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R.I.P. Ivana

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It was a shock to hear today that Ivana Trump, died today at 73. She always seemed to be a MOST remarkable woman. She helped run his casino’s and hotels, and raised three incredible kids, who all turned out to be just as remarkable in their own right.

Money doesn’t do that. Just look at crack-head Hunter Biden. As parents, they BOTH get credit.

I remember reading all the tabloids when they were going through their divorce, and most women felt for HER, not Donald. Still there’s always two sides to every story, and most of the time you never hear it.

But this ad, showed the real class act of them both. It was funny, cute, and Ivanka, was NO dummy. She looked beautiful in it.

I’m sure Trump had an ironclad prenuptual, and Ivana had no way out, but then again, if she hadn’t of married him, her life would not have been as full and wonderful as it was.

And you bet SHE knew that.

Ivana, you were, one hell of a woman. America will remember you, not just as Trump’s wife, but as a real hardworking business woman in her own right. A REAL American woman.

(P.S.) Thanks to my friend Doug Powers for pointing out that IVANKA was very much alive!

Yes, I am THAT tired.

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