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Klaus Schwab: International Terrorist

Nobody’s Opinion-–The farmers all over the world are protesting. Forget the Pandemic, this is now all about control in the name of global warming.

Cleverly, the elites like Klaus Schwab, have put enough powerful people into government spots to make SURE that his war on humanity goes through.

Read this, and know, this is what is happening. And what is our government doing about it?


They didn’t have to built gas champers. They thought of a clever way to kill millions and gettting RICH at the same time! So…….somebody didn’t LIKE the GREAT RESET of humanity, and blew up the Georgia Stones.

Good people everywhere said: “It’s about time. FINALLY some monument that deserved to be blown up.”

Sadly, they don’t need the stones anymore. They publish their desires and plans in their own books.

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