In the real world, laundering taxpayer funds through unions and using them on political campaigns is called racketeering.


Why train teachers to protect the children when you can nuter your police force AND your military, and THEN build your own personal army to protect you so you never have to worry about the Constitution ever again.?

Oh, and don’t forget…according to everyone, the IRS will be the least of your problems because…you WILL be too hungry to resist.

Insane? Yep. But it’s coming.

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Nobody Wonders: Did Pelosi MEAN IT?

Pelosi’s statement here was SO outrageous, most reporters today were saying she REALLY meant that Taiwan was one of the freest socieites in the world because that’s what she said when she was IN Taiwan.

She just was tired, or old, or…had to much to drink.

BUT…before she said that, she said she upheld the ONE CHINA policy which IS: Taiwan is part of China and therefore, she said in her first statement that she supported that policy.

Taiwan is part of China.

So, was this a ‘slip’ of the dementia tongue? Making sure her stocks went up? Or was she really bowing to China?

I think she was bowing to China.

Nobody Thinks she knows exactly how to confuse words to make everybody confused about whatever clever hole she has to get out of. She’s been doing it for years. It’s a great talent that she can be especially proud of.

What do YOU think?

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Nobody Flashes: Tyranny In America

Yesterday, for the first time in American History, a former President’s resident was raided by the FBI. Even his home safe was broken into.

It was illegal, and no doubt, some kind of fake ‘evidence’ was planted in order to frame him for…for what? I don’t think its only power that they are after…with every day passing, what they are REALLY afraid of is all their many crimes against America and humanity being exposed.

Stealing the election for the first time in history was one thing: but this? To break into his home and go through his safe looking for what?

Proof of crimes? Or proof of crimes committed by the various former Presidents?

Or is it simply that Trump will destroy too many gravy trains of cash.

President Trump probably has documents that prove the vast crimes that all of the people at the top have been committing. From sex orgies, to drug running, to money laundering, to major crimes committed against the American people, to proof that the Bidens, the Clintons, and the Obamas, how they have been bought and sold to the highest bidders and the treasonous crimes they have all committed against America. We’ve all read about it, and are being told time and again to ignore it all.

The Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas: all destroying as much as they could.

Or is this just another ‘stunt’? Another stunt to discourage the American people for voting for him?

We have sat by for years and watch the Clintons and their many crimes: Killings of over hundreds of people who worked for them, by plane crashes, and suicides. Even Putin should be jealous of the many mysterious ‘killings’ of the vast Clinton murder lists.

Bill’s trafficting in sex with Epstein—Hillary selling off America’s assets to Russia, MASSIVE treasoous crimes commited and ignored. Now the Bidens are giving America to China. Weakening us at every turn: economically, and militarily, so that China can rule us all. Disarming, us. Taking away our energy, food—doing what any other emeny nation would do to take us out.

All the while behind the scenes the vast movers of the global corporate elite planning to have us all marked and controlled like cattle with electric sensors in our brains.

Never in our history, has an American President been attacked so viciously than President Trump. Even Abraham Lincoln didn’t have to fight the vicious democrats/Marxist who cheat, kill, lie, and plan, to take and destroy America.

Whose behind the DOJ and the FBI being used as a weapon to destroy Trump?

I have one name: Hillary Clinton. And Hillary is the world’s biggest whore. (Metaphorically speaking.)

Nancy Pelosi works for Hillary. She’s the second in command. And I think that the speeches at CPAC, and the recent nominations of Trump supporters in the last primaries, put them in high panic attack gear:

Trump HAS to go. It’s not just Trump. That new woman on the blog, Kari Lake, of Arizonia, is the REAL threat. Not Ron DeSantis. Kari Lake. I bet Hillary and Nancy are planning right now a car crash or a plane crash.

You can bet on it.

The FBI raiding Trump’s home in Mar-a-lago, might just be the final nail in the coffin of Hillary’s march to power. To carry machine guns into the X-President’s home?


We all know the crimes that have been committed and nobody goes to jail, but this?

As Kari Lake put it so beautifully the other day: It’s time for the dynasties of Bush and Clintons to end.

The good news? We can fight back. And many will. The GOP is about to raise a LOT of money.

The bad news: The deep state can start WWIII and never hold elections again. They’ve killed millions with the virus, they can kill millions more with a war.

We’d better have a plan. If they will steal an election, and turn America into little Russia, then they will do ANYTHING to destroy us, and soon.

One thing that we CAN be sure of: Don’t expect the RINOS to come out and join the American people to say “this has gone too far.”If they do, don’t believe them.

I’m not going to. Do you really think Dick Cheney is going to say a word?

The RINOS…are in on it. So, don’t listen to what they say: watch what they do.

In the meantime, we pray for the safety of President Trump. THE REAL President who is now, in exile.

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This man is on fire: Not only that, who knew he was so handsome, right girls? A simple haircut, new suit, and a strong commintment to lead us all to save the country.

If you haven’t seen this, watch it now. Really. ON FIRE. Hot, hot, hot!

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Nobody’s Perfect: Glenn Beck

Nobody’s Perfect

As you know, I’ve watch Glenn Beck often, and I have often spoke of his obvious support for anybody for President besides Donald Trump. So, what’s he doing here? Giving credit to Trump for his accomplishments?

Does he know something we don’t? Does he know that President Trump is NOT going to run again for reasons we don’t even know about but he does?

While he HAD to admit Trump’s many wins as President, it’s the only smart thing to do. After all, Glenn lost a LOT of money when he kept trashing Trump during the 2016 Presidential election. To his credit, he sort of apologized, and got his ratings back up. Due to his trashing of Trump, he had to fire a LOT of people in his company. It’s been a struggle to build it back up, but he done so, much to his credit.

And here he is at CPAC giving the speech before the President. Notice that Glenn came out all dressed up in Texas style, which I thought was…a joke frankly. It reminded me of when Michelle Obama wore that Gingham dress in Iowa..or was it Ohio? No matter, she came out as ‘Sunnybrook Farm”—the little woman of the farm who obeys her husband, and it was really stupid. I really can’t see Glenn on a horse, although he claims everyday he is now a ‘rancher’ with crops and cows, and…does he shovel the stalls out?

Nobody Wonders.

It’s like Ted Cruz being a Texan. Somehow, I still think of Cruz as a D.C. politician. Sorry. That’s just me.

That is one thing great about Trump. TRUMP never pretends to be something he’s not. What you see is what you get.

And while Glenn Beck is now trying to hang his hat on the hottest star, (Saying nice things about Trump) there is one thing that Glenn does do well. He has a good show, with some really good guests. His books are always very well researched.

But this Nobody cannot help but wonder…just how sincere is he when it comes to Donald J. Trump?

I guess…we’ll see.

Still, good speech Glenn. Now, just keep your horse on the right track this time. Stay out of the mountains of isolation and come on down to the river where the rest of us are all drinking the same fresh water.

Really, be all you can be:

You say you are a real America who values are ours?

Well…we’ll be watching.

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