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Dianne Feinstein: Don’t Make Me Really Describe You….Okay, I will.

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First, before you listen to this 83-year-old (remarkably good condition, don’t you think?) progressive crook from San Francisco, you might want to remember how she got her first leg into office. The Mayor of San Francisco, George Mascone, was assassinated in 1978, and Diane Feinstein, who was President of the Board of Supervisors at the time, took his place as Mayor, and served out his term.

From that position, she moved to the Senate, where she has remained since 1992.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is one very rich woman. She is worth well over $99 million.dianne-feisntein-2

From Wikipedia:

Feinstein was criticized in 2009 when she introduced a bill directing $25 billion to the FDIC the day after the agency awarded her husband’s company a contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms.[17] Feinstein and her husband have been tied to questionable dealings between the world’s largest commercial real estate firm and the U.S. Postal Service.[18] Feinstein has also been accused of abusing her position to award her husband’s companies billions of dollars in military contracts.[19][20]

Remember also that Feinstein is BIG on the government being able to spy on us, but NOT on her. And she hates guns. She would ban all guns if she could.

This interview should be watched for one thing: Democrats always repeat the same old talking points. They all have gone out and said that Trump’s executive orders on the temporary ban on people from terrorist countries are “unconstitutional.”

Of course, they are not. She know that. But watch how she skirts around this, by saying she never said that. And then said that a President should have “oversight” by all the other branches. What she means by all this, is that the Democrats plan to stall the nomination of Judge Corsuch to the Supreme Court. By saying she wants to make sure he is not ‘egregious’, and making sure he is in the ‘mainstream’, she is letting you know how she plans to attack and stall. The mainstream to Diane is abortion rights, gun control, and no bans on anybody coming into the country. The 9th Circuit Court (all liberals) will get the lawsuit from this idiot, Judge James Robart, from Seattle, and send it to the Supreme Court, where they hope, Judge Corsuch will still be in limbo, and then it will go BACK down to the Circuit Court, and full open borders will be “legal.”

At least that seems to be the plan.

But lets talk about what really IS egregious. She claims the “majority” of the people are in the streets, and Trump is dividing the country.


Do you see those riots in Iowa? Missouri? Nebraska? Nope. Everybody knows these are radical left-wing paid protesters, most of them, and not a word spoken against the violence we are witnessing from any liberal. The democrats have caused this violence by not accepting the outcome of the election, and by encouraging the people to ‘take to the streets.’ They can’t win any other way but through riots, lies, extortion, and name calling.

More egregiously, she called Trump’s executive orders ‘shock and awe’— trying to invoke in everybody’s mind the war terms President Bush used when he bombed Iraq. She claims he acted like a dictator.castro-and-obama

The real dictator was Barack Obama, who signed more draconian and binding laws and orders than the last four Presidents.

And everybody knows Trump is just canceling Obama’s executive orders. It’s that simple.

Worst of all…she agrees with Trump that Iran should not be firing those missiles. Never once does she say that Obama helped Iran to become more powerful than ever. Who gave Iran the billions to BUILD those missiles?

Why…President Obama!

So, Senator Feinstein plays the same old game: Blame the other guy. If there is a major terrorist attack, they will say that President Trump brought the REAL danger to our shores because he refused to “let them in.”

Muslims that is.

The real person who should never have been “let in”, in the first place, to ANY government position, was Senator Dianne Feinstein.

What do I really think of Dianne Feinstein? $%&&&%($&$&^%. and add to that…*$&^&. And go ahead and add a few of your own.

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