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Nobody Cares: There’s a MESSAGE in Jurassic World Dominion

Nobody Cares

Jurassic Park Dominion and Top Gun Maverick were two movies that were released about the same time earlier this year. While ALL my friends went to see Tom Cruise, I choose Jurassic Park. First, because Spielberg, whatever his politics, IS the master of movies in our lifetime. The realism of the dinosaurs alone makes it worth the money. The only movie that Spielberg has done that I thought was a flop in the past, was putting Robin Williams in the role of Peter Pan in HOOK. And here’s the thing: ALL my liberals friends went to see the Top Gun movie, and they all loved it. They cried, they laughed— who knew a patriotic movie would be so moving to them?

I was…dumfounded listening to them. Trump haters…all of them.

Nobody that I knew even CARED to see Jurassic Dominion…and I found that strange. In fact, did you notice, the movie was hardly promoted at all? You didn’t hear about it on any media. As far as I know, it was a big flop at the box office. It had a few weeks of a released and then…silence. I found that incredibly strange.

You would have thought that Trump himself had a cameo in the movie.

Instead, all the media kept talking about was how Tom Cruise refused to take Taiwan’s symbol off the back of his leather jacket, which made China refuse to play it in their country.

Giving up all that money in China! Wow. And recently they said it even beat the Titanic in global tickets.

The reason I didn’t go to see it, I thought that it was another propaganda film meant as a recruiting mechanism to get young kids to sign up to be pilots for the upcoming war the globalists are planning with China.  When Tom Cruise went to see the Queen of England, then I thought—OKAY. Mmmmm…we don’t have many boats; we will send our planes.

Yeah, that’s what went through my mind. I just read that in the U.K., only women and minorities will be allowed to train as pilots now. I guess they thought the women in the U.K. would fall in love all over again with Cruz and join up. I happen to think that women and minorities can be fine pilots but to discriminate against the white male…what’s going on?

REALLY stupid.

Now, while you MAY think Jurassic Park Dominion is just another Dinosaur movie, I’m here to say, It’s not. There was a very strong message hidden inside the plot.

Spielberg very cleverly disguised what’s happening in the real world now, into the plot. There is an evil scientist who is manipulating DNA (Like Monsanto) that will eventually cause genocide of the whole planet by destroying all the food on the planet, causing mass starvation. (Sound familiar?)

 The cast realizes what these evil scientists are trying to do and they try to stop it. The movie is SO close to what is happening now with the rich elites, I really believe that THAT’s why they pretty much destroyed any media attention to this film, and really hoped to discourage anyone from seeing it.

Sometime I plan to watch the Tom Cruz movie, but I might want to see Jurassic Park again.

In the movie, it’s admitted that fooling with the DNA of mankind will destroy everyone on it.

And that is a very powerful message…because isn’t that what Klaus, Gates, China, and Fauci doing right now? Exactly that? Before the movie is over, he leaves us with this line:

“What are you going to DO about it?

Forget Tom Cruz…I might go Jurassic Park Dominion: ONE MORE TIME.  

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Bridge of Spies—Another Home Run for Spielberg–(Ignore the Media.)

Nobody Reports

The last really good movie I saw, one that I wanted to actually see again, was Jurassic World. Sure, The Martian was fun, but nobody does the sets, the acting, the action, the drama, as well as Steven Spielberg. The man was just born to do what he does.

Bridge of Spies is a movie of American history, and coming at a propitious time when daily we are bombarded with news that black is white, and our whole very notion of being “American” is being torn down.  It’s A spy movie about when America traded ‘spies’ in the cold war, with the help of an insurance lawyer, who basically, against even our own government’s wishes, just does the right thing.

Yes, there still is a right, and a wrong. (even dogs know that.)

From HC

Tom Hanks stars as James Donovan, an American attorney brought on to defend “suspected” Soviet spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) in 1957 in the early stages of the Cold War. Donovan is reluctant to take on the controversial client, but is encouraged to do so by his boss (Alan Alda) because America needs to prove that it gives everyone a fair trial. In other words, America is supposed to appear morally superior to its enemies, even though Abel’s guilt has already unofficially been determined.

Yes, James Donovan (Tom Hanks) defends the Soviet spy in the same tradition that John Adams defended the British soldiers of the Boston Massacre, and the whole time I was watching this movie I couldn’t help but think of how off the course of America we have come.

Obama can now, if he believes ANYBODY to be a threat to the nation, without a trial, imprison them for whatever time he likes, and Congress let him take that power. It was never even discussed in public, and yet a fundamental American right has been taken away. With Obama’s love and protection of all who are Muslim, this scares mostly those who HE thinks are enemies…and in Obama’s world, it’s a lot of the American population.

In this movie we see a normal citizen fight for the rights and lives of BOTH ‘spies’, American and Russian, the point being driving home is they are just doing their jobs. The ‘governments’ of our world, make decisions that a normal citizen would never make.

Not to mention, (going back to Obama) —Obama didn’t even attempt to get the release of four Americans out of Iran, when he was signing his ‘historical’ nuclear deals with Iran. You can’t help but compare Obama of today, with the past man in this movie, James Donovan, a nobody from some law firm, who goes on to get thousands of people released from jail in communist countries—which you learn as a footnote at the end.

Too bad we don’t have a James Donovan today.

As I left the theater, I wanted to see this beautifully told and meticulously crafted movie a few more times…but I can’t help but wonder why Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks continue in real life to support Obama? Why?

It’s a dichotomy that remains inexplicable: How many liberal actors make their living by blowing up people on screens with guns, and yet, want all guns banned? And how can directors and actors who make uplifting themes of the goodness of America, endorse someone like Obama? The MOST Un-American President to ever hold the office. How?

Is it really just all about the money? Can somebody answer that to me please? (I have my suspicions, but would love to hear yours.)

Anyway, go see the movie, because the PR is telling everyone NOT to.

You’ll want to see it…one more time.


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Speilburg Honors Obama—AGAIN.

Nobody FlashesSpeilburg's Obama

Wonders never cease. First, Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, which he didn’t deserve, and now, he gets an Ambassador to Humanity award, from Steven Spielberg.

President Barack Obama is set to deliver remarks and receive an honor presented by Steven Spielberg at a USC Shoah Foundation event, the organization said Friday. 

“President Obama’s commitment to democracy and human rights has long been felt,” said Spielberg in a statement announcing the news. “As a constitutional scholar and as president, his interest in expanding justice and opportunity for all is remarkably evident.”

“The president’s recent appointment of the first special envoy for Holocaust Survivor Services in United States history demonstrates his staunch commitment to honoring the past while building a better future,” the director continued. Spielberg will present Obama with the Ambassador for Humanity Award.”

Right. Democracy rule by the majority of one, and his human rights? He is setting up his own holocaust with Obamacare. That’s how much he cares about human rights.  Constitutional Scholar? I guess you have to know the laws to know how to break them.

Things must be REALLY be bad if Steven Spielberg has to come out and try to promote his old pal Obama. Don’t you wonder what Steven Spielberg gets for always giving the democrats his millions, his talent, and his time?

I can take one guess: And it rhymes with honey.

This is one ego fest you won’t find Netanyahu attending, and when the rich Jews keep giving to people like Obama, a man who doesn’t even recognized Jerusalem on a map, it makes you wonder.

Maybe there is a grain of truth to racial stereotypes, after all.

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Nobody is STILL Damaged By JAWS

Nobody Wonders

I was cleaning out some old magazines this morning, and came upon an old Rolling Stone issue, from 1985. Steven Spielberg was on the cover, and I reread the interview.Speilburg

All experience colors any perceptions in most people’s life, so I was surprised as I read the interview that Steven was even MORE of a genius that I had imagined in 1985 when I must have first read this interview. Just the scope of how he thought, and how he looked at his own trade, and the insight he had into his own life and people, were amazing. And then, I read this about his review of the movie Rambo:

“I think Rambo is great. I love Rambo. But I think it is potentially a very dangerous movie, because it’s a this- is-the-way- it- should- have- been motion picture which is very, very frightening. It changes history in a frightening way. But it’s a helluva well made picture. It winds you up inside, and when it let you go, you spin around like a top, and the darn thing is just so much fun to watch. Even bleeding heart liberal walk out trying desperately to deny that they were entertained. I was entertained and angered at the same time. “

Now…isn’t this interesting. He is mad that a movie that was filled with violence made him angry, and yet he was entertained.

I had that same feeling for YEARS after I saw Jaws. ANGER. Jaws ruined my love of the water. I grew up swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, an ocean filled with all kinds of sharks, and yet, I was never scared. After that movie you couldn’t get me near an ocean without those images in my mind.

Thanks a lot Steve.

After I saw that movie I had nightmares. Millions of sharks were killed out of sheer fear all over the world.  Spielberg put a deep fear of sharks into the general population, the world has never gotten over it. While sharks are dangerous, more people are killed by lighting every year. I’m sure it spoiled many a vacation.Jaws

And yet…Steven obviously simply has rationalized his own movie as…sheer entertainment, which put him on the map. So see, it really is about the money. He is no different from Stallone.

Although, having said that, comparing Spielberg to Stallone, is like comparing Beethoven to the Troggs.

Nobody Wonders at the human capability of ignoring one’s own hypocrisy. We are incredibly good at it, especially if we can make ourselves more money.

Most everyone who saw Rambo knew it was simply a fantasy action film. But JAWS…that was so real, it became our reality.

If asked today, would Steven have any guilt about it at all? Or, does he think he did us all a favor?

Nobody wonders.

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Can the Obama’s Exploit the Oscars? YES WE CAN!

Nobody Opinion

(Written before the Oscars, but I’ve updated…in places)

Nobody will argue, that Lincoln will probably walk away with the most Oscars tonight, for the simple reason that Spielberg is a genius, and nobody can tell a story and bring it to life as well as he can.Lincoln movie

It should win easily.  But then again…Hillary and Kerry are rooting for Argo. Isn’t that a first in American history? Politicians publically announcing their favorite to win an Oscar?

Politics are in almost all the movies in contention for the Oscar tonight, and if ARGO wins over Lincoln, one might assume that Hillary Clinton and John Kerry had something to do with it. I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure it glorifies the State Department, and is more than likely, a propaganda film, to make everyone forget the horror Hillary’s State Department made in Benghazi

(It’s also not historically true. It was the Canadians who got the people out, says Jimmy Carter, who was President at the time.)

But, back to Lincoln. Why do this movie now?Obama as Lincoln

More times that I can count, Obama’s PR machine has been put him on the fronts of magazines portraying him as Lincoln, or FDR— the two Presidents in past history who, more than any others, ignored the Constitution and gave themselves overwhelming powers. Powers not intended for them to have. They simply took it. FDR, with his NEW DEAL, had become such a dictator, Congress passed the 22nd amendment to keep that from ever happening again.Obama as Lincoln 2

Last week in the Washington Post, Tom Fox wrote an editorial called,  Why Presidents Need to be Exploiters” to support the idea that in crisis, President should always take advantage and extent their powers.

The public almost never moves in the president’s direction if there is division in the country. It is difficult to reach most citizens, overcome their predispositions and combat a vocal opposition. When FDR found Congress extraordinarily responsive to the crisis, (depressions and war) he effectively exploited this opportunity and rapidly passed the original New Deal. He did not try to create an opportunity; instead, he brilliantly exploited one. This is presidential effectiveness. (Can I gag here?)

In other words, whenever a man sees a chance to take more power…go for it.

And since this Nobody thinks nothing is a coincidence when it comes to politics, I think both Lincoln and Argo were made to promote the Obama administration in Washington. Argo, the State Department, and Lincoln—Obama. ALL of Congress got special viewings.

Must be nice not to have to pay admission fee.Obama as FDR 2

The movie Lincoln plays heavily in Obama’s favor, and this is why. The message coming out  of that movie was that ONE President, bribed, broke laws, ignored the Constitution, because his Congress was too stupid and prejudiced. He did it to abolish slavery…, therefore, we should forgive him. Presidents should always be allowed to break the law when necessary for the greater good.

FDR gets the same pass. We were in a war, he expanded the government into the overgrown elephant we have today.  Johnson added the Great Society. You could say the same about George W. Bush, who created the government program we will all come to fear someday, called, Homeland Security, all by himself. With the stroke of a pen.

Historically, Presidents have been expanding their powers whenever they could “exploit” the moment.

How many times have we heard Obama say that if Congress doesn’t get something he wants done..he will do it himself? Too many for my taste.

And he does it— Triples our debt, and makes Czars, and starts wars. His mission is to dismantle the country, the America he does not like, and reshape it in his own Marxist Utopian, and some say European, image.Obama as Lincoln 3

For instance: He thought up the sequester, which of course cuts the military in two, and then, when it comes times to vote, he ups the ante and says he wants MORE taxes, so that the Republicans will NOT vote for it, and he gets exactly what he wants.


The office of the Presidency has grown too much power, and because impeachment is so rare, just one President can destroy the country…and we are watching that happen.

Lincoln broke the law, but it was for a good cause.  The country is once again divided. Obama breaks the law, but not for some good cause, —NOT to unit and keep us together, but to further push the country into communism.

Lincoln did NOT want communism.obama wonders

And that’s the dangerous message Lincoln and Spielberg bring: Give him the power. But Obama is NO Lincoln. The very fact that he is being allowed to kill anyone with his drones, makes him a dictator.

Did Steven Spielberg make Lincoln to hint that Obama is there to guide a divided nation into what’s good for them? Or did he just want to point out that all politics are corrupt?

Nobody Knows.

UPDATE: Okay, I was right. Liam Nelsion just introduced Lincoln as a President who has to rule over a gridlocked Congress.(Hint…hint, our congress is gridlocked over sequestration)

Katzenberg , one of the biggest producers in Hollywood, said they make movies to influence the world.

Hollywood works for Obama now. And if you don’t believe that, then if you watched it to the end you saw, for the first time in History,


(Along with the usual politically correct we must all behave message)

Argo won Movie of the Years…Ben Affleck, the laughing stock of Hollywood, is now the King of the world. Hillary and Kerry will be thrilled….they threw the down and out kid, a bone….

Put that in your Oscar and smoke it



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WAR HORSE: Perfection

Nobody’s Perfect:

Not too long ago, Obama reversed a law saying that you could not sell horses for food here in the United States. I was so angry…that I wrote about it here. Horses are noble creatures. They have carried men through battle, plowed his fields, gave him pleasure….forever it seems.

And so, when I saw this film, I was more than relieved…that Steven Spielberg has come out with a true story about the nobleness of the horse. Not only is this film filled with beautiful cinematography, it’s a masterpiece of storytelling.

The movie is about a Scottish farmer who buys a horse that is useless to him, but his son and the horse bond for life. When the first World War comes, the father sells the horse to keep his farm. The boy, later joins up and goes to France, to look for the horse, and you know that in the end…they find each other in No Man’s Land, by some great synchronicity in life, which often really happens.

Towards the end of the movie, the horse finally gets free of his German Masters (How he got into the German Hands I won’t say, you’ll have to find out.) and runs through the barbed wire of No Man’s Land where he gets stuck, and a German AND an Englishman go out and both work together to free Joey. The scene is Speilburg’s way of telling us all: men can be good—war is bad.

To Spielberg’s credit, it’s not a political film. It makes no judgement, but shows the true goodness of horse and men. It also shows the immense cruelty and horror of war, without showing any blood.

This movie will make you cry….and it will make you understand the horse…by seeing the world through the eyes of Joey.

Spielberg has made the most amazing film: Jaws, Encounters of the Third Kind, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s’ List, Amistad, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, ET…and now this. Unlike James Cameron, who used his movie Avatar to climb into the liberal global warming bandwagon…Speilburg doesn’t do that in movies. He never takes political sides.

And yet, he, and all his Hollywood friends fill the campaign coffers of Obama: A man who sides against the Jews. A man who just put horse meat on the menu: A man who put human beings into the grave if they are over 70, and go to the hospital. In Obamacare, they will be called ‘Units” and denied lifesaving care.

It’s true. They will not only shoot horses, but in Obamacare..anyone over 70. Just not with a bullet. (Unless of course, you are in Congress.)

As a filmmaker..Speilburg will remain a master of masters. But Nobody Wonders…how can he be so moral, tell such patriotic stories, put his considerable time and talent into making films about the honest, the noble, the good, and the evil of mankind, and then give millions to the very people who will promote exactly the opposite of every story of nobleness he has every told?

Any man who can say horses are food, and old people are no longer given a right to live, is evil.

How? And why?

Does our government actually OWN the great directors? Do the rich of Hollywood give money to protect their right to make what they want? Is that why?

Steven may not be perfect…because he gives such vast amounts of his money to Obama, who is the antitheses to all he shows us in his movies: but War Horse is a movie that can be watched forever more. It’s a perfect film. And I hope everyone in the world see it, and fights to save the noble horse from becoming simply meat for China. We need more horses on the planet, not less.

Go see it…and take your children. Better have some tissue.

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