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Here’s to the Lionhearted Men

Yes, I agree 100 percent with Wayne Allen Root. A most Lionhearted patriot on his birthday. But the truth he portents, I’m afraid, seems overwhelming.

I was feeling hopeless today, because after 2 weeks of various teams of men, digging up rock in my basement, trying to fix my main line plumbing, which no longer exists, and daily waiting for whatever, the job grew from 35 feet of dig to 65 feet. We have to pay for the new pipes, and it’s not cheap.

The whole line was pretty disgusting.

There goes my last bucket wish: To see the redwood trees before I die.

Daily, the plumbers from Mr. Rooter Plumbing seem to keep hitting MORE problems. The good news, is the MASTER plumber after a week, finally came. One of the other plumbers wanted to keep tearing out more pipe, going into the upstairs, ripping out other other bathrooms, wall, etc.— Except the insurance has been stretched beyond it’s limit.

And we haven’t even started on the ‘restoration’ process. It will probably be another year before we get BACK to where we were…whole walls have been torn out. New rugs purchased and laid out. Furniture replaced. (sigh)

But when the master plumber came, it was as if royality hit the basement stairs. His crew, it’s obvious, loves him. Most of his crew are worried about him. His knees are worn out they told me. Still, having had a knee replacement myself, compared to me, he walks fine. If he was in pain, he never said a word. They think he ‘might’ retire. But, by the smile on his face when he came down the steps to see the ‘problem,’ I could see, he WAS a master. Something tells me, he LOVES what he does. He found a place to sit, and with a bit of imagination, searching for the right tubing, he managed to fix the problem. The master guided the crew. He was calm, relaxed: clearly with years of experience (Along with imagination) and that gave him confidence. I could tell, like any great master, he loved the challenge.

It didn’t take him long to figure out how to fix the problem, that would have added thousands to what our insurance would maybe NOT cover. (Our insurance: Allstate…were fanstatic.)

“You can use your water line now,” he said.


I shouted “I love you!” I laughed and said, “You must get that alot.”

He smiled. Yep.

Sorry. He had saved me a bundle. And also, FIXED the problem. In less time than I expected.

My upstairs will survive! I don’t think the company should LET this man retire. Get him a couple of servant girls to bring him refreshments on the job, dressed in hooter outfits with cut little white caps on:

“MASTER…what can we get you?”

Yes, he fixed it. But there was still one more hurdle:…another man had to come out and verify that all was code. THE INSPECTOR. That day, he could come anytime. Zak and Dakota from the team were there to work, but they had to wait, for him. The poor guys who were going to start to FILL in where the new pipes had been laid, had to wait for him to show up, before they continued. Outside, in the van. For over 5 hours.

I ended up playing old stupid songs on the piano inside the house….waiting. I got BORED waiting. I live in mostly isolation, and I tend to talk too much to everybody. It’s sad. They must have thought I was a bit ‘off” and they may be right.

I may actually be crazy at this point.

That’s why COVID was so insidious. The powers that be WANTED to isolate everyone. God forbid we all start talking to each other: that’s the LAST thing they want as they turn the screws on us all.

But, back to the story…

When the inspector finally did show up, I liked him instantly. He examined everything carefully, and to make a long story short, the approval to go ahead and finish the job came bout 2 p.m..

As I walked him to his car, I’m not sure how the subject came up, but he told me he was a democrat, and voted for Obama. But he ALSO voted for Trump. He liked Bernie as opposed to Hillary, but was diappointed when Bernie just rolled over when she destroyed him.

As I recall, Bernie purchased three new houses after that.

He talked with the pain that every parent feels about his sons, who both had married liberal women, and how neither one of us could understand the sheer hatred that came out of people who were liberal. He knew why of course. They can’t argue with facts so they get mad.

Then he said something very important. He didn’t realize how much the schools had brainwashed his own children…until it was too late.

I told him how my own son doesn’t speak to me because I voted for Trump, and yes, indoctrination has been going on for YEARS.

THIS is happening all over the country. Needless to say, this man was another light in my day.

If a democrat, a union man, as this man was, can see the truth so clearly, then how many more democrats are out there that see the same truth but are just afraid to speak?

I don’t know what the politics of these men were, but they worked their asses off, it was a big job, and I must admit, I was enjoying watching them work.

Lionhearts…every one of them.

The Lionhearted men of America…NEED to be saved.

So, tonight, despite the gloomy days, I felt uplifted by all the Lionhearted men I have met in the last two weeks.

REAL men. Lifting big rocks. Laying pipes, jackhammering concrete, never complaining about hard work.

I fell in love with them all. In this new world where people don’t even show up to work, or get a cut on their finger and want to go home,(My husband who manages a big store tells me stories all the time.) it was nice to see men who were still tough.

Hopefully all their women appreciated just how hard these men work.

Lionhearted men are mostly ignored…they work their bodies to the bone—sure they get good money, but where’s the TV news program that put THEM as heros?

Where’s the award show for all the men who work everyday to make our world run? The men who build? The plumbers? The trash haulers? The men who work physically hard?


As the Master plumber walked away, I shouted out to him “The world needs more plumbers!”

And he said, “We ARE a dying breed.” Sadly, he’s right.

So, this Nobody makes a toast to the inspector (whose helping put his daughter through college to be a civil engineer), Josh, (the serious one) Nick, (the funny get er done guy) young Hunter, Grandpa’s namesake whose soul is filled with music (Poor mom), Trent (A smile to break any girls’ heart and a work ethic to boot), Daniel ( The FASTED concrete layer in the city) and Zak…the warrior, intelligent and handsome– with a big heart for animals, and most of all…

To the MASTER plumber: The hunter of insolvable problems.

These guys saved my day, AND my house. I might never see the redwood trees, but not having to run down to the gas station at 3 in the morning?

I think I’ll survive.

I WILL miss you guys! Thank you for making my little days of isolation and stress full of gratitude.

And thanks to Mr. Rooter for sending out their best team: The team I will always remember as THE LIONHEARTS

The good news? Lionhearted men: They ARE out there.

And THAT is…a Godwink of good hope for us all.

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