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THIS Nobody Supports Eric Greitens for Senator of Missouri

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Here in Missouri, we’ve been waiting for President Trump to give his endorsement for his choice for the Senate seat. The contest is really between Eric Greitens, our former Governor, and Eric Schmitt.

Here’s what’s been going on: Karl Rove has led a relentless attack on Greitens, since he was governor. The RINO’s hate him. They have spent a buttload of money making sure he does NOT get elected.

Eric Schmitt on the other hand, has been promoted on Newsmax, FOX, and just about every national TV station in the country, lauding how he went after Biden on school’s being locked down, and other very conservative things sure to appeal to the regular conservative’s heart. The fact that none of it will really get done, is ignored.

On the other hand, since Greitens admitted he had an affair with his hairdresser, both her AND his wife have been after his gonads, basically, and Karl Rove has been behind THAT movement. Nothing like a good sex scandal to blow your opponent out of the water. Unless of course you’re George H.W. Bush or his son, both of whom had affairs.

Here’s the news:


Despite Greitens leading Schmitt by 6 points in polls prior to the release of the ads last month, his lead has slipped to find him lagging behind the Attorney General by 17 points as of this week. The Hill reported the fall in Greitens’ poll numbers is partially attributed to allegations his soon-to-be-ex-wife made earlier this spring after she testified under oath that he physically assaulted her and their three-year-old son.


I hear this ad on the radio, and it was SO disgusting—to think that a man would knock his sons teeth out, it did remind me of the ad they put out on Trump, that he had prostitutes pee on Obama’s bed.

Do you see the tactics they use here? Clearly, anyone that would put on the air something that proves a man guilty until proven innocent is the way Karl Rove and democrats work. And the more disgusting it is the better.

Let’s not forget the three impeachment proceedings of the Trump Presidency. All made up.

Still, there are a lot of dumb people her that might not want to vote for Greitens simply because of it.

Quite a while ago, I saw an ad talking about how Eric Schmitt was really trying to work out a deal with China and Lambert field. To bring China into Missouri. It was a big deal, and a lot of our republican representatives were really pushing it. Pushing it SO much that whole neighborhoods around Lambert field were forced to abandon their homes, in order for a huge runway to be built. In fact, the whole area around the airport has been completely transformed. TWA left, and giant hills were built so that you could not even see the runways. Before this transformation, there were dozens of hotels, and restaurants where you could watch the airplanes take off.

ALL of them, all of them are gone. Boeing has moved, and losing contracts to AIRBUS, and instead a VAST complex of empty warehouses that go on for miles have been built, and AMAZON is now taking up a huge portion of those warehouses.

AMAZON…CHINA…what a better deal!

Eris Greitens: “These politicians push legislation to allow Missouri farmland to be sold to Chinese communist party-owned companies. It is disgusting,” former Gov. Eric Greitens, another one of Schmitt’s opponents in the race, told Breitbart News Saturday last year.

If you saw this area now, you would swear looking down at the airport that it was a deep bunker built to look like North Korea hiding its nukes.

This went on even during Bush, through Obama, and it was done by the time Trump took office, BUT.,.that huge airfield that was built?

Nobody lands there. Not one plane. This Nobody thinks it’s just waiting for those big planes from China.

Eric Schmitt was behind this. It WAS voted down by me, and most of the people in Missouri.

(See ad on link below)

So, that ad I saw, about this, has disappeared, and in its place are ads saying the Eric Greitens is in bed with China.

Please. They have done the REAL polls and know that the conservatives here know that Eric Schmitt was trying to put China here.  

Who does Trump support? Since these terrible ads by Karl Rove have been doing a scare job, let us guess. Giuliani, Wayne Root, and Kimberly Guilfoyle have all come out and supported Greitens. All loyal Trump supporters.

Greitens was a great Governor. And I do not believe all the crap they are saying, because that’s the way they cheat and lie.

They are STILL lying about Trump. Horrible lies. It’s what they do. LIE.

So, I hope that these stupid “Polls” they use to manipulate not only the people but our politicians, I hope the people wake up and vote who they want, NOT what some poll tells them who would lose.

I even heard Dana Loesch say Eric was against the 2nd amendment.

Really? A Navy Seal against the 2nd amendment? What is she smoking?

Dana Loesch is also for Ron DeSantis, which tells you, she is on the RINO side. For the same reason everyone is attacking Greitens:

Loesch thinks Trump can’t win.


I hope for the best. I hope the people from Missouri remember that the news is full of B.S, and vote for whom they wanted in the first place.

And what does Trump really think?:

Remember, if sex were so important to the democrats and rinos they would have taken out Biden and his son LOOOOOOOG ago. Biden took showers with his daughter according to his daughter, and Hunter?

Well drugs and prostitution are the LEAST of his crimes.

Do not vote for Greitens because he cheated on his wife….He admitted it, unlike Bill Clinton.

Vote for him for what he can do for Missouri, and as governor, he did a lot.

And that is my Nobody Opinion.

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