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WHY THIS Nobody Loves Tucker Carlson

Yep. Yesterday as predicted by just about everybody, another “Rino” won in Missouri. Eric Schmitt won the primary for Senate and Eric Greitens lost. Glenn Beck I’m sure help put him over the top. But to be fair, the propaganda of the left is very strong in Missouri, and this IS Bush territory. (That’s another blog.)

So, what does this mean? Don’t commit adultry if you are a politician, and then NOT lie about it. Also, personal attack ads DO work, especially if Trump supporters like you.

Will Eric Schmitt turn out to be another sweet talking RINO like Roy Blunt?

Who knows? But I will say “I told you so.” the first time he turns against Trump and sides with the RINOS.

What to do? Why, I turned to Tucker Carlson, who sums up everything we are thinking. At least he’s still on.

And I personally needed the inspiration.


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