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Nobody’s Pefect: George W. Bush VS Brian Cullinan

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, it’s George W. Bush VS Brian Cullinan.

One was our 43rd President. The other was an envelope pusher.

Let’s start with what everybody is talking about: Last night, at the Oscars, at the very moment everyone had been waiting for, the announcement of the movie of the year, which almost nobody has seen in my little neighborhood, came with great joy. The moment of anticipation was held by Faye Dunaway, who stood with the befuddled-looking, one-foot-out-of- the-dementia farm, Warren Beatty.

Brian next to lady in red.

Brian next to lady in red.

Yes…Beatty looked at the card and had tears in his eyes. Cleary, he did NOT want La La Land to win. Probably because of the audacity of it all. After all, nobody has written more movies about socialism and communism than Beatty, and what thanks did he get?

WAIT! Wrong winner. The gay black boy movie won. What? You were going to give another award to white people? On no you’re not! I was wondering if Michelle Obama didn’t call the producers and yell… “SAY WHAT!”brain-cullian

Well, all of this was blamed on the guy who handed out the envelope. It seems, Brain Cullinan, who loves to hang out and take selfies with movie stars, gave Warren the wrong envelope.


We all know movie stars aren’t smart enough to think about what they are reciting.

Therefore, pretty funny.

And then there’s George W. Bush. Okay. He’s got that, “I’m a good ol’ boy from Texas.” look down so well, that he would fit perfectly into the cast of the Walking Dead. And I’m not liking the fact, that I am starting to feel sorry for him.

All he does now is paint. I guess, he thinks that if he paints like the great Winston Churchill, history will remember him as a great war-time

The trouble is: he’s not. Most Americans remember Iraq as a mess, where thousands of our boys died, and tens of thousands of them came back with debilitating wounds.

So, George is trying to make up his image as caring about them. Don’t get me wrong,..I’m sure it’s sincere. But, too bad, you learned too late George, that some countries just do not WANT democracy.

You could have saved some lives if you had done your homework. Or…was that all about our military complex that Eisenhower warned us about?

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?geroge-bush-book

Is it Brian Cullinan, who got so flustered by all those tight-fitting dresses, with various bright and shining breasts standing next to him, no doubt reeking with intoxicating perfume, that he was so mesmerized, that he lost track of his cards and ruined the Oscars?

Or is it our X 43rd President who is trying to make up for the sins of his family?

Nobody SAYS…..George W. Bush wins. He wins because he just couldn’t help himself when Matt Lauer asked him about Trump: When asked about the fake news he said:

“It’s kind of hard to tell others to have an independent free press when we’re not willing to have one ourselves,” he said.

Gee George, where WERE you when Obama was setting the world on fire?

George say he wants an investigation into Trump and Russia. Not to mention, we all know Hillary was his pick. The man sitting in the Oval office now, came out and said that Bush’s war…was wrong.  So, we understand how mad he must be.  At least Obama didn’t say that.

But to this Nobody, it shows me that you care more about your image in history than you do America.

"I saw his soul" GWB

“I saw his soul” GWB

All those years with Obama, and you…said…nothing. So…it’s a bit late to take you seriously.

On a good note…keep up the painting.

You’re getting better…at least now you’re out of the shower.

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  1. Joyanna,
    Have I missed something? (Not watching/reading/listening to the news much since they’re all in the tank for the left, but I do read your posts.) Does “W” actually think the “Press” was “free” when he was in office? And now it’s somehow not free any longer? Just because Trump calls them out now (but when he (GWB) was in office he refused to call them out)? All those years of the empty “O” ~ and “W” was looked upon as “classy” by not saying anything nasty about “O” (respecting the office of the presidency) as some supposed! So why didn’t he remain “classy” and not say anything now? Arrrrggghhh! Sorry, Joyanna, but thanks for letting me rant. 😉 Mrs. O


    Comment by Mrs. O | February 28, 2017 | Reply

    • I’m with you…today he added to that hypocrisy. He said he hated the “racism” of the Trump administration. Meaning if you don’t allow Muslim into the country, you are a racist.  Amazing coming from a man who didn’t protect us on 9/11.  To me this means that as long as Obama did what the globalists wanted, (Bush family and establishment) he was fine.  I’m furious also to see George W. come out now and attack Trump, who by the way, did not damage the country as bad as Bush: getting us into the Iraq war (which seemed to be more about the minerals in them there mountains) and then bailing out the banks. Ask yourself…what the heck is in Afghanistan that the big superpowers were willing to bankrupt their countries over? China has the market on minerals. So…I’m just saying. We all know going into Afghanistan and Iraq wasn’t only about 9/11 which was done mostly by the Saudi’s who Bush defended until the end, and STILL does. It was the excuse to go there.  Bush would do better to shut up….but then again, it’s all about preserving the Bush Dynasty in history, which as we know, where the x Presidents keep their vast fortune making in their”‘foundations.”


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | February 28, 2017 | Reply

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