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Nobody Cares: There’s a MESSAGE in Jurassic World Dominion

Nobody Cares

Jurassic Park Dominion and Top Gun Maverick were two movies that were released about the same time earlier this year. While ALL my friends went to see Tom Cruise, I choose Jurassic Park. First, because Spielberg, whatever his politics, IS the master of movies in our lifetime. The realism of the dinosaurs alone makes it worth the money. The only movie that Spielberg has done that I thought was a flop in the past, was putting Robin Williams in the role of Peter Pan in HOOK. And here’s the thing: ALL my liberals friends went to see the Top Gun movie, and they all loved it. They cried, they laughed— who knew a patriotic movie would be so moving to them?

I was…dumfounded listening to them. Trump haters…all of them.

Nobody that I knew even CARED to see Jurassic Dominion…and I found that strange. In fact, did you notice, the movie was hardly promoted at all? You didn’t hear about it on any media. As far as I know, it was a big flop at the box office. It had a few weeks of a released and then…silence. I found that incredibly strange.

You would have thought that Trump himself had a cameo in the movie.

Instead, all the media kept talking about was how Tom Cruise refused to take Taiwan’s symbol off the back of his leather jacket, which made China refuse to play it in their country.

Giving up all that money in China! Wow. And recently they said it even beat the Titanic in global tickets.

The reason I didn’t go to see it, I thought that it was another propaganda film meant as a recruiting mechanism to get young kids to sign up to be pilots for the upcoming war the globalists are planning with China.  When Tom Cruise went to see the Queen of England, then I thought—OKAY. Mmmmm…we don’t have many boats; we will send our planes.

Yeah, that’s what went through my mind. I just read that in the U.K., only women and minorities will be allowed to train as pilots now. I guess they thought the women in the U.K. would fall in love all over again with Cruz and join up. I happen to think that women and minorities can be fine pilots but to discriminate against the white male…what’s going on?

REALLY stupid.

Now, while you MAY think Jurassic Park Dominion is just another Dinosaur movie, I’m here to say, It’s not. There was a very strong message hidden inside the plot.

Spielberg very cleverly disguised what’s happening in the real world now, into the plot. There is an evil scientist who is manipulating DNA (Like Monsanto) that will eventually cause genocide of the whole planet by destroying all the food on the planet, causing mass starvation. (Sound familiar?)

 The cast realizes what these evil scientists are trying to do and they try to stop it. The movie is SO close to what is happening now with the rich elites, I really believe that THAT’s why they pretty much destroyed any media attention to this film, and really hoped to discourage anyone from seeing it.

Sometime I plan to watch the Tom Cruz movie, but I might want to see Jurassic Park again.

In the movie, it’s admitted that fooling with the DNA of mankind will destroy everyone on it.

And that is a very powerful message…because isn’t that what Klaus, Gates, China, and Fauci doing right now? Exactly that? Before the movie is over, he leaves us with this line:

“What are you going to DO about it?

Forget Tom Cruz…I might go Jurassic Park Dominion: ONE MORE TIME.  

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