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Elon Musk: Third Party Candidate?

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s getting hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys in our leaders, because they ALL lie, or twist words, or don’t tell the truth, and the American people are left to try to figure out what’s real and what’s not. And this humongous propaganda machine going full force in our media leaves us all crazy.

That’s by political design, but still….

So, what’s really going on with Elon Musk? He wants to own Twitter, but now, nope, it’s too fake and he wants out? The stock went down, Twitter is sueing HIM, and who knows what will happen?

But, Nobody Wonders: Was this just another political move to get conservative fans on his likeable list?

Before Elon started sounding like a Presidential candidate himself, most of his life he was considered VERY liberal. Like Zuckerberg (Who many on the internet have claimed is NOT his real name because he is the grandson of Nelson Rockefeller), and  Bill Gates, who basically stole the Windows operating system, and is now wanting to destroy most of the population on the planet, to Elon, who has NO faith whatsoever on the earth surviving, and plans to start humanity again on the moon___ we have NO idea who any of these egomaniacs really are.

And let’s not forget, electric cars are a nightmare in every respect. They may look pretty, but in the end they will destroy the environment much more than regular gas, and isolate everyone, because electric cars will destroy the FREEDOM to travel most anywhere without being permitted to. Roads will disappear. Only the roads with electric stations will be built. It’s not a pretty picture for freedom.

And yet, freedom is what Elon claims he wants.

Elon and China will make a lot of money.

He loves China too, but now, the U.S. democrats are pushing him out of the electric car business, probably because China WANTS him out. Everybody has skin in the game.

And how did this young man, who picks communists for his girlfriends, and is the richest man in the world all of a sudden, turned into Ron De Santis’s second cousin?

He is everywhere in the news. All of sudden. Don’t you wonder why?

Frankly, I kept wondering how in the WORLD Elon became the richest man in the world when less than 2 percent of the population was driving electric cars. Where the heck did he get all that money? He SURE as heck didn’t get it from selling electric cars here in the states.

His stories of ‘sleeping in the car shops’, presenting himself as the new Jobs or Edison, taking Tesla’s reputation— all very slick PR. Ad in his very woke mother, and the horror stories from his childhood, it’s very hard not to pay attention to the emotional buttons being pushed.

He moved to Texas and danced with his cowboy hat on. The liberals loved him, but now he is siding with conservatives. But has he given up his liberal wokeness?

No…he even sold all his mansions and built a small, boxed house to live it…how very woke of him.

Mr. Elon in the last six months has been the Republican patriotic fighter for free speech. Making very clever and very conservative sounding tweets every day…almost copying Trump’s tweets to a tee, which is making him very popular with people that DON’T want an electric car.

You want to know what I think?

I think Elon’s new popularity, trying to score with the millions of conservatives who will, be FORCED to buy electric cars, has been wined and dined by the globalists…and the RINOS.

Elon wins both ways. He helps the crooks in D.C. keep Trump out of town, and they will subsidize his electric cars forever..

He’s their boy to stop Trump from becoming President.

And that’s because, despite the great press and treatment he got from President Trump, he has come out and worked against Trump…saying he’s too old to be President again, to which Trump called him a BS artist.

And you know what? I think Trump is right. Just because he’s doing the Texas two-step all over the Twitter news doesn’t mean he will do anything for the United States.

As usual, this is all about his profits, and the Great Reset.

Which MEANS they have to stop Trump.

Today, Wall Street got involved: *****

Elon Musk v. Twitter: a Third Powerful Player Makes Noise (

He has been accused of violating the terms of his agreement with his copious tweets.

The exchange between the SEC and Musk’s lawyers shows that the federal agency is continuing its investigation into the mogul’s communications in this Twitter saga. The regulator had launched its investigation after Musk used the wrong form to announce that he had acquired 9.1% of Twitter’s capital in early April.

There are tensions between the two parties because in its letter, the SEC says that it communicated its requests to Musk’s lawyers by telephone on May 18 but has still not received a response. As a result, the agency decided to contact the billionaire by mail. The regulator also indicates to the serial entrepreneur that it reserves the right to make public the letters exchanged with him.


Right now, he’s right up there with Trump. And Ron DeSantis is being pushed to channeled Trump, because he’s not just a governor of Florida, he’s the savior of the free world, according to most all of the ‘conservative’ pundits, like Glenn Beck who never liked Trump anyway.

I’m sick of them all, but there is another way Elon could stop Trump, by playing the old third party card which takes votes away from the GOP candidate…

And it seems, it’s already being planned: Will these two promised a check of $1,000 a week to every single person in America if they are elected?

Nobody Knows…but Yang already suggested it didn’t he?

And so, the lust for power continues…

Elon for President? Can the richest man in the world buy the office?

Uh, do you want to spend your life on Mars?

Or is this all…BS?

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