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Nobody Wins With the 4th Revolution

Tip-toeing through the news this morning, I was trying to find something to opine about:

Prince Charles getting a million dollars from Bin Laden? Well…why not? Bill Clinton AND the Bushes both got MILLIONS from the Saudi’s to build their fabulous libraries and foundations, and Trump just got slammed for having them at his golf tournaments. Is there an understood arrangement here that if our President do NOT develop our oil, then the Saudi’s will build their legacies? (Nobody Wonders)

Or…FOX kicking Trump off their network? Or the fact that FOX is obsessed with the Ukraine war and how those poor people need MORE money for weapons. That’s all FOX talks about it seems: WAR.

Or…watching all the poor white families in Kentucky being wiped out by floods. (Global warming)

Or…Biden getting Covid again? Please. He’s past his expiration point and he makes too many gaffs.

As if our stress levels weren’t high enough, I’ve been watching my ‘adrenal’ glands being destroyed because we spent the day yesterday TRYING to hook up old VCR boxes so that I can start getting rid of all my old VCR tapes. Now, any movie you want to watch is streaming on TV. THOUSANDS. And I’ve got two huge boxes of old video tapes I do NOT need. Nobody really does. TRASH.

We had 6 video players, and ALL six were trashed. Either they ate the tapes, or were just totaled for whatever reason. We thought for sure we’d find ONE. But no. It’s the new mantra of EVERY big company: do NOT make anything that lasts more than a few years. It’s just the norm now.

To get rid of them now , WE have to pay someone to take them, or throw them away…which brings me to this very important point: Computers, video Games, telephones, moniters, old TV’s: ALL the big tech that has been developed in the last 30 years, were sold to China. At one time, trash was our BIGGEST export to China. For years.

Now, China has all the old tech, and can reuse it all. By the way, China has really cut down on buying our trash. They got all the chips now, they don’t need our trash anymore.

And you won’t hear anything in the news about old tech trash being a problem anyway.

If you think that’s bad, imagine the electric car batteries, and solar panels, and windmills that will be piling into the trash heaps. Nuclear waste? Ah….well…as long as there’s no earthquakes….

And don’t get me started on all the plastic grocery bags and ‘masks’ killing our oceans. Remember when they told us paper bags were pollution so they switched us all to plastic?

And PLEASE notice— tech trash, and its disposal, is never a concern of the global warming idiots.

The fact is NOBODY talks about tech trash. Food, paper, that gets taken back into the gound but plastic?

So, having trouble trying to decide on a subject to write about, I started watching this video thinking…oh…45 minutes? No way. I have too much to do.

But, once I started, I couldn’t stop…and I was so depressed after watching it, my adrenals collapsed me onto the bed and I slept for over 20 minutes. In the middle of a Sunday afternoon.

If you CAN handle it, I’d watch it. But remember, these guys are NUTS. Wacko. Evil. Insane.

ALL the newest tech is destroyed within a few years. They want to TECH up humans? Do you REALLY think those humans will remain alive forever after the first virus hits their brains?

Or will they, once connected to the internet, be trashed like the rest of all products, because that’s really what humanity will become: Trash, to be used and thrown away. Listen to this video and watch how they talk about”HUMANS”.

I put in some laundry, and gave it a more measured thought. Until THESE monsters start connecting themselves first to their great metaverse, (They have no intention of doing, trust me on that.) humanity should fight this with every breathe they take.

Once again, it’s all about the money, and control.

By the way, many of you know this already, but then again, don’t be like me. “Overly sensitive.”

Or you might end up sleeping your life away.

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Nobody Flashes: Dinesh at his Best…

After I watched this, I realized I have never heard of this before, anywhere.

Dinesh never gives up trying to save the country, from his excellent movie “2000 Mules” proving that the President Trump did win the election, to this….he explains why the country never changes, the “4th” branch of government, and how Trump had a plan to get rid of the swamp.

Enjoy! We need MORE men like Dinesh, he’s incredible.

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WHY Ted Cruz, Kamala Harris, and Marco Rubio Should NOT run for President.

Nobody Flashes…

When Obama became President, there was a vast discussion on the actual proof of his RIGHT to ever run for that office, since many thought, and even he claimed in his Harvard Yearbook, that he was from Kenya. He was NOT a natural born citizen. Notice, this lady does not mention Obama.

(Nobody wonders why.)

He shouldn’t even have run for the office.

There was so much talk about it, that Obama came up with a birth cirtificate, and tried to laugh it off.

Many claimed that document had been manufactured…which said he was born in Hawaii. Jerome Corsi wrote an exellent book proving that he was NOT a natural born citizen. Donald Trump at the time was susupicious AS was Hillary Clinton, who brought it up in the first place.

Anyone who discussed it was branded a ‘conspiracy nut.” End of story.

This Nobody was convinced it was true, after the woman who gave his birth cirtificate the ‘approval’ died in a plane crash off the coast of California while all others on the plane survived.

In the video above, the woman — gives a much detailed explantion of what a Natural Born Citizen is. And by all accounts, Kamala Harris, Marco Rubio, AND Ted Cruz would not be eligible to become President.

And she explains why.

But who is going to care? Really?

While we have watched the Constitution being shredded year after year, no politician in Washington D.C. EVER does anything about it, when one of their own breaks the law.

But the founders thought it WAS important, and for good reason.

Too bad they didn’t include the demand that no President can be senile when taking office.

That’s how far our leaders REALLY don’t care about us.

This is a land where MEN rule, not our laws…and certainly not….our Constitution.

John Adams would be appalled.

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Nobody Remembers: Slavery in Africa

Often, when I get bored of listening to Beck or Bannon, I turn to this remarkable woman. She’s on OAN, a station the libs are trying to rid of. (One America News)

Her I.Q. must be off the charts. Here she gives a great lesson in slavery and it’s history in one African nation, and how the movie they just made about it, got it all wrong, and instead made it about racist white people.

That’s how they rewrite history.

Don’t miss it.

If they get rid of OAN, I hope some of the other stations pick her up and gives her her own show to continue.

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The Case of Global Tyranny

Nobody Knows

Right now, many Americans remember the political fights of our past history, how in the past, America went through all kinds of horror…the Civil War, revolution, WWI and WWII… and so many are thinking “We always pull out of this stuff.” And so, they just go about their lives, thinking, all will be better…with the next election. That was before the Great RESET. A reset of the world and its countries that has been in the making for more than 50 years.

It is now coming into fruition. Communism/Fascism is taking over our country with the help of our very own top leaders. If you think your life or your children’s lives are going to be better again, you might want to wake up and smell the destruction: This Nobody thinks we have been going downhill since Bill Clinton.

They plan to bring total reform into EVERY neighborhood very soon, and they want it all to happen by 2030 which they’ve all claimed, is their goal.

There is a fight going on for complete control of the world, and the democrats and the republican, are merely pawns in the world chess power game going on right now.

As Glenn Beck said this morning, whole countries are being destroyed with the climate green deals. Sri Lanka being the most recent we have seen. The elites have said they wanted a world with no borders, and they have worked hard to bring that about. Both Europe and the United States have been flooded with illegal immigrants. Our very own Western leaders did that.

The damage on the native populations has already taking its toll.

Governments are crashing…and Western Civilization is being destroyed—by its own leaders from within.

Having watched and written about this ‘slow’ demise since 2000, many of us wonder with amazement why OUR leaders are destroying their own countries?

If you believe, like many Americans do because they are TOLD to every day, that their leaders really care about them, and the rest of the world, then you will, once again, as you watch them destroy your own country ask yourself— WHY? WHY? Why are they doing this? Open borders? Inflation? Destroying our energy daily, giving our land over to China? Why? Trying to start WWIII…

WHY would anyone do this to their own country?

Nobody Wonders: is there some kind of extortion going on?

Have the open borders let in so many terrorists into the borders of England, France, and the United States, that there is a threat of REAL nuclear or cyber damage just waiting to be released?

They wouldn’t tell us if there were. WE CAN BLOW YOU UP.

You want Disney land? Here…take it.

The Clintons gave our national parks as collateral to China…in case of our default. Did you know that?

Is it all about the money? Did the Bushes make secret deals with the Saudi’s, and are they making billions off the building of all those fantastic cities being built in Dubai? Is THAT why the democrats are pushing ‘green’ energy, so THEY can get fantastic deals with China and live in offshore islands in luxury, and make the same billions that the GOP does off oil? Everybody know that windmills, electric cars, and solar panels are pretty much a joke compared to gas. Or even nuclear.

Is this some kind of competition?

I guess it was the only thing they could come up with to compete with the oil and war industries. Is this a monopoly war between the right and left?

Bill Gates. He’s rich enough, so why is HE trying to vaccinate the world? Yes, he makes a lot of money off those vaccines…just how much money does one man need?

Pelosi, O’Connell, all have deals with China, and they only report the millions they make, illegally gotten, and they show it off with no shame. How much MORE do they have? Biden is now giving our strategic oil reserves to the Chinese CCP, and his son makes a good profit off it, which means the Bidens are getting rich off selling our oil.

Remember, the Clintons sold our uranium to Russia. And we all know lots of people are  getting very rich off Ukraine.

Nothing happens to any President unless they are: Donald Trump. He was the real deal, and they keep trying to go after President Trump for crimes that don’t exist. They just make them up. He peed on a bed and made a bad telephone call. He won’t admit he lost the election.

Please. Spare us the hypocrisy.

Did the merger of the big international companies also ‘merge’ with all the politicians on the planet? Or was it the Epstein’s who kept them all in line?

Do ANY of our Presidents have ANY say whatsoever in how they rule? Nobody Wonders. I was just listening to Steve Deace, (The Blaze) go off on Trump for putting Fauci out there, and he reminded me of Ann Coulter. He wanted Trump to act like a dictator and get rid of Fauci. But could he LEGALLY do that?

He TRIED to build the wall, but Congress wouldn’t give him the money. Congress is mostly controlled by criminals, oligarchs, and rich CHINA loving RINOS.

Trump tried. It a shock he got done what he did. Sorry Ms. Coulter.

Congress gave the World Health Organization the POWER to overrule the President AND congress during a pandemic. And so, Trump was powerless to Fauci.  And yet, Steve Deace was blasting Trump for putting Fauci on TV. He wanted Trump to fire him.

Steve Deace cares, but I turned the channel. Clearly, not much of a deep thinker although he considers himself to be one.  

I was watching Trump on TV the other night and was shocked at how Newt Gingrich (a globalist) was promoting Kevin McCarthy to remain speaker of the House…yes, the man who went after Trump after the election. He was on board with all the RINOS.

I was surprised when President Trump gave a heads up to McCarthy AND to Kellyanne Conway, the woman who stays married to that horrible blowhard of a husband.

I don’t think much of her anymore.

Kids or not, she has hurt the country.

Not to mention, Trump made Pence VP. Trump is not stupid…the institutions of the Republican Party and the Democratic party have been so corrupt and entranced for so very long, that Trump had to agree with Pence as President as sure as Ronald Reagan (who hated George H.W) the Rockefeller part of the group, had to make George H.W. HIS VP, and look what happened.

GLOBALISM. Which is another word for the rich get richer, and America be damned.

Both Paul Ryan (who’s on the board of FOX NEWS) and best buddy Pence are going to do what the establishment wants. FOX just put Pence on the other night and ignored President Trump.

Remember, Trump must WORK with these people to try to get anything done. Not Biden. He answered to whomever is calling the shots. Obama probably, and whomever is calling HIS shots.

And Nobody Knows just WHO is calling the shots.

On the other hand, you have Hillary, who for whatever reason, the powers who truly run the world did NOT want her in office. Probably because they saw Trump as an opportunity to destroy the United States and her independent people once and for all.

The real fact we do know is that the world is ruled by a select group of tyrannical oligarchy, who have decided they must kill off as many patriotic rebels as they can.

Glenn Beck says we should just ‘reboot’ America.

Something tells me, Trump did that.

I don’t have any answers except to say that this is much bigger than one people or one country.

Nobody Knows what will happen next.

And many people don’t even seem to care.

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Nobody Wonders: Will the World Give Up Their Cars?

Nobody Wonders


ONE: They want us to give up our cars. Our cars, are our freedom.

Evidently, the global cabal of criminals KNOW that their plans to take over the planet, destroy half it’s population, and make themselves masters of all we do, is now getting to be known all over the planet.

So, therefore, they have to work FAST.

The usual communist/CIA psy-ops are not going fast enough, so they now have announced that…forget the electric cars, let’s just skip that (because we know you can’t afford them) and go to taking away your cars.

From The National File: WEF Calls For End to Private Car Ownership (


The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling for an end to private car ownership. A recently published paper calls for an end to “wasteful” private vehicle ownership in favor of public transportation and communal cars.

“The average car or van in England is driven just 4% of the time,” the WEF paper states. It then calls on car owners to sell their vehicle because, “Car sharing platforms such as Getaround and BlueSG have already seized that opportunity to offer vehicles where you pay per hour used.”

A number of European nations and U.S. states have already passed legislation that will ban the sale of non-electric cars as soon as 2030. Washington, New York and California have already passed such measures while a growing number of EU member states have done the same.

In Ireland, the government has told citizens that they will be packed into densely populated cities in order to combat climate change. Drivers will be forced off the roads as part of a plan that will “revolutionize” people’s lifestyle and behaviors.

In order to avert a “climate apocalypse”, the government plans to force people “out of private cars because they are the biggest offenders for emissions” with proposals that include banning fossil fuel vehicles from towns and cities nationwide to intentionally cripple ordinary motorists.


There you have it. They are not only coming for your guns, but your cars. And they’ve got just two years to make this happen.

Frankly, I think Americans giving up their cars is less likely than Americans giving up their guns. Many a woman would give up the guns. BUT…their car? Ha ha ha ha. Not in MY neighborhood. Even going to the Dollar Store is a religious experience.

Not that they would do that either. The ONLY way the elites can do this is by FORCE. Making owning a gun or a car SO expensive that you won’t be able to afford a car, a gun, OR a house.

That’s the plan, and they’re letting you know it, so they can say, “Hey, we TOLD you so!”

I can just see it, in the middle of the night, you will look out onto your driveway and your car, will be gone. Crazy?

Every night in my neighborhood, there are hooded young men trying to break into every car they can. They work in packs of four or five. Every night. We watch them all on Ring.

Nobody Wonders…are they in training to get PAID to steal as many cars as they can?

Is the BLM in on this ‘car stealing’ marathon going on all over the country?

And WHO leads this BLM movement? Or the WEF?

One thing we do know: the rich will always be able to drive:

And TWO: Is there anybody else but me who wonders if Ivana was PUSHED down those stairs?

Sorry. I’m having a hard time believing the press releases. Broken bones? Yes. I knew a lady who was much older and she survived, and SHE was all alone, broken bones yes….

But death? Mmmmmmmm…if you were going to send a message to Trump, she would be the obvious choice. He looked pretty sad today.

But, that’s just my Nobody Opinion.

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Nobody Flashes

First up, what’s happening with the Dutch farmers…Bill Gates should be put away. As soon as possible.

And then…this poor woman.

And then, Just ONE MORE…

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Nobody Says: Beware of Michael Douglass’s Solutions

Watch this new video, where many conservatives and even democrats will agree with everything that Michael Dougless says: All truths. Nobody trusts Congress, nothing gets done, people are suffering, etc., America is dying… they’ve rig the game….this goes on until Michael steps aside for the (black/gay?) man who tells you the solution. Its called “Anti-corruption” for a reason…so YOU will take the bait.

The bait? Why, since Congress is no good, (Then get rid of them altogether right?) we need third party involvement, and the solution to that IS:


Which also means absolutly NO oversight whatsoever…if you vote from home, there is no need to verify anything: whether you are a citizen, whether you are who you SAY you are, not to mention do you REALLY trust GOOGLE with your vote?

Virtual voting! Hey, just scan that little square on your phone!

This means that they can put anyone in office that they want. THEY will have complete control. All the people working at all the voting booths all over the country will be out of a job. They can cheat without the recorded truckloads of ballots being delivered at three in the morning.

And they sell it to you as a solution to the problems THEY have caused. It’s always the same: Create the choas, then come in with the solution.

They created this mess, and now, with the help of Michael Douglass, they give you the solution.

Like I wrote last week, THIS is how they get millions of trusting souls to fall for their tyranny….they bait you with what you are feeling, what you know, how frustrated you are….and then, lead you down the path they want you to accept. And they make that path seem so sensible don’t they? Anti-corruption?

More like TOTAL corruption.

Yes, these evil people believe they can get you to accept anything…like eating crickets in your potato chips, which Edward Snowdon says we ALL will be doing. Hey, who says we are not eating bugs in our food now?

It’s this Nobody’s Opinion that if a Hollywood actor or actress is promoting something political, 99 percent of the time:

It’s NOT to be trusted.

I don’t care how much you like them in the movies. Remember…they are…actors.

That’s their job.

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Nobody Flashes: The Difference Between Australia and the U.S.–noted.

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Nobody Flashes

They are taking out Trump’s most vilaint warriors one, by one.

General Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort…have all been arrested, for the only crime of defending Trump.

But…let’s not forget that during Obama’s reign of terror, nine times most of HIS people did the same, and nothing happened to them.

But, do you really think they won’t put Bannon in jail?

This is WAR…and they play as dirty as they can.

Steve Bannon was on TV every single day, fighting for Trump.

Who’s next? Tucker Carlson?

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Nobody Flashes True Weather Science

I just saw this, and the man who founded the Weather Channel really lays it out to CNN…on why it’s all stupid.


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Here’s to the Lionhearted Men

Yes, I agree 100 percent with Wayne Allen Root. A most Lionhearted patriot on his birthday. But the truth he portents, I’m afraid, seems overwhelming.

I was feeling hopeless today, because after 2 weeks of various teams of men, digging up rock in my basement, trying to fix my main line plumbing, which no longer exists, and daily waiting for whatever, the job grew from 35 feet of dig to 65 feet. We have to pay for the new pipes, and it’s not cheap.

The whole line was pretty disgusting.

There goes my last bucket wish: To see the redwood trees before I die.

Daily, the plumbers from Mr. Rooter Plumbing seem to keep hitting MORE problems. The good news, is the MASTER plumber after a week, finally came. One of the other plumbers wanted to keep tearing out more pipe, going into the upstairs, ripping out other other bathrooms, wall, etc.— Except the insurance has been stretched beyond it’s limit.

And we haven’t even started on the ‘restoration’ process. It will probably be another year before we get BACK to where we were…whole walls have been torn out. New rugs purchased and laid out. Furniture replaced. (sigh)

But when the master plumber came, it was as if royality hit the basement stairs. His crew, it’s obvious, loves him. Most of his crew are worried about him. His knees are worn out they told me. Still, having had a knee replacement myself, compared to me, he walks fine. If he was in pain, he never said a word. They think he ‘might’ retire. But, by the smile on his face when he came down the steps to see the ‘problem,’ I could see, he WAS a master. Something tells me, he LOVES what he does. He found a place to sit, and with a bit of imagination, searching for the right tubing, he managed to fix the problem. The master guided the crew. He was calm, relaxed: clearly with years of experience (Along with imagination) and that gave him confidence. I could tell, like any great master, he loved the challenge.

It didn’t take him long to figure out how to fix the problem, that would have added thousands to what our insurance would maybe NOT cover. (Our insurance: Allstate…were fanstatic.)

“You can use your water line now,” he said.


I shouted “I love you!” I laughed and said, “You must get that alot.”

He smiled. Yep.

Sorry. He had saved me a bundle. And also, FIXED the problem. In less time than I expected.

My upstairs will survive! I don’t think the company should LET this man retire. Get him a couple of servant girls to bring him refreshments on the job, dressed in hooter outfits with cut little white caps on:

“MASTER…what can we get you?”

Yes, he fixed it. But there was still one more hurdle:…another man had to come out and verify that all was code. THE INSPECTOR. That day, he could come anytime. Zak and Dakota from the team were there to work, but they had to wait, for him. The poor guys who were going to start to FILL in where the new pipes had been laid, had to wait for him to show up, before they continued. Outside, in the van. For over 5 hours.

I ended up playing old stupid songs on the piano inside the house….waiting. I got BORED waiting. I live in mostly isolation, and I tend to talk too much to everybody. It’s sad. They must have thought I was a bit ‘off” and they may be right.

I may actually be crazy at this point.

That’s why COVID was so insidious. The powers that be WANTED to isolate everyone. God forbid we all start talking to each other: that’s the LAST thing they want as they turn the screws on us all.

But, back to the story…

When the inspector finally did show up, I liked him instantly. He examined everything carefully, and to make a long story short, the approval to go ahead and finish the job came bout 2 p.m..

As I walked him to his car, I’m not sure how the subject came up, but he told me he was a democrat, and voted for Obama. But he ALSO voted for Trump. He liked Bernie as opposed to Hillary, but was diappointed when Bernie just rolled over when she destroyed him.

As I recall, Bernie purchased three new houses after that.

He talked with the pain that every parent feels about his sons, who both had married liberal women, and how neither one of us could understand the sheer hatred that came out of people who were liberal. He knew why of course. They can’t argue with facts so they get mad.

Then he said something very important. He didn’t realize how much the schools had brainwashed his own children…until it was too late.

I told him how my own son doesn’t speak to me because I voted for Trump, and yes, indoctrination has been going on for YEARS.

THIS is happening all over the country. Needless to say, this man was another light in my day.

If a democrat, a union man, as this man was, can see the truth so clearly, then how many more democrats are out there that see the same truth but are just afraid to speak?

I don’t know what the politics of these men were, but they worked their asses off, it was a big job, and I must admit, I was enjoying watching them work.

Lionhearts…every one of them.

The Lionhearted men of America…NEED to be saved.

So, tonight, despite the gloomy days, I felt uplifted by all the Lionhearted men I have met in the last two weeks.

REAL men. Lifting big rocks. Laying pipes, jackhammering concrete, never complaining about hard work.

I fell in love with them all. In this new world where people don’t even show up to work, or get a cut on their finger and want to go home,(My husband who manages a big store tells me stories all the time.) it was nice to see men who were still tough.

Hopefully all their women appreciated just how hard these men work.

Lionhearted men are mostly ignored…they work their bodies to the bone—sure they get good money, but where’s the TV news program that put THEM as heros?

Where’s the award show for all the men who work everyday to make our world run? The men who build? The plumbers? The trash haulers? The men who work physically hard?


As the Master plumber walked away, I shouted out to him “The world needs more plumbers!”

And he said, “We ARE a dying breed.” Sadly, he’s right.

So, this Nobody makes a toast to the inspector (whose helping put his daughter through college to be a civil engineer), Josh, (the serious one) Nick, (the funny get er done guy) young Hunter, Grandpa’s namesake whose soul is filled with music (Poor mom), Trent (A smile to break any girls’ heart and a work ethic to boot), Daniel ( The FASTED concrete layer in the city) and Zak…the warrior, intelligent and handsome– with a big heart for animals, and most of all…

To the MASTER plumber: The hunter of insolvable problems.

These guys saved my day, AND my house. I might never see the redwood trees, but not having to run down to the gas station at 3 in the morning?

I think I’ll survive.

I WILL miss you guys! Thank you for making my little days of isolation and stress full of gratitude.

And thanks to Mr. Rooter for sending out their best team: The team I will always remember as THE LIONHEARTS

The good news? Lionhearted men: They ARE out there.

And THAT is…a Godwink of good hope for us all.

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Nobody’s Fool: Texas Paul

There are MILLIONS of men and women like Texas Paul—they are out there.

Here he shows us what’s been going on for probably most of our adult life.

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Hollywood’s Bait and Hook

Nobody’s Perfect

When it comes to Hollywood, all of us get hooked on our favorite tough guy. John Wayne was the American icon that stood up to evil in the ‘greatest’ generation. Every culture going back to the Greeks, had to have heroes to emulate, and today, with movies, Hollywood even grabs some old heroes of mythology: Hercules, Apollo, Hermes, Posiden…the first heroes of which Marvel has made millions off of imitating.

The Greeks could have cleaned up had they had A.I. to keep them alive as robots. Think of the royalties they would have earned! (Makes you want to say you are a Greek god reincarnated, right?)

Thor is top at the box office right now. If only WE had a big hammer. Nancy’s would not look so menacing. Everybody is watching TV and movies now, due to the fact that the REST of society has been shut down for two years.  

I have talked before of how addicted my husband and I were to the TV series ‘24’. Life was full of political corruption, and we felt helpless…but Jack Bower was the hero, going around the world, stopping bad guys, protecting America. And then, when the actor came out and supported Obama, we were like “WHAT?” Kiefer Sutherland was the son of a Canadian socialist.

Who knew?

The old Bait and hook. An old trick, but it still works.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made many movies where he was the ‘great’ hero of many an action movie. “I’ll be back!” and he did come back, repeatedly, and then he ran as a conservative to save California. He won, but instead of becoming the next Ronald Reagan, he helped demolish the state, giving it to China, and Pelosi. He was almost WORSE than a RINO because he ran for governor as a real-life action conservative, and we all fell for it. Now he bashes Trump whenever he can.

Bait and hook.

Currently the most popular movie series on Amazon’s Prime stars Arnold’s son-in-law, Chris Pratt. The series is called “Terminal List” and it’s all about a kick- ass Navy Seal whose family is killed by the government, and he goes and kills the very high up government people who ruined his life. It is very fulfilling as we all know that the Biden administration is destroying the Seals by firing all those who were not vaccinated. With all the money spent to TRAIN a Seal Team, you would think that’s borderline treason: they are being our best of the best, you can’t help but wonder…

Is this just a ‘release valve’ show? Obama had a LOSS of Navy Seals after the bin Laden raid. Most of those Seals were killed, some believe on purpose, by a missile shot at the helicopter they were in.

That little scenario got very little notice.

So, this Nobody Wonders, when Chris Pratt will come out, after being embraced by the American patriots of whom there are MANY still, will he come out and go against Trump for President, in order to use his image as a man of the best of the best in the series to TELL the American people that Trump should not be President? Elon would be vindicated, right?

I HOPE not, but then again, I’m afraid I am expecting it. I was shocked when Sylvester Stallone came out against American owning GUNS. Wow. Really Rambo? He is now on Tik Tok giving Stallone answers to life speeches.

Pretty funny.

What I’m trying to say is I think this is a psy-op. Get the patriot on your side, and then, the ‘hero’ guides him in the direction you want him or her to go. Bait us all with emotion and hope, then…here it comes…the big switch.

Viola…you have been hooked.

So, what can we expect from our heroes in Hollywood? The men that give us all hope and whom we want to emulate in our own lives? Where right ALWAYS wins?

What do we do when those hero’s come out to be communist/wall street/global China puppets to lecture us all NOT to be like what they preach in the movies? Give us your guns, because WE will shoot all the bad for you!

How can they be so hypocritical?

They would smile a draconian smile, with a wink, and tell us I’m sure if we even complain:

Hey…Nobody Perfect. But you can bet…they’ll ALL BE BACK TO BAIT AND HOOK.

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