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Nobody’s Pefect: George W. Bush VS Brian Cullinan

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, it’s George W. Bush VS Brian Cullinan.

One was our 43rd President. The other was an envelope pusher.

Let’s start with what everybody is talking about: Last night, at the Oscars, at the very moment everyone had been waiting for, the announcement of the movie of the year, which almost nobody has seen in my little neighborhood, came with great joy. The moment of anticipation was held by Faye Dunaway, who stood with the befuddled-looking, one-foot-out-of- the-dementia farm, Warren Beatty.

Brian next to lady in red.

Brian next to lady in red.

Yes…Beatty looked at the card and had tears in his eyes. Cleary, he did NOT want La La Land to win. Probably because of the audacity of it all. After all, nobody has written more movies about socialism and communism than Beatty, and what thanks did he get?

WAIT! Wrong winner. The gay black boy movie won. What? You were going to give another award to white people? On no you’re not! I was wondering if Michelle Obama didn’t call the producers and yell… “SAY WHAT!”brain-cullian

Well, all of this was blamed on the guy who handed out the envelope. It seems, Brain Cullinan, who loves to hang out and take selfies with movie stars, gave Warren the wrong envelope.


We all know movie stars aren’t smart enough to think about what they are reciting.

Therefore, pretty funny.

And then there’s George W. Bush. Okay. He’s got that, “I’m a good ol’ boy from Texas.” look down so well, that he would fit perfectly into the cast of the Walking Dead. And I’m not liking the fact, that I am starting to feel sorry for him.

All he does now is paint. I guess, he thinks that if he paints like the great Winston Churchill, history will remember him as a great war-time

The trouble is: he’s not. Most Americans remember Iraq as a mess, where thousands of our boys died, and tens of thousands of them came back with debilitating wounds.

So, George is trying to make up his image as caring about them. Don’t get me wrong,..I’m sure it’s sincere. But, too bad, you learned too late George, that some countries just do not WANT democracy.

You could have saved some lives if you had done your homework. Or…was that all about our military complex that Eisenhower warned us about?

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?geroge-bush-book

Is it Brian Cullinan, who got so flustered by all those tight-fitting dresses, with various bright and shining breasts standing next to him, no doubt reeking with intoxicating perfume, that he was so mesmerized, that he lost track of his cards and ruined the Oscars?

Or is it our X 43rd President who is trying to make up for the sins of his family?

Nobody SAYS…..George W. Bush wins. He wins because he just couldn’t help himself when Matt Lauer asked him about Trump: When asked about the fake news he said:

“It’s kind of hard to tell others to have an independent free press when we’re not willing to have one ourselves,” he said.

Gee George, where WERE you when Obama was setting the world on fire?

George say he wants an investigation into Trump and Russia. Not to mention, we all know Hillary was his pick. The man sitting in the Oval office now, came out and said that Bush’s war…was wrong.  So, we understand how mad he must be.  At least Obama didn’t say that.

But to this Nobody, it shows me that you care more about your image in history than you do America.

"I saw his soul" GWB

“I saw his soul” GWB

All those years with Obama, and you…said…nothing. So…it’s a bit late to take you seriously.

On a good note…keep up the painting.

You’re getting better…at least now you’re out of the shower.

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Nobody Updates the Oscars…

Nobody Flashes

WAIT! Michelle Obama let Will Smith give the Oscar to “Roots” for the best picture award instead of hogging the limelight herself! What a surprise. Really, I’m shocked. How sweet of her.

What? It wasn’t Roots? It was about black slaves, wasn’t it?— and was dedicated to all the slaves of the world…which they forgot to mention is all people in communists countries, and all Muslim women. Blacks still have slaves in Africa, but wow…it took Robert Redford’s son to bring it to the world, showing that white guilt is still strong and alive in Hollywood.

Come on. Brad Pitt is Robert’s Redford illegitimate step-child. Either that or he donated sperm to make money, before he became famous. LOOK at that face.

Yes, I watched the Oscars along with millions, and you’ll have to trust me on this: only missed ONE win. I thought U2 would win—who knew the judges  would actually judge on musical content?

Wonders never cease.

The most annoying thing about the night was watching Sandy Bullock suffer hundreds of camera shots–while watching everyone on her film win an Oscar but her. And they were all from Mexico! Poor girl. There were actual tears in her eyes when she lost. None of us will ever know how much she suffered floating around in harnesses, getting butt shots. And botox, which by the way, Goldie Hawn and Kim Novak should just buy the stock instead of the product.

Kim Novak—She’s 81, looks 51, but can’t move her mouth. What producer had a crush on her?

George Clooney and Tom Hanks, didn’t even bother to show up. John Travolta was trying much too hard to get in all Ellen’s Twitter Selfies, who was trying to make all us (according to Jimmy Kimmel) fat, lazy, stupid Americans connect with the rich Hollywood elites, who in brotherhood to the masses, took a slice.

Yeah, that worked.

Ellen was…boring, probably because she was bored.

The best joke of the night was when Ellen DeGeneres called all the movie stars “racist.” Which they are. The whole thing was how everyone was bending over BACKWARDS to show the world how unprejudiced they all are, which only convinces the rest of us that their raciest white guilt runs deeper than Obama’s hypocrisy that he IS a black man.


Enough. I am here to tell you that while all the conservatives on twitter today were ecstatic that somebody actually mentioned GOD (Matthew)… remember that Obama is meeting with the Pope soon. And they are BOTH going to use God—in order for them to take MORE of your paycheck to help the poor.

Now, back to my leftover heavily buttered popcorn.



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Will Michelle Obama Announce the Best Picture Award AGAIN?

Nobody Knows

For the last ten years, I have picked the winner in every category of the Oscars, sitting in my pajama’s. How do I do it? It’s very easy: Whatever movies presents the ‘progressive’ agenda the best, gets the prize. Many of these movies don’t even make money. Any movie that is conservative is ignored. Remember the movie Passion by Mel Gibson? It didn’t even get mentioned.

So—is the movie about how the white man treated the black slave? BIngo! Oscar!Michelle Obama at Oscars

How about gays? Does the movie have a gay or transsexual theme? Bingo! Oscar!

Is the woman suffering because of some white male? Bingo! Oscar!

The only reason to watch the Oscars is to see all the stars, in their dresses, and gossip about them.

The big question tonight is: Will Michelle Obama make another appearance in a special video, congratulating them all and addressing the American people about how wonderful it all is and how we should all adore, gays, thin people, black people, Hispanic people, but not those cruel and ignorant white people who so unfairly do not like the President because he’s black?

Last year Michelle Obama announced the best picture award. Will she announce it this year since it will be about black slaves?

And how many people will not see the obvious connection between Washington and the White House?

Frankly–we might as well have Putin announce it.

American can do propaganda better than any other country in the world…because WE have Hollywood!

Lucky us.

Yes, to be sure either one, or both of them will appear…

And that’s why they invented….the drinking game.

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Can the Obama’s Exploit the Oscars? YES WE CAN!

Nobody Opinion

(Written before the Oscars, but I’ve updated…in places)

Nobody will argue, that Lincoln will probably walk away with the most Oscars tonight, for the simple reason that Spielberg is a genius, and nobody can tell a story and bring it to life as well as he can.Lincoln movie

It should win easily.  But then again…Hillary and Kerry are rooting for Argo. Isn’t that a first in American history? Politicians publically announcing their favorite to win an Oscar?

Politics are in almost all the movies in contention for the Oscar tonight, and if ARGO wins over Lincoln, one might assume that Hillary Clinton and John Kerry had something to do with it. I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure it glorifies the State Department, and is more than likely, a propaganda film, to make everyone forget the horror Hillary’s State Department made in Benghazi

(It’s also not historically true. It was the Canadians who got the people out, says Jimmy Carter, who was President at the time.)

But, back to Lincoln. Why do this movie now?Obama as Lincoln

More times that I can count, Obama’s PR machine has been put him on the fronts of magazines portraying him as Lincoln, or FDR— the two Presidents in past history who, more than any others, ignored the Constitution and gave themselves overwhelming powers. Powers not intended for them to have. They simply took it. FDR, with his NEW DEAL, had become such a dictator, Congress passed the 22nd amendment to keep that from ever happening again.Obama as Lincoln 2

Last week in the Washington Post, Tom Fox wrote an editorial called,  Why Presidents Need to be Exploiters” to support the idea that in crisis, President should always take advantage and extent their powers.

The public almost never moves in the president’s direction if there is division in the country. It is difficult to reach most citizens, overcome their predispositions and combat a vocal opposition. When FDR found Congress extraordinarily responsive to the crisis, (depressions and war) he effectively exploited this opportunity and rapidly passed the original New Deal. He did not try to create an opportunity; instead, he brilliantly exploited one. This is presidential effectiveness. (Can I gag here?)

In other words, whenever a man sees a chance to take more power…go for it.

And since this Nobody thinks nothing is a coincidence when it comes to politics, I think both Lincoln and Argo were made to promote the Obama administration in Washington. Argo, the State Department, and Lincoln—Obama. ALL of Congress got special viewings.

Must be nice not to have to pay admission fee.Obama as FDR 2

The movie Lincoln plays heavily in Obama’s favor, and this is why. The message coming out  of that movie was that ONE President, bribed, broke laws, ignored the Constitution, because his Congress was too stupid and prejudiced. He did it to abolish slavery…, therefore, we should forgive him. Presidents should always be allowed to break the law when necessary for the greater good.

FDR gets the same pass. We were in a war, he expanded the government into the overgrown elephant we have today.  Johnson added the Great Society. You could say the same about George W. Bush, who created the government program we will all come to fear someday, called, Homeland Security, all by himself. With the stroke of a pen.

Historically, Presidents have been expanding their powers whenever they could “exploit” the moment.

How many times have we heard Obama say that if Congress doesn’t get something he wants done..he will do it himself? Too many for my taste.

And he does it— Triples our debt, and makes Czars, and starts wars. His mission is to dismantle the country, the America he does not like, and reshape it in his own Marxist Utopian, and some say European, image.Obama as Lincoln 3

For instance: He thought up the sequester, which of course cuts the military in two, and then, when it comes times to vote, he ups the ante and says he wants MORE taxes, so that the Republicans will NOT vote for it, and he gets exactly what he wants.


The office of the Presidency has grown too much power, and because impeachment is so rare, just one President can destroy the country…and we are watching that happen.

Lincoln broke the law, but it was for a good cause.  The country is once again divided. Obama breaks the law, but not for some good cause, —NOT to unit and keep us together, but to further push the country into communism.

Lincoln did NOT want communism.obama wonders

And that’s the dangerous message Lincoln and Spielberg bring: Give him the power. But Obama is NO Lincoln. The very fact that he is being allowed to kill anyone with his drones, makes him a dictator.

Did Steven Spielberg make Lincoln to hint that Obama is there to guide a divided nation into what’s good for them? Or did he just want to point out that all politics are corrupt?

Nobody Knows.

UPDATE: Okay, I was right. Liam Nelsion just introduced Lincoln as a President who has to rule over a gridlocked Congress.(Hint…hint, our congress is gridlocked over sequestration)

Katzenberg , one of the biggest producers in Hollywood, said they make movies to influence the world.

Hollywood works for Obama now. And if you don’t believe that, then if you watched it to the end you saw, for the first time in History,


(Along with the usual politically correct we must all behave message)

Argo won Movie of the Years…Ben Affleck, the laughing stock of Hollywood, is now the King of the world. Hillary and Kerry will be thrilled….they threw the down and out kid, a bone….

Put that in your Oscar and smoke it



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Globalization…Has Finally Taken Over the Oscars

Nobody Flashes

The day has arrived: globalization has hit the Hollywood elite. I don’t know if you watched the Oscars last night, but there was a horrible lack of “male” presence on the red carpet…every actress was dragging along their mother or their “best” friend. Even Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz made sure they were just two little girls from…Little old Hollywood. Let’s not even compare then to Russel and Monroe.

My day is short enough already.

While Billy Crystal looked like his face had been duck-taped on by out- of- work construction guys from Mississippi, I tried to say, “Okay, maybe he’s sick.” BUT– when George Clooney kissed him, we pretty much all grossed out…and the pity left. Okay…the gays got their PR.

The good news is: Except for Meryl Streep, most of the awards went to foreigners. The French, the Iranians, the Pakistanis…and Oprah.  The only thing missing was a message from Hillary.

While Angelina Jolie was the sex bomb of the night…I could not stop looking at her right arm…which is about the size of the top of a nine iron. Lopez had an exposed nipple moment that nobody talked about, (Half a nipple doesn’t count I suppose) and War Horse was snubbed badly along with Harry Potter….but that to me was a good sign.

After the beginning, the long hours of boredom are always hard to bear…but one thing was very noticeable. When a new black actress won for Best Supporting Actress the whole placed jumped up and went crazy with applause. And yet, after the acrobats of Cirque de Soleil did such impossible tumbling that one wonders if their mothers had them turning flips out of the womb…and how many hours of hard work it took to do those stunts…our glamourous and very weathy movie stars…did not want to give the ovation it deserved. Maybe they have seen it too many times, but still. The applause was…very polite. After about two minutes they finally stood and applauded because some producer went–“Oh my god…no one is standing! ” and called the sign guy out to go an hold up the sign to tell them to “STAND UP!” They looked as if they were being told to dig a grave for Obama.

So, they deserved to be victims of their own liberal hearts. I agree. Don’t give any of them anymore awards. What makes them think they are so much more speical than the rest of the world? What? Did they think that they were going to be protected against globalization forever? Yes, welcome the world of “You cant’ have everything anymore you overstuffed rich moviestars…it’s the NEW WORLD ORDER where you NOW have to compete with the rest of the world!”  You have to now share the stage.

It was a clear mandate down from the top. Someone must have pissed off Obama. What? You don’t think our government has anything to say about the Oscars? Remember, the generals took over Walt Disney’s studio during the war. The government has never left.

Which is why you have to wonder…is that why Sandra Bullock is speaking German when she was asked to speak chinese? Enquiring minds want to know.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Charlie Sheen VS The Oscars

Nobody’s Perfect: This week, we have a contest that isn’t even close, at least in my mind. Charlie the “Adonis DNA” Sheen, VS The Oscars.
Let’s start with the Oscars: Everyone was complaining about what a bomb it was, but really…considering the list of movies, I’d say they did a lot with nothing—which is pretty much what Hollywood is all about. Putting up pictures of “Gone With the Wind” was a BIG mistake. Let’s compare the movie of the year 2011, “The Kings’ Speech” to Gone with the Wind.
Right. Let’s all remember just how far we have come!
The highlights of the show was the short flick at the beginning, but it went downhill from there. We will all remember the dresses, the lame jokes, the standing ovation to Billy Crystal (remember, these people have no class) and Billy Crystal telling everyone how Bob Hope gave him the finger.
My respect for Bob Hope just skyrocketed.
Red dirty-looking hair was in: cussing…still in: men dressing up in drag..still in: and tasteless songs about Australians not dancing..still tasteless: and my very favorite memory was when Christian Bale forgot his wife’s name.  He finally gets his due, and then forgets his wife. Drudge had it up, then took it down- fast.
Nobody Remembers the good old days, when Johnny Carson actually had GOOD writers. I really suspect the writing has been outsourced to India. They should have just ask the audience to tweet them some jokes.  We would have gladly waited.
But that was nothing compared to the ongoing imperfections of Charlie Sheen.
Have you ever seen such a supreme example of egomania outside of Washington D.C.?
Charlie Sheen has done more porn stars than Hugh Hefner if he had lived twenty lifetimes.
Charlie’s act isn’t new. Hollywood is filled with these people, but Charlie is the king. He is a drug addicted, sex addicted, bloviated, human excrement bag of walking frisky powder, who is right now, in pain (from addiction withdrawals) and screaming bloody murder because a drug addict’s life is expensive, and he just got cut off. He might be “dry” for all of a month, but don’t expect it to last. He’s addicted to porn, drugs, and himself, not necessarily in that order.
So what does he do? Like most megalomaniacs, when they are caught red- handed doing something really bad, he goes on the offense. He puts the ball back in the people he abused court. According to Charlie, his life is his own, and they have no right to fire him. From their point of view, when you almost die of an overdose, the bosses have to reconsider, don’t they?
Charlie now wants $3 million an episode.
I once turned on his show for a few minutes..and frankly, the local drunk on the corner would be more appealing. But that’s it. I don’t’ watch it because I don’t think he is a talented as his dad, and…he’s boring. But, somebody is watching it, and so what? Somebody is watching Human Target too, and good thing you are not in that time slot, Charlie.
Charlie talks about “violent love” and “passion” and then when asked how much crack he used to take in one go Sheen said: ‘I was banging 7 gram rocks and finishing them because that’s how I roll.”
Yeah, he rolls all right— pornagraphic cocaine marbles are clunking in his head, and by the looks of him, even when he sleeps.
He is telling America that they were trying to kill his family because they were taking away his salary, but when they asked why he spends so much money on cars and houses he said: ‘Blame the studio for giving me this much dough when they knew who they were giving it to. This is on them’.
At least he didn’t blame it on Bush.
But, here’s what I really think. Charlie was fired for going on Alex Jones’ radio program. Alex Jones believes 9/11 was more involved than the official story, and so does Charlie Sheen.
That’s what put him on the “out” list in Hollywood..not his porn, his drugs, his ego,..but…his politics.
That’s my Nobody’s Opinion.
So, Charlie–take a lesson from that other famous x-drug addict, Robert Downy Jr., who actually said some funny things at the Oscars, making fun of himself AS an ex-druggie. Or call up Hugh and offer him your services. Better hurry…the Oscar for porn king will be up for grabs soon! That’s a part your Adonis DNA is fit to die for…

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