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The Case of Global Tyranny

Nobody Knows

Right now, many Americans remember the political fights of our past history, how in the past, America went through all kinds of horror…the Civil War, revolution, WWI and WWII… and so many are thinking “We always pull out of this stuff.” And so, they just go about their lives, thinking, all will be better…with the next election. That was before the Great RESET. A reset of the world and its countries that has been in the making for more than 50 years.

It is now coming into fruition. Communism/Fascism is taking over our country with the help of our very own top leaders. If you think your life or your children’s lives are going to be better again, you might want to wake up and smell the destruction: This Nobody thinks we have been going downhill since Bill Clinton.

They plan to bring total reform into EVERY neighborhood very soon, and they want it all to happen by 2030 which they’ve all claimed, is their goal.

There is a fight going on for complete control of the world, and the democrats and the republican, are merely pawns in the world chess power game going on right now.

As Glenn Beck said this morning, whole countries are being destroyed with the climate green deals. Sri Lanka being the most recent we have seen. The elites have said they wanted a world with no borders, and they have worked hard to bring that about. Both Europe and the United States have been flooded with illegal immigrants. Our very own Western leaders did that.

The damage on the native populations has already taking its toll.

Governments are crashing…and Western Civilization is being destroyed—by its own leaders from within.

Having watched and written about this ‘slow’ demise since 2000, many of us wonder with amazement why OUR leaders are destroying their own countries?

If you believe, like many Americans do because they are TOLD to every day, that their leaders really care about them, and the rest of the world, then you will, once again, as you watch them destroy your own country ask yourself— WHY? WHY? Why are they doing this? Open borders? Inflation? Destroying our energy daily, giving our land over to China? Why? Trying to start WWIII…

WHY would anyone do this to their own country?

Nobody Wonders: is there some kind of extortion going on?

Have the open borders let in so many terrorists into the borders of England, France, and the United States, that there is a threat of REAL nuclear or cyber damage just waiting to be released?

They wouldn’t tell us if there were. WE CAN BLOW YOU UP.

You want Disney land? Here…take it.

The Clintons gave our national parks as collateral to China…in case of our default. Did you know that?

Is it all about the money? Did the Bushes make secret deals with the Saudi’s, and are they making billions off the building of all those fantastic cities being built in Dubai? Is THAT why the democrats are pushing ‘green’ energy, so THEY can get fantastic deals with China and live in offshore islands in luxury, and make the same billions that the GOP does off oil? Everybody know that windmills, electric cars, and solar panels are pretty much a joke compared to gas. Or even nuclear.

Is this some kind of competition?

I guess it was the only thing they could come up with to compete with the oil and war industries. Is this a monopoly war between the right and left?

Bill Gates. He’s rich enough, so why is HE trying to vaccinate the world? Yes, he makes a lot of money off those vaccines…just how much money does one man need?

Pelosi, O’Connell, all have deals with China, and they only report the millions they make, illegally gotten, and they show it off with no shame. How much MORE do they have? Biden is now giving our strategic oil reserves to the Chinese CCP, and his son makes a good profit off it, which means the Bidens are getting rich off selling our oil.

Remember, the Clintons sold our uranium to Russia. And we all know lots of people are  getting very rich off Ukraine.

Nothing happens to any President unless they are: Donald Trump. He was the real deal, and they keep trying to go after President Trump for crimes that don’t exist. They just make them up. He peed on a bed and made a bad telephone call. He won’t admit he lost the election.

Please. Spare us the hypocrisy.

Did the merger of the big international companies also ‘merge’ with all the politicians on the planet? Or was it the Epstein’s who kept them all in line?

Do ANY of our Presidents have ANY say whatsoever in how they rule? Nobody Wonders. I was just listening to Steve Deace, (The Blaze) go off on Trump for putting Fauci out there, and he reminded me of Ann Coulter. He wanted Trump to act like a dictator and get rid of Fauci. But could he LEGALLY do that?

He TRIED to build the wall, but Congress wouldn’t give him the money. Congress is mostly controlled by criminals, oligarchs, and rich CHINA loving RINOS.

Trump tried. It a shock he got done what he did. Sorry Ms. Coulter.

Congress gave the World Health Organization the POWER to overrule the President AND congress during a pandemic. And so, Trump was powerless to Fauci.  And yet, Steve Deace was blasting Trump for putting Fauci on TV. He wanted Trump to fire him.

Steve Deace cares, but I turned the channel. Clearly, not much of a deep thinker although he considers himself to be one.  

I was watching Trump on TV the other night and was shocked at how Newt Gingrich (a globalist) was promoting Kevin McCarthy to remain speaker of the House…yes, the man who went after Trump after the election. He was on board with all the RINOS.

I was surprised when President Trump gave a heads up to McCarthy AND to Kellyanne Conway, the woman who stays married to that horrible blowhard of a husband.

I don’t think much of her anymore.

Kids or not, she has hurt the country.

Not to mention, Trump made Pence VP. Trump is not stupid…the institutions of the Republican Party and the Democratic party have been so corrupt and entranced for so very long, that Trump had to agree with Pence as President as sure as Ronald Reagan (who hated George H.W) the Rockefeller part of the group, had to make George H.W. HIS VP, and look what happened.

GLOBALISM. Which is another word for the rich get richer, and America be damned.

Both Paul Ryan (who’s on the board of FOX NEWS) and best buddy Pence are going to do what the establishment wants. FOX just put Pence on the other night and ignored President Trump.

Remember, Trump must WORK with these people to try to get anything done. Not Biden. He answered to whomever is calling the shots. Obama probably, and whomever is calling HIS shots.

And Nobody Knows just WHO is calling the shots.

On the other hand, you have Hillary, who for whatever reason, the powers who truly run the world did NOT want her in office. Probably because they saw Trump as an opportunity to destroy the United States and her independent people once and for all.

The real fact we do know is that the world is ruled by a select group of tyrannical oligarchy, who have decided they must kill off as many patriotic rebels as they can.

Glenn Beck says we should just ‘reboot’ America.

Something tells me, Trump did that.

I don’t have any answers except to say that this is much bigger than one people or one country.

Nobody Knows what will happen next.

And many people don’t even seem to care.

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  1. I am quite used to seeing and hearing Tucker Carlson. He is usually measured, precise and even sometimes dispassionate. This time he was quite passionate. I like his usual style and his analysis.

    Why do Americans have such strange ‘fore-names’. Tucker? Where the dickens does ‘tucker’ come from?


    Comment by Amfortas | July 28, 2022 | Reply

    • Hey Amfortas, I tho’t it might be a family name so I looked it up and here’s what Wikipedia said about his name: “Carlson was named after his great-great-great-grandfather Dr. J. C. Tucker and his great-great-grandfather George W. McNear.” (His name is Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson. 😉 ) My husband’s middle name is his mother’s maiden name, his dad’s middle name was his mother’s maiden name… It’s a family thing here. 😉 ~ Mrs. O


      Comment by Mrs. O | July 28, 2022 | Reply

      • Many thanks for that explanation, m’dear Mrs O. 🙂


        Comment by Amfortas | July 29, 2022

  2. Way to go Tucker! And thanks for posting that Joyanna!


    Comment by Mrs. O | July 28, 2022 | Reply

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