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Biden Gives MORE “FREE” Money away!

Nobody Wins

In order to shore up more votes for the midterms, Biden has orderered that, through the Covid emergency Presidential powers, you and I must now pay for the rich kids who went to Ivy league colleges and owe money on their loans. AND…more for poor kids who went to college on our dime, AND hopefully, kindergarden will be paid for, AND…a complete final bankrupt of America will come sooner rather than later.

They are already giving free college to illegals.

They (the conservatives) are HOPING that the courts will strike this down as it is unconstituional.

Well, Obamacare was unconstitutional, that didn’t stop Roberts on the Supreme Court from making it the law of the land, so they can be hopeful, but they ARE not paying attention are they?

I couldn’t afford college. And I couldn’t afford my son to go to college. I was a single parent. So, all these people who worked two or three jobs to send their kids to college, now will get the “SUCKER!” remark from all of those kids who will go out and vote for democrats.

Nobody Wins when your own President is your WORST enemy.

On a good note: you will learn NOTHING in college unless you are going for a enginering degree. And even then, you might get screwed if you invent something that the world needs.

The poor, will have to educate themselves.

But, what else is new?

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