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Obama: It’s What He DOESN’T Say That Should Concern Us…

Nobody’s Opinion

Okay….This just makes me want to go to downtown Baltimore next St. Patties Day and get bashed, robbed and stripped—How about you?


Poor guy. He’s lucky he was drunk. If he had been sober he might have ended up dead.


Before I make a comment about these Obama supporters, I want to make a small observation:  Obama’s agenda is to keep the subject on “race” and how all the blacks have a right to lash out, because it’s the whites that hate: It’s the whites’ fault. Tell me, have you heard anyone say— it’s the black’s fault for acting like..dare I say it…savages, in some of these video’s? This isn’t a one-on-one, man vs man thing, these blacks are always in groups.

How many of these video’s do we have to see before ANYONE speaks up?
I have lived in St. Louis most of my adult life. The high school that I graduated from was once an all white school of kids from middle class families, it is now 85 percent black. So, while most of the ‘whites’ have moved on to a more comfortable neighborhood, some of the whites who have homes here can’t afford to move, besides…we love our homes. Why should we leave?
On the whole, the whites and blacks in my neighborhood all get along pretty well and that’s because, we don’t mix. Come on…my black neighbors don’t want to know me–Get serious. Why should they when they have Jesses Jackson, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and Obama, telling them at every chance, that your white person is a problem, and it’s because the “whites” are prejudice? 
Nobody is ever afraid to walk around my block at night because my black neighbors are very decent people. At least the ones I know. The friendliest is a man who served in the military. He is meticulous about his lawn, always says hello with a smile. My black neighbor behind me has never said a word to me no matter how many times I say “hello.” But they are not in the majority. My neighborhood is so mixed, I wouldn’t be surprised if that new cell phone tower around the corner is really the Tower Of Babel. 

Still..No white in their right mind from anywhere in the city, would saunter into East St. Louis which has held the number one crime spot in the United States for years. And I suppose I’m a racist if I state the fact that East St. Louis is all black.


Do you really think a white man would be safe in East St. Louis? They told the people on the Titanic that they would be safe and look what happened.


Look at this video…sorry to say this, but this is nothing new. How long have we been seeing black youths stealing, and beating people up? Where is our ‘President’ on this? Since he has divided us into black and whites and he is the LEADER of his black race..then why doesn’t he get them to behave like adults?


His silence means to all white people, that…he thinks the whites deserve it.

Yes, it’s what he doesn’t say that says so much.

 Now…let’s go the my next complaint. A writer for the National Review, John Derbyshire wrote an article for parents to advise their children to not go into black crowds. From a person who has kept alive from taking that very advice, I see nothing wrong with it.


National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg wrote Friday evening on Twitter : he found Derbyshire’s column, “fundamentally indefensible and offensive. I wish he hadn’t written it.”

Really Jonah? Oh…so, how about you tell your kids to walk the streets of East Saint Louis alone, and back up that so very elite ridiculous crap coming off your tweets? What planet have you been on? Jonah, you’re breaking my heart.
Here’s some of what Mr. Derbyshire said…and for which he was fired:
There is “a small cohort of blacks” — Derbyshire estimates 5 percent — that is “ferociously hostile to whites” and a larger number that will “go along passively if the 5 percent take leadership in some event.” (Nobody say YOUTUBE has video’s to prove this.)

Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods. Do not attend events likely to draw a lot of blacks.
(10e) If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.

(10f) Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.

(10g) Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.

(10h) Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress, e.g., on the highway.

(10i) If accosted by a strange black in the street, smile and say something polite but keep moving.

Now, you could argue with some of this: because there really are some fine black politicians…Allen West being one of them. I would seriously consider moving to his district if I could. (10f)


But this is just survival common sense 101. There is such a huge unemployment among young blacks men,  many of them are stoned, and looking for trouble, and they have a black President who promises them the world,— and they will fight in the streets for him if the votes come up short…and do you really think Obama is going to even mention them?


Why would he? He would LOVE to see the blacks riot for him…on just his ego alone.
When the Black Panthers put up a bounty on George Zimmerman, Obama said..nothing. They should have all been arrested.  In the old days of Jesse James, only a government official could put a bounty on a criminal. Why the silence? Can citizens now put bounties on people? Some white organization should just to see what Obama would do.

I’m sorry. This video made me almost cry to see the waste…the cruelty, and the hopelessness I feel about blacks and whites ever repairing the damage Obama has done by pitting us off against each other.

Lincoln Brown, at Townhall— says it well:

“Those who wish to control us do not want us to talk to one another. They do not want us to see beyond color, beyond national origin, beyond income, beyond anything that is divisive.”


The silence on the behavior of the black leaders and black teenagers…from Obama, is not golden: it’s black, dark, and downright evil.


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  1. Some things, people just do not want to see. Obama is willfully blind to black hatreds and mayhem. He seems to be as blind to the ‘take-over’ of physical areas by black people as he is of the impact they have on media and personal sensitivities.

    It is well, as you say, that just a small percentage are the really nasty ones, yet also correct to say that the otherwise ‘ordinary’ ones seem to go along with the situation of constant whining and blaming and inflicting of damage, not only to society but individuals as well.

    Spare the same level of though, Joy – and your readers – for the vast majority of women who while otherwise ‘ordinary’ and ‘neighbourly’, go along with the whining , blaming and damage of the small minority of feminists. These Uberfeminazis have done far better than the Sharptons of the world. They have been at their destructive game far longer. They are in our Universities as Law Professors, proclaiming that all men are rapists; they are in Government ensuring that BILLIONS of dollars go to Womyn’s Groups to fight ‘Violence against Women (to hell with the violence against men); they have total control over 50% of ALL civil action in Courts – the Family court – where men are routinely treated as guilty and have not even the opportunity to prove their innocence, whilest guilty as hell women are considered saints who can do no wrong. They not only menace our children, like the black gangs in the inner cities do, but actually TAKE our children away and refuse to let us see them.

    The uberfeminazis openly proclaim their wish to abort baby boys; to reduce the male population. No- one bats an eyelid. No-one takes them to court for ‘hate – speech’ In the feminist world (which extends well beyond America) only white males can be prosecuted for ‘hate’. And all the men have to do is say a bum does look fat when asked.

    I can nod my head, lift my hat and say a cheery good morning to most women on the street, but I know that I am a third class citizen in my own country and any one of them can just lift the phone to have me ‘put away’ for ‘looking’ or being ‘oppressive’ by opening a door.

    Some people just do not see. They do not want to see.

    The Black folk who demand and whine and blame learned their power strategies from feminists

    I say a cheery hello to the two 20 somethings girls across the street. They often grunt a ‘hello’ back as they scuttle into their house, warily.God alone knows what frightens them. I am a quite presentable fellow and usually polite and thoughtful. Maybe it is all the agitprop that portrays men as rapists, abusers, thugs, paedophiles, etc. I say a cheery hello to the two lesbian woman two houses down. They don’t even answer back. I keep to myself mostly. I venture out to see the beautiful countryside and beachscapes here but do not stop when passing through villages well known for being 80% populated by single mothers on benefits. Most businesses have stopped there though.


    Comment by Amfortas | April 9, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks for remindingus all about the feminists…and their idiotic mentality of “equality” to get rid of the real men in the world. Some day the men will rise up and say, “Hey, I’m not going to fix your toilet, or build your house, or invest your money” it will cost you EXTRA! For all the women that say they want to do a man’s job…not many are engineers and have the muscles to lift that steel girder.. and not one of them want to admit that the male brain is very different than ours…they see spacially, we see words. That’s why most women don’t get into those vidoe games…we are different…and thats’ a fact that they keep trying to ignore. I should write more about this insanity.Myheart goes out to all the men who can’t even sit next to a small little girl and say “hello little one” without some idiotic women thinking he wants to molest her. Thanks for all you say always give us more than anyone would ever expect…and it’s a benefit to everyone!

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | April 9, 2012 | Reply

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