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Nobody Says: Beware of Michael Douglass’s Solutions

Watch this new video, where many conservatives and even democrats will agree with everything that Michael Dougless says: All truths. Nobody trusts Congress, nothing gets done, people are suffering, etc., America is dying… they’ve rig the game….this goes on until Michael steps aside for the (black/gay?) man who tells you the solution. Its called “Anti-corruption” for a reason…so YOU will take the bait.

The bait? Why, since Congress is no good, (Then get rid of them altogether right?) we need third party involvement, and the solution to that IS:


Which also means absolutly NO oversight whatsoever…if you vote from home, there is no need to verify anything: whether you are a citizen, whether you are who you SAY you are, not to mention do you REALLY trust GOOGLE with your vote?

Virtual voting! Hey, just scan that little square on your phone!

This means that they can put anyone in office that they want. THEY will have complete control. All the people working at all the voting booths all over the country will be out of a job. They can cheat without the recorded truckloads of ballots being delivered at three in the morning.

And they sell it to you as a solution to the problems THEY have caused. It’s always the same: Create the choas, then come in with the solution.

They created this mess, and now, with the help of Michael Douglass, they give you the solution.

Like I wrote last week, THIS is how they get millions of trusting souls to fall for their tyranny….they bait you with what you are feeling, what you know, how frustrated you are….and then, lead you down the path they want you to accept. And they make that path seem so sensible don’t they? Anti-corruption?

More like TOTAL corruption.

Yes, these evil people believe they can get you to accept anything…like eating crickets in your potato chips, which Edward Snowdon says we ALL will be doing. Hey, who says we are not eating bugs in our food now?

It’s this Nobody’s Opinion that if a Hollywood actor or actress is promoting something political, 99 percent of the time:

It’s NOT to be trusted.

I don’t care how much you like them in the movies. Remember…they are…actors.

That’s their job.

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