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Just Pick a Gay…They WILL Obey

Nobody’s Opinion

Many many moons ago, I read a book that was very interesting. It was written by a psychologist who had a theory on how Hitler managed to control the main guys he kept around him. I have tried to find that book again, but it’s almost an impossibility, so I have to go from memory on the theory he had which was this:

Hitler not only had a lot of gay men in his circle, but every man had grown up with SOME kind of physical defect. And many of them WERE gay. I can’t remember how many of the men, but quite a few had something that they grew with as children, that would have been an embarrassing trait: Like a clef lip. (Some records say Hitler himself was gay and had a clef lip). Anyway, this doctor listed many of them, Joseph Goebbels, Herman Goring, Heinrich Himmler…etc, and he said, if you hire people who have grown up with ridicule all their lives, then they will be VERY loyal to you, and easier to control. And gay people, are perfect for that.

While they keep trying to tell us GAY is now the norm, it’s not. Never has been. We ALL know that.

When I read this book, Bill Clinton was the President, and I was emailing a woman who I met online, whose FATHER was in the FBI. I told her about the book, and how it made sense, even with Bill Clinton. After all, just look at his cabinet…Janet Reno for one. Madeline Albright. In fact, you could carry this theory on to today: It seems today, that democrats always choose people who are…somehow, defective socially in some way. Not exacly the class Presidential type. Men and women who never had much of a sex life, —are ugly, or just plain stupid, but even more important, they had unhappy childhoods.

Obama and Michelle were our first “GAY” couple, even though they hid it. And some say that now, Obama is still running the country, and who runs Obama? Probably many of the ‘gay’ men in the World Ecoonomic Forum. It’s very easy to spot them.


Let’s look at Biden’s (Obama’s) Cabinet.

I happen to believe there really is something to this. If you are made fun of as a child, or have grown up feeling insecure with emotional scars from your childhood, then when someone in power GIVES you power and a job above others, you will do just about anything that person says. Mentally, you can be easily controlled.

Anyway, that was his theory. And if you look at all the people in Congress, the morons, the stupid, the clueless, you might tend to agree. Fill the postitions with people willing to do ANYTHING to stay in power, after living a lifetime of shame or “Not fitting in” then they are easier to control.

Obama’s cabinet is a prime example of it: (Excuse me…Biden’s.)

And let’s examine some of our top power politicians, shall we?

(Our Secretary of Energy) Wow. That’s a first in America. Think he’s thinking about energy? Or the color of his lipstick?

Our Secretary of “Health” a transgender man who is obviously NOT heathty at all. And marxist on top of it. Just like Obama.

Petet Buttigeit our Secretary of Transportation and his husband: And he breastfeeds too! In the meantime, the whole nation suffers from shortages due to his habit of screwing up the country’s transportation as much as possible. I don’t care if he served in the military and CIA…he’s still a puppet.

And just to show China and Russia we will be ready to defend our country? Here’s our ‘ladies’ in charge!

We are no longer a threat to anyone on the planet.

The truth is, we need more men. The democrats have been destroying them for years.

And by the way…WHY are they putting all these gays into high positions? Is it to be ‘nice’ or is it really because, they can be counted on to do as they are told?


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