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Hollywood’s Bait and Hook

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When it comes to Hollywood, all of us get hooked on our favorite tough guy. John Wayne was the American icon that stood up to evil in the ‘greatest’ generation. Every culture going back to the Greeks, had to have heroes to emulate, and today, with movies, Hollywood even grabs some old heroes of mythology: Hercules, Apollo, Hermes, Posiden…the first heroes of which Marvel has made millions off of imitating.

The Greeks could have cleaned up had they had A.I. to keep them alive as robots. Think of the royalties they would have earned! (Makes you want to say you are a Greek god reincarnated, right?)

Thor is top at the box office right now. If only WE had a big hammer. Nancy’s would not look so menacing. Everybody is watching TV and movies now, due to the fact that the REST of society has been shut down for two years.  

I have talked before of how addicted my husband and I were to the TV series ‘24’. Life was full of political corruption, and we felt helpless…but Jack Bower was the hero, going around the world, stopping bad guys, protecting America. And then, when the actor came out and supported Obama, we were like “WHAT?” Kiefer Sutherland was the son of a Canadian socialist.

Who knew?

The old Bait and hook. An old trick, but it still works.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made many movies where he was the ‘great’ hero of many an action movie. “I’ll be back!” and he did come back, repeatedly, and then he ran as a conservative to save California. He won, but instead of becoming the next Ronald Reagan, he helped demolish the state, giving it to China, and Pelosi. He was almost WORSE than a RINO because he ran for governor as a real-life action conservative, and we all fell for it. Now he bashes Trump whenever he can.

Bait and hook.

Currently the most popular movie series on Amazon’s Prime stars Arnold’s son-in-law, Chris Pratt. The series is called “Terminal List” and it’s all about a kick- ass Navy Seal whose family is killed by the government, and he goes and kills the very high up government people who ruined his life. It is very fulfilling as we all know that the Biden administration is destroying the Seals by firing all those who were not vaccinated. With all the money spent to TRAIN a Seal Team, you would think that’s borderline treason: they are being our best of the best, you can’t help but wonder…

Is this just a ‘release valve’ show? Obama had a LOSS of Navy Seals after the bin Laden raid. Most of those Seals were killed, some believe on purpose, by a missile shot at the helicopter they were in.

That little scenario got very little notice.

So, this Nobody Wonders, when Chris Pratt will come out, after being embraced by the American patriots of whom there are MANY still, will he come out and go against Trump for President, in order to use his image as a man of the best of the best in the series to TELL the American people that Trump should not be President? Elon would be vindicated, right?

I HOPE not, but then again, I’m afraid I am expecting it. I was shocked when Sylvester Stallone came out against American owning GUNS. Wow. Really Rambo? He is now on Tik Tok giving Stallone answers to life speeches.

Pretty funny.

What I’m trying to say is I think this is a psy-op. Get the patriot on your side, and then, the ‘hero’ guides him in the direction you want him or her to go. Bait us all with emotion and hope, then…here it comes…the big switch.

Viola…you have been hooked.

So, what can we expect from our heroes in Hollywood? The men that give us all hope and whom we want to emulate in our own lives? Where right ALWAYS wins?

What do we do when those hero’s come out to be communist/wall street/global China puppets to lecture us all NOT to be like what they preach in the movies? Give us your guns, because WE will shoot all the bad for you!

How can they be so hypocritical?

They would smile a draconian smile, with a wink, and tell us I’m sure if we even complain:

Hey…Nobody Perfect. But you can bet…they’ll ALL BE BACK TO BAIT AND HOOK.

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