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I was pretty down today, like this gentleman. Rain is expected throughout the July the 4th weekend. I went shopping in the local favorite spot, Old Town St. Charles, Missouri, and there were only a few people out, on a Saturday. On 4th of July weekend. The riverbanks were covered with hundreds of tents, getting ready for the 4th, but only a few people walking in the mud. Flags were up, but the spirit…gone.

I stopped and talked to a Jewish merchant, who had a little shop on the street for over 40 years. I could tell, he didn’t want me to leave. I spent money on a few things I really didn’t need, because, well, when those local shops are gone, it will be too sad, as all the malls have closed down.

I went to a Best Buy, who used to take old electronics…all you had to do was drop them off. Now, you have to pay THEM $30 dollars to take one item: computer, TV..etc. China is not taking our junk anymore and I thought, since there IS a shortage on electronics chips surely the old electronic could be picked for metal, chips, etc, right? That would be smart….right?

But only if you pay them.

Nancy Pelosi was seen with the Pope this week, getting her communion. So was Elon Musk.

Too funny I thought. But SO wrong.

So, what else can we do…but hope good men bring us through?

Sorry, I’ll try to cheer up by July the 4th, but really…today, I felt like this veteran.

And in a REAL world, one where evil does not dominate us all, THIS man would be Pope: We look to God to help us all, and good men and good women…to lead us.

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