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Nobodys Perfect: Dianne Feinstein

Nobody’s Perfect

I don’t know about you, but as all the facts are coming out about a liberal/ pusseyhat wearing/ hysterical radical leftist professor being almost “KILLED” by Brett Kavanaugh 35 years ago, I’m ready to turn it all off.

I’d rather clean my gutters out then listen to these false accusations.

Come on Joyanna, how do you know they are false?

Really? You can ask that?

Which brings us to the imperfect woman of the week; Diane Feinstein.

Dianne Feinstein, who is at the end of her rein in Congress, is leading the charge to SAVE the United States from having a Conservative Supreme Court.

Desperate Times call for…the good old, “Let’s accuse him of RAPE!” game, and destroy him…attack. Besides, she is leading the way to stop all conservative Supreme Court nominations.

I don’t think Diane gives a hoot about Christine. There is much more at stake and we all know it.

The second amendment.

Feinstein very famously said that if it was up to her, ALL guns would be banned in the United States, and that progressive dream is much more important than protecting woman’s sexual assaults. After all, it was the women’s movement of the sixties that ‘liberated’ the women to have free sex just like the guys! 

Hey, what fun! Except the women ended up with having to raise the kids on her own. Thanks to the ‘progressives.”

Without our guns, we will be just another socialist/communist paradise for Feinstein to control.

Feinstein held on to this damning ‘evidence’ until the very last minute in hopes of derailing the confirmation vote until after the election.

Feinstein really doesn’t want us to hear this lady, because it’s the same old sexual scam they use to defeat their enemies because they can’t’ get the Americans to bend to their ‘progressive/Marxist/socialist NOW government. The only way they can rule is by packing the courts and the government with their OWN people. And the Supreme court is a lifetime appointment.

Oh my.

Is it any wonder they are freaking out about President Trump?

Feinstein was just caught having a limo driver who was part of Chinese military complex working for her for years and running her office.

It’s not only Google, Apple, Facebook and Ford who are bowing down to their new Chinese masters…its many of our politicians who are making deals and making money over there. Disney’s practically a Chinese company now. The market for movies is much bigger overseas.

And they have to shore up votes: The me-too movement is all about getting the women vote back: All the single women mostly, because the married women are wise to them. They are losing the black vote and the Hispanic vote, and so they must demonize men.

Women are in ALL cultures…the race card has been overplayed so much it’s starting to look like the joker.

Feinstein isn’t afraid of abortions being overturned. What she IS afraid of is not being able to get rid of the second amendment.

So, congratulations Dianne! You Win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week!

We don’t believe for a minute that you didn’t turn over Christine the abused surfer’s letter because you CARE about her.

We know how you guys work.

How long have you been working on these war plans?

Long enough to forget that you are making the same mistakes over and over again, and you have lost the element of surprise.

Nothing you do surprises us anymore Dianne.

Unless of course, you are wearing a wig. You ARE wearing a wig aren’t you? Is that post traumatic wig wearing you’re suffering from?



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Dianne Feinstein: Don’t Make Me Really Describe You….Okay, I will.

Nobody’s Opinion

First, before you listen to this 83-year-old (remarkably good condition, don’t you think?) progressive crook from San Francisco, you might want to remember how she got her first leg into office. The Mayor of San Francisco, George Mascone, was assassinated in 1978, and Diane Feinstein, who was President of the Board of Supervisors at the time, took his place as Mayor, and served out his term.

From that position, she moved to the Senate, where she has remained since 1992.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is one very rich woman. She is worth well over $99 million.dianne-feisntein-2

From Wikipedia:

Feinstein was criticized in 2009 when she introduced a bill directing $25 billion to the FDIC the day after the agency awarded her husband’s company a contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms.[17] Feinstein and her husband have been tied to questionable dealings between the world’s largest commercial real estate firm and the U.S. Postal Service.[18] Feinstein has also been accused of abusing her position to award her husband’s companies billions of dollars in military contracts.[19][20]

Remember also that Feinstein is BIG on the government being able to spy on us, but NOT on her. And she hates guns. She would ban all guns if she could.

This interview should be watched for one thing: Democrats always repeat the same old talking points. They all have gone out and said that Trump’s executive orders on the temporary ban on people from terrorist countries are “unconstitutional.”

Of course, they are not. She know that. But watch how she skirts around this, by saying she never said that. And then said that a President should have “oversight” by all the other branches. What she means by all this, is that the Democrats plan to stall the nomination of Judge Corsuch to the Supreme Court. By saying she wants to make sure he is not ‘egregious’, and making sure he is in the ‘mainstream’, she is letting you know how she plans to attack and stall. The mainstream to Diane is abortion rights, gun control, and no bans on anybody coming into the country. The 9th Circuit Court (all liberals) will get the lawsuit from this idiot, Judge James Robart, from Seattle, and send it to the Supreme Court, where they hope, Judge Corsuch will still be in limbo, and then it will go BACK down to the Circuit Court, and full open borders will be “legal.”

At least that seems to be the plan.

But lets talk about what really IS egregious. She claims the “majority” of the people are in the streets, and Trump is dividing the country.


Do you see those riots in Iowa? Missouri? Nebraska? Nope. Everybody knows these are radical left-wing paid protesters, most of them, and not a word spoken against the violence we are witnessing from any liberal. The democrats have caused this violence by not accepting the outcome of the election, and by encouraging the people to ‘take to the streets.’ They can’t win any other way but through riots, lies, extortion, and name calling.

More egregiously, she called Trump’s executive orders ‘shock and awe’— trying to invoke in everybody’s mind the war terms President Bush used when he bombed Iraq. She claims he acted like a dictator.castro-and-obama

The real dictator was Barack Obama, who signed more draconian and binding laws and orders than the last four Presidents.

And everybody knows Trump is just canceling Obama’s executive orders. It’s that simple.

Worst of all…she agrees with Trump that Iran should not be firing those missiles. Never once does she say that Obama helped Iran to become more powerful than ever. Who gave Iran the billions to BUILD those missiles?

Why…President Obama!

So, Senator Feinstein plays the same old game: Blame the other guy. If there is a major terrorist attack, they will say that President Trump brought the REAL danger to our shores because he refused to “let them in.”

Muslims that is.

The real person who should never have been “let in”, in the first place, to ANY government position, was Senator Dianne Feinstein.

What do I really think of Dianne Feinstein? $%&&&%($&$&^%. and add to that…*$&^&. And go ahead and add a few of your own.

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Thugs You Can Believe In

Nobody Knows

—-How excited I was last night to know that today, I was going to wake up and watch Congress blast Obamacare designer, Jonathan Gruber, for telling the truth about Obamacare, but low and behold, who did I find on all the channels? Not Mr. Gruber but the lovable $70 million dollar grandmother, Senator Feinstein, accusing America of…torturing poor Jihadist. And SHE didn’t know the extent of it, and the horror of it all, and of course…THIS is a national urgency and she was going to show that America should never do this sort of thing, EVEN if they killed every single man and woman in America…we should never torture. It’s just not right.dianne feinstein

What’s not right is how Obama broke the law and allowed 5 million illegal’s to come on in on an executive order he didn’t even sign (so nobody could sue him) and when the people got mad, he helped start the race riots, to get their minds off immigration. People lost lives and property because of it, and then the stupid Gruber was caught on tape admitting what a fraud Obamacare was, and so the DAY he goes before Congress, Obama gets Feinstein to center stage herself in order to wipe Gruber off every channel with another fake scandal.

If it costs America lives overseas, no problem. After the day was over and Gruber went home, and nothing was done by Congress to Gruber, the President came out and said.

“Let’s move on. ”

“Rather than another reason to refight old arguments, I hope that today’s report can help us leave these techniques where they belong, in the past,” said Obama.

Something he should have said about slavery, but there you go. We can’t expect true insight from a former cross-dresser.

In true form of all Presidents and American politicians: Bush didn’t know about it.

Two prominate Republicans had this to say: (From Newsmax)

 John McCain: CIA Torture Methods ‘Stained Our National Honor’

Dick Cheney: CIA Techniques Post 9/11 ‘Absolutely Totally Justified’

To torture, or not to torture. If water boarding and sleep deprivation are torture, than most Americans have gone through it. The REAL torture is trying to find a health care insurance policy that actually covers anything. Obamacare covers nothing, unless you are an illegal immigrant, and that knowledge in itself is maddening…

And speaking of torture…

If Hillary becomes President, she would not torture our enemies— in fact, she wants to take the gentle approach to all the jihadists and throat cutters.

Touting an approach she calls “smart power,” Clinton urged America to use “every possible tool and partner” to advance peace.Hillary bush

This, she said, includes “leaving no one on the sidelines, showing respect even for one’s enemies, trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

Nobody Knows how Hillary’s plan of action of empathizing with people who want to kill us, would work out if she was President, but, because of this statement, all we need to do is be attacked like on 9/11, and Jeb Bush will be a shoe-in for victory.

Nobody Knows if secretly—- those plans are being worked out.

Also, how do we know if Hillary and Jeb are not actually just stand-ins for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush? Puppets? We don’t.Bill Clinton and Geoge Bush

And speaking of stand-ins—

**************royal couple at basketball game

The young royal couple visited America and mostly it seems, to suck up to Obama. They must want something because they went to a basketball game, where they had to mingle with the low-lifers who weren’t dress very nice. You do remember them asking that everyone who meets them must have the proper attire? (You don’t?)

At least Harry doesn’t care about proper dressing.

And speaking of caring—

Our Congressmen just unveiled a $1.01 Trillions dollar spending bill, and they are going to need it, because Joe Biden has two more years of spending:

Yes, Joe announced to the world the good news, that soon, VERY soon, white people will no longer be around to torture the colored folks, and that’s a very good thing:

From WND:

“I’ve … come here to an ancient Muslim nation at the crossroads of Africa, the Arab world and Europe to talk about what it takes for all nations to succeed in the 21st century” the vice president told the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Joe Biden 8“Ladies and gentlemen, in 2017, the United States for the first time, Caucasians of European descent like me will be in an absolute minority in the United States of America,” Biden continued. “The secret that people don’t know is our diversity is the reason for our incredible strength.”

According to documents WND obtained via routine database research, the estimated cost of housing Biden and his staff while accommodating his one night visit to the five-star Hotel Kenzi Farah was somewhere between $160,000 and $240,000.

The U.S. Department of State released the Justification and Approval, or J&A, document, on Dec. 2 to explain the expense of reserving, absent competitive, contractor bidding, “a large number of lodging rooms, 2 large conference rooms, adequate setback for security reasons, exclusive parking lots closed from the general public and controlled by U.S. government personnel.”

The hotel was hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, a gathering of thousands of investors, businesspeople, and government officials from more than 50 nations.

But wait! Not only are we giving billions to Mexico, Joe Biden and Obama are funding entrepreneurs all over the globe!

But he then bragged to the audience that the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation, or MCC, has invested nearly $700 million in Morocco and that the MCC and Morocco are devising plans to finance $50 million into job training that will “equip young Moroccans with the skills they need to compete globally.”  Similarly, according to Biden, the Obama administration through the U.S.-funded Overseas Private Investment Corporation has committed $3.2 billion “to support micro-, small and medium-size entrepreneurs and enterprises in the developing world,” while in just the last quarter of 2013, the U.S. Agency for International Development in Egypt arranged almost 13,000 loans to low-income entrepreneurs.

“We’re using America’s global diplomatic and economic presence to convene, connect and champion entrepreneurs,” Biden said.

Gee, Nobody Knows why good old Joe can’t help entrepreneurs HERE IN THIS COUNTRY!!

I’ve having a hard time…keeping my slippers on if you catch my drift.

And so we end another week of frustrating questions: Like this one that has been bothering me for some time now.Obamanos

The old Mafia, was based in Chicago. Las Vegas was built on the pensions of the Unions workers out of Chicago. Chicago produced Barack Obama. Obama just bought a house in the middle of Palm Springs where all the old mob bosses had homes, along with Frank Sinatra. Did the mob help put Obama into office?Gruber

Nobody Knows.

Nobody Knows if the Mob and the Democratic party just “secretly” merged some time ago. But, as every single cop in Chicago voted democrat during the mobs’ years of Al Capone on down, this Nobody says that it’s very likely. Especially all the plane crashes that seem to happen to politician’s causing trouble.

Once thing we did learn today, Gruber would never say again,  “The American people are just too stupid.”

He’s now officially—- just another stupid thug.




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Dianne Feinstein says “It’s Legal to Hunt Humans” …

Nobody Gets Email

Here Dianne Feinstein says it’s “legal to hunt humans.” What did I miss? Are there hunting seasons for humans? When is it?

I have a few suggestions. How bout we put some signs up around the White House that says. “Hunting season is in!”

Come on! Good god.

Really? Did you know it was legal to hunt humans? Did she hear that from the “Commander in Chief?”kris 54

I can’t help but find this funny because the GOP chairman just said that the reason the Republicans keep losing is because they keep saying stupid stuff. Next to Maxine Waters and Dianne Feinstein, the GOP look practically as smart as fifth graders.

Really….and this woman has hired guns. I think we need to know if Dianne Feinstein allows everyone who works for her to hunt humans, and if it’s legal, then I guess we don’t even need guns anymore.

Knives work. Bad food. :Poison……I never thought I’d see the day when American’s were allowed to hunt humans.

Just think of UNCLE JOE’s Head, Mounted on your living room wall….

I think MS Feinstein is having some sort of menopause relapse. ( And they thought Todd Atkins was bad.)

(Thanks to Conservative)

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