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Nobody Wonders WHY Are We Surprised at “Secret Meetings?”

Nobody Wonders–

How can anyone paying attention to the last three decades of politics can even be surprised that Obama and Hillary Clinton, weaponized the FBI, the CIA…and probably even the boy scouts to make sure that President Trump was not elected, and if elected, he got impeached. How can they be surprised at finding out that Obama, the FBI, Comey, Hillary, Mueller, Rosenstein, and probably a lot of other globocrats were holding ‘secret meetings’ on how to get rid of Trump?

Why are we surprised?

This is just par for the course because NOBODY in our government ever get punished for their crimes.
Nobody. It’s why they do what they do. They know, nobody will dare arrest any of them.

Let’s tiptoe through the tenacious tulips of deep state corruption, shall we? (From WMD)
1. Clintons turn IRS into Gestapo. (Congress…silent)
2. Covering Bill’s dirty deeds. (Hillary went after his many victims.)
3. Looting the White House. (So what? We were broke.)
4. File gate: FBI files on GOP enemies. (Yes, the Clintons have everyone’s dirt.)
5. Hillary’s Muslim Brotherhood Princess (Huma )
6. Vince Foster’s 1993 Death (Hillary ran in and got his papers.)
7. Email gate. (Destroying phones, computers, emails, etc,)
8. Chinagate: Sale of high tech secrets.
9. Travelgate: Always room for friends.
10. Whitewater: Jail for Friends but not for Clintons
11. Hillary’s missing law firm billing records. (And whenever she got on stand she NEVER remembered a thing.)
12. Pardongate: Hillary’s Senate contributions
13. Hillary’s cash cow and 9,987 percent profit
14. Clinton body count: You find dead people (Going up past 80 now)
15. Hillary’s radical pal: Saul Alinsky
16. Hillary laughs about defending child rapist
17. Hillary cashes in: Iranian fundraising
18. Clinton foundation: Hey, let’s sell uranium to Russia!
19. Bill, “Let’s give North Korea plutonium!
20. Benghazi: cover up for Obama selling weapons, Hillary lied.
21. Watergate: Hillary was fired.
22. Now, the biggest of all. She not only rigged her democratic primary, she used the FBI to go after Donald Trump and try to get rid of him forever.

And then there was Obama:
IRS Scandal. Lois Lerner lost emails. They went after conservative’s big time, worked with tech companies to stifle conservative voices.

Flooding our country with Muslims and illegals. Running up a bigger deficit than all the previous President before him.

The U.S. Department of Justice secretly obtained telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press wire service in 2012.

The Iranians deal…give them nuclear power in ten years, sends them billions in the middle of the night

He armed ISIS, and with the help of Facebook, caused a lot of pain in Egypt.

Then there’s the unconstitutional DACA.

Increased NSA surveillance on every citizen. Spying on candidate Trump for a chumped up reason.

All Jimmy Carter did was give China the Panama Canal and give Iran over to the radicals. At least he didn’t sell our uranium to Russia, or keep the billions donated to Haiti to pay for a wedding.

There is not ONE patriotic American citizen that would have done any one of these acts of treason, and yet, if they had, they would be persecuted with life sentences.

And yet, these people are the REAL top 1 percent. They are…the untouchables.

So, considering that we are discovering the biggest scandal in our history, where one party used the power of our highest institution to destroy the “other” party, and in full view…

Will anybody go to jail?

Nobody Thinks, that if we want to make America great again…then it’s time to start demanding our elected politicians start putting these criminals in jail.

And let’s start with Hillary Clinton.

I’d even settle for house arrest.

We have a country of men, not laws.

And America will never be great again, until our laws are enforced on EVERYONE.


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Gaddafi Was Sending Money to Farrakhan…AND…Who Else?

Nobody Reports

I posted this because this man, Louis Farrakhan, was Obama’s mentor for twenty years…and he IS a Muslim, and he is calling for the killing of whites in America, because the Koran says that “retaliation” is a prescription from God. Do you see this man being arrested? No. You won’t. In fact, he is going to lead another million man march in Washington D.C…I’m sure Dick Gregory will be right by his side, since the Census Bureau is paying him also to make racist speeches.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan called late last month for black Americans to “rise up” and “kill those who kill us” if the federal government fails to “intercede in our affairs.”

And here’s a little fact that most people don’t know. It’s being reported now as fact, that Hillary and Obama were gun running weapons in Libya, and the ambassador was trying to STOP those weapons, and so he was expendable, therefore the cover-up. (Source: Jerome Corsi of WMD)

The connections between Louis Farrakhan and Obama go even further. Did you know that Gaddafi was sending money to Farrakhan? Yes.

So that’s leads the question, was Gaddafi’s money also going to Obama? Was that why he was in Farrakhan’s church every Sunday?

Hillary got rid of Gaddafi….was that just another…. cover-up? She was protecting the money coming from the Muslims to the democrats from ever being found out?

Nobody Wonders. 

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Thugs You Can Believe In

Nobody Knows

—-How excited I was last night to know that today, I was going to wake up and watch Congress blast Obamacare designer, Jonathan Gruber, for telling the truth about Obamacare, but low and behold, who did I find on all the channels? Not Mr. Gruber but the lovable $70 million dollar grandmother, Senator Feinstein, accusing America of…torturing poor Jihadist. And SHE didn’t know the extent of it, and the horror of it all, and of course…THIS is a national urgency and she was going to show that America should never do this sort of thing, EVEN if they killed every single man and woman in America…we should never torture. It’s just not right.dianne feinstein

What’s not right is how Obama broke the law and allowed 5 million illegal’s to come on in on an executive order he didn’t even sign (so nobody could sue him) and when the people got mad, he helped start the race riots, to get their minds off immigration. People lost lives and property because of it, and then the stupid Gruber was caught on tape admitting what a fraud Obamacare was, and so the DAY he goes before Congress, Obama gets Feinstein to center stage herself in order to wipe Gruber off every channel with another fake scandal.

If it costs America lives overseas, no problem. After the day was over and Gruber went home, and nothing was done by Congress to Gruber, the President came out and said.

“Let’s move on. ”

“Rather than another reason to refight old arguments, I hope that today’s report can help us leave these techniques where they belong, in the past,” said Obama.

Something he should have said about slavery, but there you go. We can’t expect true insight from a former cross-dresser.

In true form of all Presidents and American politicians: Bush didn’t know about it.

Two prominate Republicans had this to say: (From Newsmax)

 John McCain: CIA Torture Methods ‘Stained Our National Honor’

Dick Cheney: CIA Techniques Post 9/11 ‘Absolutely Totally Justified’

To torture, or not to torture. If water boarding and sleep deprivation are torture, than most Americans have gone through it. The REAL torture is trying to find a health care insurance policy that actually covers anything. Obamacare covers nothing, unless you are an illegal immigrant, and that knowledge in itself is maddening…

And speaking of torture…

If Hillary becomes President, she would not torture our enemies— in fact, she wants to take the gentle approach to all the jihadists and throat cutters.

Touting an approach she calls “smart power,” Clinton urged America to use “every possible tool and partner” to advance peace.Hillary bush

This, she said, includes “leaving no one on the sidelines, showing respect even for one’s enemies, trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

Nobody Knows how Hillary’s plan of action of empathizing with people who want to kill us, would work out if she was President, but, because of this statement, all we need to do is be attacked like on 9/11, and Jeb Bush will be a shoe-in for victory.

Nobody Knows if secretly—- those plans are being worked out.

Also, how do we know if Hillary and Jeb are not actually just stand-ins for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush? Puppets? We don’t.Bill Clinton and Geoge Bush

And speaking of stand-ins—

**************royal couple at basketball game

The young royal couple visited America and mostly it seems, to suck up to Obama. They must want something because they went to a basketball game, where they had to mingle with the low-lifers who weren’t dress very nice. You do remember them asking that everyone who meets them must have the proper attire? (You don’t?)

At least Harry doesn’t care about proper dressing.

And speaking of caring—

Our Congressmen just unveiled a $1.01 Trillions dollar spending bill, and they are going to need it, because Joe Biden has two more years of spending:

Yes, Joe announced to the world the good news, that soon, VERY soon, white people will no longer be around to torture the colored folks, and that’s a very good thing:

From WND:

“I’ve … come here to an ancient Muslim nation at the crossroads of Africa, the Arab world and Europe to talk about what it takes for all nations to succeed in the 21st century” the vice president told the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Joe Biden 8“Ladies and gentlemen, in 2017, the United States for the first time, Caucasians of European descent like me will be in an absolute minority in the United States of America,” Biden continued. “The secret that people don’t know is our diversity is the reason for our incredible strength.”

According to documents WND obtained via routine database research, the estimated cost of housing Biden and his staff while accommodating his one night visit to the five-star Hotel Kenzi Farah was somewhere between $160,000 and $240,000.

The U.S. Department of State released the Justification and Approval, or J&A, document, on Dec. 2 to explain the expense of reserving, absent competitive, contractor bidding, “a large number of lodging rooms, 2 large conference rooms, adequate setback for security reasons, exclusive parking lots closed from the general public and controlled by U.S. government personnel.”

The hotel was hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, a gathering of thousands of investors, businesspeople, and government officials from more than 50 nations.

But wait! Not only are we giving billions to Mexico, Joe Biden and Obama are funding entrepreneurs all over the globe!

But he then bragged to the audience that the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation, or MCC, has invested nearly $700 million in Morocco and that the MCC and Morocco are devising plans to finance $50 million into job training that will “equip young Moroccans with the skills they need to compete globally.”  Similarly, according to Biden, the Obama administration through the U.S.-funded Overseas Private Investment Corporation has committed $3.2 billion “to support micro-, small and medium-size entrepreneurs and enterprises in the developing world,” while in just the last quarter of 2013, the U.S. Agency for International Development in Egypt arranged almost 13,000 loans to low-income entrepreneurs.

“We’re using America’s global diplomatic and economic presence to convene, connect and champion entrepreneurs,” Biden said.

Gee, Nobody Knows why good old Joe can’t help entrepreneurs HERE IN THIS COUNTRY!!

I’ve having a hard time…keeping my slippers on if you catch my drift.

And so we end another week of frustrating questions: Like this one that has been bothering me for some time now.Obamanos

The old Mafia, was based in Chicago. Las Vegas was built on the pensions of the Unions workers out of Chicago. Chicago produced Barack Obama. Obama just bought a house in the middle of Palm Springs where all the old mob bosses had homes, along with Frank Sinatra. Did the mob help put Obama into office?Gruber

Nobody Knows.

Nobody Knows if the Mob and the Democratic party just “secretly” merged some time ago. But, as every single cop in Chicago voted democrat during the mobs’ years of Al Capone on down, this Nobody says that it’s very likely. Especially all the plane crashes that seem to happen to politician’s causing trouble.

Once thing we did learn today, Gruber would never say again,  “The American people are just too stupid.”

He’s now officially—- just another stupid thug.




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In America: Criminals Get Star Treatment, Vets Get Screwed

Nobody Reports

In America: Gang members, murderers, rapists, drug dealers–are given everything they need to live a healthy and leisurely life, in our prisons. They get the BEST medical care: dental, medical, even sex changes if they so choose. (And sex visits from their spouses)VA waiting room

But our veterans, who have given their lives to serve our country, are dying in droves. They are denied medical care, suffer from homelessness, poverty, and hopelessness.

BUT! Finally! Our Congress is going to right the wrongs committed by the Veterans Administration before they leave to go on their vacations::


A House-Senate agreement on how to reform the broken Department of Veterans Affairs will let the VA hand out up to $360 million in bonuses to its employees each year, even though the House voted just weeks ago to strip all VA bonuses through 2016.

The compromise bill announced Monday by the chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committees says VA bonuses will be capped at $360 million annually for the next ten years. But that cap is just 10 percent below the $400 million in bonuses the VA has distributed in recent fiscal years, and will allow up to $3.6 billion in bonuses to be awarded over the next decade.

They are making sure the bloated government workers who ‘kill’ veterans by denying them medical attention are getting…bonuses?

So, in America, criminals are treated better than honest patriotic citizens who give their lives and money to support low life scums and criminals.

So…who’s in charge?


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Smile! You’re On Napolitano’s Camera!

Nobody Wins

When the big camera’s went up all over our highways here in Missouri, they went up overnight. Nobody on the local news even mentioned them.

Every city is having budget problems, but there seems to be plenty of money to put up camera’s at every stop light. Surely all this technology had to cost a pretty penny…so just where was this money coming from? No one on the local news ever talked about the expense.

I don’t know about you, but while people complained, what was told to the public was that traffic camera’s were being put up for our ‘safety,’ and still, not much was said about the cost.

Like everyone else, I just excepted it…until one day I was sitting at a stoplight, and I was the first car to make a left turn, and I was just waiting for the light… and FLASH!…right in my face.Face Recognition

Someone had just decided to take my picture.  For no reason at all.

This has happened too many times, and I started noticing how often the camera’s were going off, when other cars were stopped. So, sometimes I drive with the sun flap down just to hide half my face. Having my picture taken like I was some sort of criminal really gets me…I would say angry, but pissed off is a better way of putting it.

When I told my husband that I thought they were taking pictures, he thought I was crazy.


Today, I heard a Missouri Senator on the DANA Show (See video) say that he had just found out, that they have been taking face recognition pictures and storing the pictures  in a big data base, and by law, in Missouri, they cannot do that. It’s against the law. The Senators were lied to.

In fact, when you go to get your driver license, they are supposed to erase all information, but Sen. Schaefer had found out that they were storing all the data from the license bureaus and erasing none of it.biometric

This republican Senator has introduced a bill to try to stop this face recognition technology, but our Governor…who IS a democrat, has to have known all along that all this information was being gathered and stored. Of course, like all the other liberals, he will say he didn’t know..and keep on doing it. The truth seems to be, that states have no rights in this matter. The FBI just got a billion dollars for the face recognition program.FBI biometric

State and local officials are increasingly granting the federal government access to their registry of motor vehicles databases and, thanks to a FBI program announced to the public in August 2012, deploying their own powerful face recognition tools. Zooming out to the bigger picture we find the mother of all biometrics programs, the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) — the biometrics databank to beat all biometrics databanks. It will contain fingerprints, iris scans, face recognition ready photographs, palm prints, DNA and innumerable other biometric data points on tens if not hundreds of millions of people, both US citizens and foreigners.

And that’s not all: Now, the President is giving the FBI full reign to look at everyone financial records.

(Reuters) – The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters.

Once again, we are told it to look for criminals.George Orwell 2

We need more Senators to stand up to this.

The Senator suggested we contact our congressmen and complain. It seems to me, it’s up to our “representatives” to take care of this. Anyway what can we do? We didn’t break the law. But data is being gathered and for what reason, I can only guess at.

Nobody Wins when we live in a “guilty until proven innocent” Orwellian society

But that’s exactly what they are building.


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Nobody’s Perfect: Jesse Jackson Jr. VS the Meth Brothers

Nobody’s Perfect:

Jesse Jackson Jr. VS the Meth Brothers.

It’s not easy being green, or being the child of one of the most talented extortionist to ever walk in the halls of Congress, and Jesse Jackson Jr. in on the hot seat for not being a slick as his old man. He got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s father says the ex-congressman is under “tight medical supervision” after being charged with misusing campaign funds.Jesse Jackson Jr.

“He is struggling with the highs and lows of his bipolar disorder,” Jackson Sr., the civil rights leader, told the Chicago Tribune in a statement.

The younger Jackson was formally charged Friday with misusing $750,000 in campaign funds. Federal documents show Jackson bought memorabilia that once belonged to Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. He is also charged with using the funds to buy children’s furniture and a gold-plated men’s Rolex watch.

It’s got to be depressing to know you just don’t have the same talent at stealing and hiding money as your old man. I’d be depressed too, if someone had found out that what I thought was Michael Jackson’s glove had really belonged to Al Jolson.

Jesse is facing jail time, but right now, I’m sure his father is advising him to shut up, and swear to be sick. “This is a storm; within time, storms pass over,” he said.

Leave it to Dad to come to the rescue. JJ & Bill

And then we have two brothers, who won the lottery and had a blast spending the money…

Two brothers who were celebrating a $75,000 winning lottery ticket by purchasing marijuana and meth accidentally blew up their house on Friday, said Sgt. Bruce Watts of the Wichita Police Department.meth lab two

The explosion sent one of the brothers – a 27-year-old – to the hospital, where he remains in serious but stable condition with second-degree burns on his hands, arms and chest.

The other brother was sent to jail, Watts said.

I’m not sure who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award this week, Jesse, or the two morons who blew up their house…but I’m sentimental. I think the two meth addicts had a disadvantage. They probably a fatherless childhood, unlike Jesse who HAD a dad, and all he had to do was watch the guy…and learn.

In the words of Bob Dylan, he was just “One too many mornings and a thousand miles behind.”dumb and dumber

Jesse can only hope that he meets the two meth brothers someday in the same prison. Who knows WHAT they would do for a Rolex?

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Nobody’s Perfect: 5-Year-Old Bubble Terrorist VS Texas Bank Manager

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have a little  girl who threatened the security of the United States by saying she was going to shoot a fellow classmate…with bubbles. There is talk of Gitmo.Little Kitty gun

A 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl who told another girl she was going to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty toy gun that blows soapy bubbles has been suspended from kindergarten. The next day, the girls involved were ‘interrogated’ by school officials. By the time the girl was done speaking to administrators about the incident, she was crying. A teacher called out the girl in front of her class and told her police may get involved.

Her family has hired an attorney to fight the punishment, which initially was 10 days for issuing a ‘terroristic threat.’ But her punishment was reduced to two days after her mother met with school officials and had the incident dropped to ‘threatening to harm another student,’ which apparently carries a lesser punishment.

Bubbles are now…a terroist threat? Who knew? Can I still take a bubble bath without the FBI knocking down my door?

Good thing they caught that girl in time. Nobody can even imagine what might have happened if she had actually SHOT that other girl…with a deadly bubble. Looking dirty is in style now. The soap on her skin would have been too much for anyone to witness.

On the other hand, a bank in Texas keeps getting robbed by “Yankees” and the bank manager has put a sign on his door saying, that he allows everyone who is legally carrying a gun, to COME ON IN and help out catching those Yankees that are robbing his bank.  Not since Jesse James has a bank manager taken such force.Texas Bank

The South has not died.

The ‘President’ is not too happy about this as you can imagine.

So…who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

Why…The University of Tennessee Marching Band, OF COURSE!Tennnesee Band

They were the last band to march before the President at his inauguration  today, and somehow, after hours of waiting in the cold, they manage to insult the President by playing his least favorite song:

Oh Shenandoah…we long to see you…away…you rolling rivier…

Nobody is sure that they will be attacked, with drones shooting bubbles, as soon as the President can give that order.

You cannot insult the President.

Nobody Suggests we all stock up on those deadly Bubble Guns right away, before Obama bans them. I might even take a trip down to Texas and help that bank manager out with those “Yankees.” In fact…the Bubble gang is already on the way…Little Kitty gang

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Obama Ignores Black Child, and Outlaws Himself on Historical Gun Grab Day!

Nobody Wonders

How in the world could ‘President’ Obama do it? He PURPOSELY ignored the minority in the room today at his great “I’m saving the children from guns!” executive order ceremony. Obama and black boy

There he was…the innocent little black boy, the boy who wrote a letter to the President to plead for Obama to save him and all his brothers and sisters from those mean people clinging to their guns and religions—-standing tall….waiting for the President to talk about what he had put in his letter.

After all, there were four children behind the President and he praised…only three.  Obama did NOT read from the little black boy’s letter, and Nobody Wonders why?  As he praised each child, and made them raise their hands, so that everyone could know who they were. Obama proudly read from their letters and each parent beamed with pride. Every white child got to be praised by the President.

And the little black boy waited patiently for the President to say his name.. but he never did.

All three children were praised…Obama pointed them out, made them wave to the crowd…so, why did he not praise the black boy? After all, he was the only black boy up there…the rest of the children were white? Was he just there to put a black boy in the picture? Why was he ignored?

Could it be? Obama is racist? He IS half white you know. What other explanation is there?

My heart broke to see the shock in the little black boy’s face…the President had..ignored him in front of the whole country.

Shame. What would Lincoln have done? I bet President Lincoln would have praised that boy first!

Still, this Nobody Thinks it pales the other big blooper he made. While listing his intentions of how he plans to control violent behavior, one intention really stuck out—-Obama said we must make sure that people don’t sell guns to criminals. So, therefore, by his own law, by his own executives order: Obama should be arrested.Obama and guns two

He should be arrested, immediately,…without delay.

It was Obama that approved the Fast and Furious CIA operation that sold guns to the Mexican drug lords…guns which have killed over 40 people to this date. And Eric Holder should also be arrested.

Can the taxpayers really afford an impeachment? I think NOT. No! If this is a government “by the people, for the people,” than by all means, if a President can ignore the Constitution, and break the law, and our Congress does nothing to uphold the law, then why can’t “We the People” make a citizen’s arrest?

Nobody Wonders.

Nobody also Wonders if the American press will even notice these two big blunders made by our “President” on such a historical day. And more importantly what it means?

Does he really not care about the black children? Does he really care about our right to bear arms?

As my white mama always said: Actions speak louder than words.

But then again, if you didn’t catch amfortas’ comment yesterday, he said it best:

  Hitler: Mein Kampf: “If you tell them that it is in the best interests of the children, people will accept any limitations to their liberties”.Hitler and guns

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Hillary is building Mosques…In Cairo.

Nobody Reports

So, now we find out that Obama is sending money (via Hillary) to Cairo to build Mosques and then put computers in them so that they can have more tools to use against us.

Can anyone impeach this Muslim egomaniac before he destroys us all?

Meantime, the people in New York and New Jersey–those who lost everything…are being harassed…by their own government.

What country is this? Where is the outrage? Where?

And why isn’t our House of Representatives stopping this?


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Thank You Michael Reagan….

Nobody Knows

I’ve always admired Michael Reagan. You can’t help but like him when you read his books. Michael is a son that Ronald Reagan I’m sure was immensely proud of. Here he describes the horrible event that happened to him as a boy…when a man, took his innocence away as a child.

Nobody Knows, but Nobody can guess, that this stuff happens a lot more than people think. In my family alone, we’ve had two incidents that left unbearable scars on the victims. Kids don’t talk, but they are angry, and depressed, and it can color their whole life.

Most every American, when they heard the story of the man in Texas who killed the man who was molesting his little girl said…they would react the very same way.

The trouble is, most child molesters are trusted members of the community as we see time and again. They are fantastic liars. Nobody Thinks that Michael Jackson was a child abuser..they all sound the same, when they deny whatever the kids say happened. The recent trial of Jerry Sandusky was a big wake-up call as to how one man can molest children forever without ever being stopped. His adopted son said, “I really wanted to die.” after all the touching and rubbing. Matt was one of his six adopted children. I don’t think there was a sane person in the country who was not happy about his sentence.

“I LOVE the children! They love me! I never hurt them! ” etc, etc… They “Love” the children, and they do…but when they rape them, they should be locked up. Really…look at that guy. You would never suspect him of such a thing.

Thank goodness Michael finally told his parents, and for him to reveal this to the world is incredibly brave. The more people who come forward about it, the more we can make this kind of thing, what it really is: an incredible horrific crime. They should all be locked up…for good…and in my Nobody Opinion: forever.

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The Prostitutes of Columbia and the Devil’s Breathe.

Nobody Knows

Not many people know about this very popular drug used by the prostitutes and gang members in Columbia. It’s made from a flower and it’s called “Devil’s breathe.” It can be put in drinks, or just lightly brushed on by your nose, and while your remain awake, you also will do anything the person tells you. You will take people to your ATM and give them all your money. Some people, when asked to open their house and load all their possessions into a van, will do just that. The prostitutes in Columbia use it to steal from their clients.

And when they come down from the drug, they don’t remember a thing.

It’s more dangerous than cocaine, and it can kill you.

So, with this knowledge, it would have been oh so simple for some prostitute to slip some of this Devil’s breath, into on of Obama’s Secret Service’s drink, and he would have done anything that prostitute told him to. up to and including secrets of the President, even helping with an assassination.

There are a few video’s on YouTube on this drug, so it appears to be very real. Having seen that, it hard to imagine our Secret Service men having a party with prostitutes in Columbia of all places.

We haven’t heard much more about this have we?

Here’s hoping it doesn’t make its way onto the streets of America…I can’t imagine a more dangerous drug.

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The IPAD Can Find YOU!

Nobody Reports

Leave it to Steve Jobs to make sure that IF your IPAD is stolen, you can track it by going to the Apple Apps. The chip in the IPAD shows you where it is. In the near future, all the cell phones will have this chip too.

But works both ways. If the government wants to find you, and you are carrying around your new wonderful IPAD, they’ve got you.

While this wonderful feature is introduced as a great thing, and most people would say so because of how expensive the  IPADS are, the technology gives our “authorities” more knowledge about where you are.

I don’t have an IPAD, but one of my friends, Pattie, has one and carries it everywhere. Mona, my other friend (I have two you know) wants one so badly, she sold her tanning bed to get one.

All this…tracking I suppose will be done by the new multimillion dollar NSA complex being built-in Utah.

Sooner or later, we will all be ‘chipped’–the govenment will chip our cars, our cell phones, our driver’s licenses, and our IPADS–they won’t need to chip our wrists will they? They will know where we are and what we are doing at all times of the day. And they are already listening.

Good thing? A lot of libertarians would disagree.

That kid might someday grow up to catch us all, cutting up our National ID’s. (cute kid)

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Obama: It’s What He DOESN’T Say That Should Concern Us…

Nobody’s Opinion

Okay….This just makes me want to go to downtown Baltimore next St. Patties Day and get bashed, robbed and stripped—How about you?


Poor guy. He’s lucky he was drunk. If he had been sober he might have ended up dead.


Before I make a comment about these Obama supporters, I want to make a small observation:  Obama’s agenda is to keep the subject on “race” and how all the blacks have a right to lash out, because it’s the whites that hate: It’s the whites’ fault. Tell me, have you heard anyone say— it’s the black’s fault for acting like..dare I say it…savages, in some of these video’s? This isn’t a one-on-one, man vs man thing, these blacks are always in groups.

How many of these video’s do we have to see before ANYONE speaks up?
I have lived in St. Louis most of my adult life. The high school that I graduated from was once an all white school of kids from middle class families, it is now 85 percent black. So, while most of the ‘whites’ have moved on to a more comfortable neighborhood, some of the whites who have homes here can’t afford to move, besides…we love our homes. Why should we leave?
On the whole, the whites and blacks in my neighborhood all get along pretty well and that’s because, we don’t mix. Come on…my black neighbors don’t want to know me–Get serious. Why should they when they have Jesses Jackson, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and Obama, telling them at every chance, that your white person is a problem, and it’s because the “whites” are prejudice? 
Nobody is ever afraid to walk around my block at night because my black neighbors are very decent people. At least the ones I know. The friendliest is a man who served in the military. He is meticulous about his lawn, always says hello with a smile. My black neighbor behind me has never said a word to me no matter how many times I say “hello.” But they are not in the majority. My neighborhood is so mixed, I wouldn’t be surprised if that new cell phone tower around the corner is really the Tower Of Babel. 

Still..No white in their right mind from anywhere in the city, would saunter into East St. Louis which has held the number one crime spot in the United States for years. And I suppose I’m a racist if I state the fact that East St. Louis is all black.


Do you really think a white man would be safe in East St. Louis? They told the people on the Titanic that they would be safe and look what happened.


Look at this video…sorry to say this, but this is nothing new. How long have we been seeing black youths stealing, and beating people up? Where is our ‘President’ on this? Since he has divided us into black and whites and he is the LEADER of his black race..then why doesn’t he get them to behave like adults?


His silence means to all white people, that…he thinks the whites deserve it.

Yes, it’s what he doesn’t say that says so much.

 Now…let’s go the my next complaint. A writer for the National Review, John Derbyshire wrote an article for parents to advise their children to not go into black crowds. From a person who has kept alive from taking that very advice, I see nothing wrong with it.


National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg wrote Friday evening on Twitter : he found Derbyshire’s column, “fundamentally indefensible and offensive. I wish he hadn’t written it.”

Really Jonah? Oh…so, how about you tell your kids to walk the streets of East Saint Louis alone, and back up that so very elite ridiculous crap coming off your tweets? What planet have you been on? Jonah, you’re breaking my heart.
Here’s some of what Mr. Derbyshire said…and for which he was fired:
There is “a small cohort of blacks” — Derbyshire estimates 5 percent — that is “ferociously hostile to whites” and a larger number that will “go along passively if the 5 percent take leadership in some event.” (Nobody say YOUTUBE has video’s to prove this.)

Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods. Do not attend events likely to draw a lot of blacks.
(10e) If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.

(10f) Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.

(10g) Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.

(10h) Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress, e.g., on the highway.

(10i) If accosted by a strange black in the street, smile and say something polite but keep moving.

Now, you could argue with some of this: because there really are some fine black politicians…Allen West being one of them. I would seriously consider moving to his district if I could. (10f)


But this is just survival common sense 101. There is such a huge unemployment among young blacks men,  many of them are stoned, and looking for trouble, and they have a black President who promises them the world,— and they will fight in the streets for him if the votes come up short…and do you really think Obama is going to even mention them?


Why would he? He would LOVE to see the blacks riot for him…on just his ego alone.
When the Black Panthers put up a bounty on George Zimmerman, Obama said..nothing. They should have all been arrested.  In the old days of Jesse James, only a government official could put a bounty on a criminal. Why the silence? Can citizens now put bounties on people? Some white organization should just to see what Obama would do.

I’m sorry. This video made me almost cry to see the waste…the cruelty, and the hopelessness I feel about blacks and whites ever repairing the damage Obama has done by pitting us off against each other.

Lincoln Brown, at Townhall— says it well:

“Those who wish to control us do not want us to talk to one another. They do not want us to see beyond color, beyond national origin, beyond income, beyond anything that is divisive.”


The silence on the behavior of the black leaders and black teenagers…from Obama, is not golden: it’s black, dark, and downright evil.


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KGB Agent Warning: Is Obama Getting Ready for Crisis?

Nobody Knows

This is probably one of the most important video’s you might want to watch this year. I came upon it by accident, due to a “nobody” (he’s not a nobody, it’s just my way of saying American patriot) who like this nobody, is blogging and putting the puzzle pieces together.

According to this x-KGB agent, there are four stages of a Marxist takeover:

1. Demoralization

2. Destabilization

3. Crisis

4. Normalization

We…are in the Crisis mode. As most of us remember, it was in the 1960’s where demoralization came into being. Like this guy said, it was American that did this to Americans. And those Marxists kids from the universities, have taken over the Democratic Party and put a full fledge Marxist in the White House.  It took them some time, but they did it.

Now…we come to Crisis. Most of us in America cannot even comprehend a military coming to our doors. BUT…my local election yesterday here in Missouri had me more than concerned.

We voted on a measure that was passed overwhelmingly called Proposition S. Flyers were sent out and massive campaigns were showered on all the local radio stations where it was told that St. Louis County desperately needed to revamp their courthouse, because the courts were so small the victims (children) had to wait in a room with their attackers. It was a tactic as old as time. We were even told there was no sprinkler system which has to be a crock because even building build in the 1930’s had to have updated sprinkler systems, yearly. As you can see the excuses are lame. Then my friend Pattie (who voted for the measure ) told me that in her little town of Charlack, they wanted to increase the holding cells to hold over 60 people at a time, even she thought that was stupid.

Charlack is .26 square miles. The population is 5,139 people per square miles. Do you really think that Charlack needs a holding cell for 60 people? My friend Pattie says there are rooms now that are usually empty.

The expansion of the county court house passed, because they want to make a mega giant holding cell for criminals with the latest technology. This will cost $100 million, but oh…there will be NO tax increases. That’s why everyone voted for it. That’s how they sell everything.  And people fall for it. Most of us that follow politics know that this money has to come from somewhere…and if it doesn’t come from local taxes it will come from the state or federal. The people will just be “taxed” in some other way. So, do we listen to the predictions of a x-KGB agent?

 Obama is trying to case riots now…on April 9th, Van Jones is building an army of protesters…Obama is doing everything this man warned us about. And he is getting us ready: We are being trained at our airports to obey. Once the “crisis” comes, he will be ready to imprison the masses.

And yet, most people do not believe this will happen. Even I will be surprised, but I do fear what the man says. How can we ignore the insanity going on around us?

If all goes as this man says: people will go willingly to the next stage: normalization. Especially the people who work, or have worked for the government. Why? They are getting paid…and will not forfeit their security for liberty.

This film was made in 1985. Thank God Ronald Reagan was around to curtail the long term plans of the communists.

But, he’s gone. It’s up to us nobodies to keep educating our liberal friends that there is nothing ‘normal’ about communism.

(Thanks to John Dilligent, THE DIRTY LOWDOWN)

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