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WHY Ted Cruz, Kamala Harris, and Marco Rubio Should NOT run for President.

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When Obama became President, there was a vast discussion on the actual proof of his RIGHT to ever run for that office, since many thought, and even he claimed in his Harvard Yearbook, that he was from Kenya. He was NOT a natural born citizen. Notice, this lady does not mention Obama.

(Nobody wonders why.)

He shouldn’t even have run for the office.

There was so much talk about it, that Obama came up with a birth cirtificate, and tried to laugh it off.

Many claimed that document had been manufactured…which said he was born in Hawaii. Jerome Corsi wrote an exellent book proving that he was NOT a natural born citizen. Donald Trump at the time was susupicious AS was Hillary Clinton, who brought it up in the first place.

Anyone who discussed it was branded a ‘conspiracy nut.” End of story.

This Nobody was convinced it was true, after the woman who gave his birth cirtificate the ‘approval’ died in a plane crash off the coast of California while all others on the plane survived.

In the video above, the woman — gives a much detailed explantion of what a Natural Born Citizen is. And by all accounts, Kamala Harris, Marco Rubio, AND Ted Cruz would not be eligible to become President.

And she explains why.

But who is going to care? Really?

While we have watched the Constitution being shredded year after year, no politician in Washington D.C. EVER does anything about it, when one of their own breaks the law.

But the founders thought it WAS important, and for good reason.

Too bad they didn’t include the demand that no President can be senile when taking office.

That’s how far our leaders REALLY don’t care about us.

This is a land where MEN rule, not our laws…and certainly not….our Constitution.

John Adams would be appalled.

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