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Nobody Wonders: Trump/DeSantis 24?

Nobody Wonders

This week, maybe because of the Florida voting, Ron DeSantis has been all over the news. It’s reminiscent of when Donald Trump was running in 2016. Trump was everywhere: FOX, Twitter, CNN, you name it, he was in the media everyday and putting up a fight.

He was the ultimate fighter.

Now it’s 2022. And Trump is in a weakened position. Banned from Twitter, Facebook, FOX, and most of the TV media outlets, the establishment has gone after him in the most criminal ways we have witnessed in our own country. And now, since the FBI unconstitutionally raided his home, and took whatever they could get their hands on, it’s clear, nobody in the establishment of D.C. is going to let him near that office again.

Not if they can help it.

And keeping him off the media is working. It’s working. Not to mention they keep him busy with hundreds of lawsuits meant to destroy him. If he survives this, it will be nothing short of GOD putting him in office…it will be an act of God…like Moses splitting the Red Sea, that’s how much he is up against.  

Many conservatives, being led by the BLAZE network, and many other conservatives are now being pushed heavily to back Ron DeSantis for 2024.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I hate to see a good honest man like President Trump being destroyed minute by minute with such hatred and viciousness. To me, he represents the real Americans who believe in truth, justice, and the American way. Trump is right, America IS being destroyed…but the question must be asked: Who is the BEST man to save the country?

(I’m still waiting for DeSantis to admit that.)

With the release of the video that Ron DeSantis got out today, I must admit, I had to think that the RINO faction of the GOP was setting Ron up to be the one to take over for Donald Trump. The Bushes, Obama, the Cheny’s…their hatred is strong.

After all, the GOP got many of the RINOS elected in close races across the country. Like the democrats, they are very good at subterfuge, and lies. They are masters at the game. What you vote for is not always what you get.

 When I watched the video, I had visions of FDR, George W. Bush, Daddy Bush, even Cheney…I saw how Ron would act when leading us all in WWIII. Would he be standing on a battleship carrier like George W. did?

I must admit, while the ad was effective, it disturbed me.

Trump doesn’t want to send ANY man to die for another country. He went out of his way to make us safe…with North Korea, China, Russia. The middle East. Trump’s way is NOT war…prevent it at all costs.

We are running out of Americans to fight. Biden is dismantling our army. If there was a war, I’m sure women would be drafted under a Biden administration. And many say: We would lose.

Would DeSantis be the same way as a Bush? He’s a politician. How much experience does he have with foreign countries? Do you know? They show his stand-up fighting spirit in Florida, but what would he do with Putin? Do you think XI would care even a littel tick bite about DeSantis?

Would DeSantis go full out metal jacket? Tough guy?  

Besides, Trump WAS robbed of his second term. He deserves that at least, or we no longer Americans.

Ron is tough. He is showing us he would be TOUGH. Ron is doing all the right moves, saying ALL the right things, protecting the children, standing up to Disney, making sure all the ridiculous crap that has been going on forever…it’s true. He even beats Trump on the current issues. But still…this commercial concerns me. Especially since his wife picked it out for him, which means, HE didn’t want to say that the GOP establishment thought it was a great idea.

But back to Trump. No man in the history of America has gone through what he has. Not even Lincoln. HE made some mistakes in his term, by surrounding himself with nothing but RINOS…Pence especially.

Anybody with half a brain knew Pence was there to take over. But Trump was smart enough to prevent that. We just don’t know why he picked so many RINOS to be in his cabinet. Was it to expose them all?

Nobody Knows. I STILL don’t know. I am having trouble with that one. What does HE know that we do not?

Alex Jones, and Wayne Allen Root are BEGGING Trump to come out and admit that putting Fauci in charge of the vaccines was a big mistake, and he even kept up the advice to GET the vaccine, even after the vaccine has been proven over and over again to be a death warrant for many.

No, I’m still in a puzzle of the endless mind-boggling chicanery we hear every single minute. I remember George W. Bush being just like DeSantis, a hero riding in on a white horse.

DeSantis will easily win against the democrat in Florida.

Many people are hoping that Trump picks him to be his VP.

I don’t think De Santis will settle for that, do you?

Right now, it’s anybody’s guess what Trump will do or DeSantis.

The other day I saw a Trump/DeSantis 24 hat. Sounded good. Trump could take care of the world; DeSantis could clean up the country. That ticket WOULD beat anybody the democrats would run. If they do join up, it might mean that they choose America instead of their own careers.

Still, most of us think something will happen…and the elections will be $*%& up again.

Nobody Wonders

If DeSantis keeps appearing on every station, then it’s a sure sign: The establishment WANT him to run. Only time will tell if he becomes another Bush in disguise.

Somehow, I feel TOTO, as if, I’m not in Kansas anymore. In fact, Kansas is gone.

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  1. I’ll just steal this link if you don’t mind. Yes, the game plan is to split the MAGA ranks.


    Comment by jameshigham | August 24, 2022 | Reply

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