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Nobody Wonders: Did Pelosi MEAN IT?

Pelosi’s statement here was SO outrageous, most reporters today were saying she REALLY meant that Taiwan was one of the freest socieites in the world because that’s what she said when she was IN Taiwan.

She just was tired, or old, or…had to much to drink.

BUT…before she said that, she said she upheld the ONE CHINA policy which IS: Taiwan is part of China and therefore, she said in her first statement that she supported that policy.

Taiwan is part of China.

So, was this a ‘slip’ of the dementia tongue? Making sure her stocks went up? Or was she really bowing to China?

I think she was bowing to China.

Nobody Thinks she knows exactly how to confuse words to make everybody confused about whatever clever hole she has to get out of. She’s been doing it for years. It’s a great talent that she can be especially proud of.

What do YOU think?

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