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The Art of Black Extorsion

Nobody Wins

Tonight, we went out to get some ‘fast food’ because it had been a long stressful day.

Tired of waiting in long lines at the usual burger places, I suggested we stop and go inside a Subway shop. As soon as we entered, my husband declared how clean it was. Most of them aren’t.

Behind the counter were a young woman, a young man, and an older woman, from India. We ordered two subs. We had coupons from the paper but the older woman told us that ONE she could not accept. None of them spoke perfect English and yet, you could tell they were trying.

My husband did not make a big deal of it. We paid the usual price and went and got a booth.

In minutes three black women, and one HUGE black man came in and ordered. When they got to the checkout they too were told that the coupon would not be accepted.

And that’s when the two black woman went ballistic. They called that poor woman, (From India) every name you can think of, and threatened her, and I was hoping my husband did NOT get in a fight with the black man because he was a good 400 pounds. Huge. They called the poor lady racist, and were up in her face yelling at her…..

The poor woman was almost crying, clearly afraid of these big black women, but stood her ground. They called her “racist.” I thought, “She must get this every day.”

They left without their food. I myself was glad they didn’t attack the poor woman. And we watched it all closely, hoping that the black women had enough sense NOT to physically attack her.

After they left, my husband and I went up to console her.

She was in tears, telling us that she had worked three jobs to become an American citizen, and said the blacks were all on welfare. Her two kids were helping her. Her husband knew seven languages and was helping OUR military over in Afganistan.

On her face you could see the despair of “Why? Why?”

We told her that the blacks do this to get free food, and they use this tactic to intimidate her to get it. I told her our own government was edging them all on to do this, and she shook her head yes, but I swear, if my husband and I had not been there I bet those two women would have hit that little poor Indian woman.

I could see in her eyes how scared she was. I would have been too.

“I have been here for 10 years!” She kept telling us she became a citizen the RIGHT way, learned English, etc…and yet, they called her a racist.

We told her we’d be back, and thanked her, and tried to console her, but what could we do?

We then went to the drugstore down the street and there was a big black man waiting for his perscription. He was there to pick up his wife’s drugs, what was her birthday the drugest asked?

“June 17th.”

“That MY birthday!” I laughed and said. To make a long story short we had a great time talking…he called his wife on the phone to meet me, and it was wonderful. Great guy.

What am I trying to say? Nobody Wins when you let the criminals get by with attacking anybody they want and calling out ‘racist’. And it’s ALWAYS black people. And our own government is promoting this hatred in the black community.

It’s extortion, and they use it to the hilt. Obama is behind all this colored war crap, and Hillary was, and all of the democrats, and they WANT us all to fight.

The good news is a lot of them know the scam. And they are reaching out to the whites. I’ve seen the changes her in my own neighborhood, but there are just as many blacks that ARE racist against everyone.

Tonight, I will go to bed thinking of that poor woman from India. She was kind, working her butt, just to make a living for her two children. What she must think of her life now. And this sort of stuff is happening all over America, daily.

And what do they report? All the time?

Trump didn’t win. That’s ALL they care about. That’s it.

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