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Nobody Wins With the 4th Revolution

Tip-toeing through the news this morning, I was trying to find something to opine about:

Prince Charles getting a million dollars from Bin Laden? Well…why not? Bill Clinton AND the Bushes both got MILLIONS from the Saudi’s to build their fabulous libraries and foundations, and Trump just got slammed for having them at his golf tournaments. Is there an understood arrangement here that if our President do NOT develop our oil, then the Saudi’s will build their legacies? (Nobody Wonders)

Or…FOX kicking Trump off their network? Or the fact that FOX is obsessed with the Ukraine war and how those poor people need MORE money for weapons. That’s all FOX talks about it seems: WAR.

Or…watching all the poor white families in Kentucky being wiped out by floods. (Global warming)

Or…Biden getting Covid again? Please. He’s past his expiration point and he makes too many gaffs.

As if our stress levels weren’t high enough, I’ve been watching my ‘adrenal’ glands being destroyed because we spent the day yesterday TRYING to hook up old VCR boxes so that I can start getting rid of all my old VCR tapes. Now, any movie you want to watch is streaming on TV. THOUSANDS. And I’ve got two huge boxes of old video tapes I do NOT need. Nobody really does. TRASH.

We had 6 video players, and ALL six were trashed. Either they ate the tapes, or were just totaled for whatever reason. We thought for sure we’d find ONE. But no. It’s the new mantra of EVERY big company: do NOT make anything that lasts more than a few years. It’s just the norm now.

To get rid of them now , WE have to pay someone to take them, or throw them away…which brings me to this very important point: Computers, video Games, telephones, moniters, old TV’s: ALL the big tech that has been developed in the last 30 years, were sold to China. At one time, trash was our BIGGEST export to China. For years.

Now, China has all the old tech, and can reuse it all. By the way, China has really cut down on buying our trash. They got all the chips now, they don’t need our trash anymore.

And you won’t hear anything in the news about old tech trash being a problem anyway.

If you think that’s bad, imagine the electric car batteries, and solar panels, and windmills that will be piling into the trash heaps. Nuclear waste? Ah….well…as long as there’s no earthquakes….

And don’t get me started on all the plastic grocery bags and ‘masks’ killing our oceans. Remember when they told us paper bags were pollution so they switched us all to plastic?

And PLEASE notice— tech trash, and its disposal, is never a concern of the global warming idiots.

The fact is NOBODY talks about tech trash. Food, paper, that gets taken back into the gound but plastic?

So, having trouble trying to decide on a subject to write about, I started watching this video thinking…oh…45 minutes? No way. I have too much to do.

But, once I started, I couldn’t stop…and I was so depressed after watching it, my adrenals collapsed me onto the bed and I slept for over 20 minutes. In the middle of a Sunday afternoon.

If you CAN handle it, I’d watch it. But remember, these guys are NUTS. Wacko. Evil. Insane.

ALL the newest tech is destroyed within a few years. They want to TECH up humans? Do you REALLY think those humans will remain alive forever after the first virus hits their brains?

Or will they, once connected to the internet, be trashed like the rest of all products, because that’s really what humanity will become: Trash, to be used and thrown away. Listen to this video and watch how they talk about”HUMANS”.

I put in some laundry, and gave it a more measured thought. Until THESE monsters start connecting themselves first to their great metaverse, (They have no intention of doing, trust me on that.) humanity should fight this with every breathe they take.

Once again, it’s all about the money, and control.

By the way, many of you know this already, but then again, don’t be like me. “Overly sensitive.”

Or you might end up sleeping your life away.

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  1. “Trying to find something to opine about”

    Love it.


    Comment by jameshigham | August 1, 2022 | Reply

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